‘Stop handout culture if you want community to excel, Najib says’


How times have changed. Check out this press report from 2006.

An excerpt from a report in The Star (21 August 2006):

Stop handout culture if you want community to excel, Najib says

TANGKAK: The Malays have to stop the hulur (handout) culture if they want their community to be one that is excellent and respectable, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

If those who practise such culture become leaders in the party, it would lead to a weak Umno, he told delegates at the Ledang Umno division meeting here yesterday.

Najib said this in reference to a popular notion that a way to lobby for support is to give below-the-counter payments.

“The hulur culture, as a means to lobby for favours, will not help the Malays become an excellent community,” said Najib.

“Our political struggles in Umno are far from over. We must continue the struggles for the sake of the Malays, the nation and Islam,” he said.

Najib said Umno did not struggle for the Malays to become mat rempit (illegal street racers) or to have HIV but to excel in politics, economy, education and other fields.

Say no more.

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24 Apr 2013 11.51am

Money surely is a powerful tool. Universally today, money and politics are so tightly knit that political power and money power have become synonymous. However, isn’t it true that money is also the root cause of all evil in this world? Politicians must know that as much as money can make anything, it can also break and destroy their political career and their future. Any government that ‘buys’ support from its people and believes that it has won the trust of the people through money power is bound to become fragile over time. It will lack the conviction to stand… Read more »

Jin Xiang
Jin Xiang
25 Apr 2013 10.24am
Reply to  jason

Imagine the humongous amount of RM58 billion spent on 1malaysia for BN to remain in power. This is definitely moving our nation (already RM502 billion in debt) towrds bankcrupcy like Greece and Cyprus. The rakyat will pay eventually. Please think carefully for the sake of our future generation befoe you cast your vote on May 5.

hun beng
hun beng
24 Apr 2013 11.32am

Why don’t BN-MCA organize a ceramah without the freebies/free food if it was confident of the support it claimed to have? Chua SL was literally caught with his pants down thinks that he is the mighty leader of the Chinese community with the right to lecture and admonish them about ‘changing clothes and changing underwear” not realizing that he merely holds the Presidency by default. CSL forgets the fact that almost every ceramah organised for this god forsaken party only draws people coming for free meals,entertainment and even lucky draw. The people was only there for the food, gifts and… Read more »

24 Apr 2013 4.01pm
Reply to  hun beng

They did organize 1 rally in Pemas Jaya with F&B. But sad to say the turn out was really miserable that even CSL did not bother to give his speech.

tuai rumah
tuai rumah
24 Apr 2013 11.03am

Handout culture? One would think this is an area of speciality of Najib. Surely he can’t be more forgetful than Mahathir.

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
24 Apr 2013 8.50am

He needs a change of slogan:

“Rakyat Di Dahulukan” to “Rakyat Di Duitkan”

I call it truth in advertising !

Ong Eu Soon
24 Apr 2013 2.53am

no handout, what santa should do? retired??????

23 Apr 2013 9.21pm

…. An extremely sick minded (sakit otak) that no medicine can cure. His mind … can’t even be reformat & recycle. Poor thing.

23 Apr 2013 8.28pm

You think Najib and UMNO/BN will be the only one that will turn into hypocrites? Keep all of PR statements, if PR gets into power, wait 10-20 years and watch what happens…

So long as people expect govt to solve their problems rather than just get out of the way of what they should just do for themselves, so long as politicians will always end up as hypocrites.

23 Apr 2013 9.49pm
Reply to  bigjoe99

This will not happen as long as BN is the opposition. They are the masters when it comes to corruption, cronyism, nepotism, racism, religious extremism and what have you. BN has been practising, perfecting and implementing it for almost 56 years, PR will not have the opportunity as they will be watch like a hawk. What more PR being the new kid on the block will definitely keep their hands and noses clean. It is for these reason why this country needs a 2 party system to watch each other.

23 Apr 2013 7.55pm

If ever there was (someone) who deserves to be without honour in his own house, Najib is he.

Does he even listen to his own words? If so, what about all rthe BR1M and the promise to extend it to every year as well as jack it up to RM1,200 if BN wins? All the … 1-this and 1-that which do not teach the man to fish, but in one way or another makes the recipient dependent (and beholden to) the giver?

the mythbuster
23 Apr 2013 7.33pm

This alone proves Najib is a chameleon. He sings a different tune whenever it suits him. He more or less condemns the “hulur culture” but has become the ardent proponent of the same handout and crutch mentality sponsored for 22 years by his mentor and defacto PM of the country who is none other than the evil m… This unelected PM of the country (only UMNO elected him as PM and not the rakyat) can’t even rein in the mad racists and rabid religious fanatics in Perkasa. He dare not even raise a whimper when the evil ex PM exhorts… Read more »

23 Apr 2013 10.40pm
Reply to  the mythbuster

“This unelected PM of the country (only UMNO elected him as PM…” – That’s a myth, O mythbuster.

Najib was never elected by the members of UMNO to be their party president. He was elected to be their deputy president 9and Abdullah badawi as the president).

After Pak Lah stepped down, Najib became UMNO President [and hence PM] by default, and has since postponed party polls allthese years. Never ever elected as UMNO president. And may set the dubious record of ending his term as never being elected.

What a sad CV.

23 Apr 2013 7.08pm

Flip flop Prime Minister. Cakap tak serupa bikin! Spent so much of the rakyat money throwing goodies, food and money everywhere. *sigh*