State polls: Dump racial politics! Let’s talk about the issues that matter


I wrote the article below together with Aliran’s Dr Mustafa K Anuar. Here’s where you add your comments on the upcoming state elections.

No sooner had the last of the six state assemblies been dissolved than Dr Mahathir Mohamad popped up to claim that the effort to promote a multi-ethnic country goes against the Federal Constitution!

This is true to form for the political dinosaurs who are raging against the dying of their darkness.

Over the years, certain politicians have played the divisive game of alienating and demonising certain sections of our society for their political ends, especially when elections are in the air.

Invariably, they will suddenly accuse the ethnic minorities of being more prone to corruption, communism and what-have-you. They will accuse the minorities of aiming to take control of the country and to dominate the majority ethnic Malays. Invariably, a politician or two will dredge up the Ghost of the May 13 bloodshed in 1969 to spook their support base into voting for them. Read full article on Aliran website

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Jay Prakash

Cannot understand why PDRM dare not take action against the former PM who spewed racial comments.


Arrested and put him in jail then his death there can make him a martyr which PMX tries to avoid[?]


Still the 3Rs. Read animal farm or zoo. Some have more rights than others


July 12 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has issued a final warning to all parties to not exploit issues touching on race, religion and the royal institution (3R) which can split the country.

‘Operation Lalang 2.0’ could be unleashed.


Sustainable development ranks above fighting corruption, bravo!
For Penang, it can mean to develop human minds (conducive learning environment eg digital n non digital libraries) over high rise commercialised residential towers and less carbon emission private cars on road n more public transport usage.


Very likely more housing happening at Balik Pulau to alter demographic profile with new population to benefit PH (with migrants from Kedah disgruntled by Sanusi’s policy).


Developers in Penang are wooing non-Malays in Kedah to buy properties in Penang to enjoy a more open and inclusive society when living in Penang.

Jay Prakash

Unfortunately most Malays associate the term Inclusivity with LGBT. So ALIRAN and Anil need to be careful when expounding the term. Just an advice.


IPOH, July 10 — DAP’s Abdul Aziz Bari told PAS president Hadi Awang to stop playing ‘kamikaze politics’ just to win votes after alleging that the party was continuing the British colonial’s plan to destroy Malay and Bumiputera supremacy.

Abdul Aziz said that DAP have never challenged the provisions on the monarchy, Islam, special position of the Malays and the Malay language as official language.


The world is on stage, an illusion, a big theater…
The phantom of the opera there only is a selection.


… and the audience merrily lap it up, mesmerized by masked phantom’s rhetoric narration of race & religion. Only enjoy 1 day of democracy every 5 years to vote, the rest of the time being screwed by the YBs they voted in.


After opera maybe people’s revolt like Les Miserables? One day More?

A Rakyat 88

Most of our Rakyat have rejected both these parties. If that is so, what do you think will be their worth then? Both the ruling unity govt and PN opposition are racing neck to neck to win the coming state election. If you are the coach of a basketball team and you have a couple of minutes left, your have equal points on the score board, would you use your best player to score the winning points or will you use the weakest? From wanting to have seats in the state election to contest, to just a supporting role now.… Read more »

A Rakyat 88

Come on Ramkapal, this is a debate by media and he has singled you out. You are talking to a soon to be centurion (TMM). He has history behind him. He has lived through the British occupied era. He has lived through the Malayan independence. He is 97 years old now, born in July 10 1925. That is 97 years of history he posses and he is smart and a politician and an ex leader of our Nation.   Still it is not difficult to do a proper rebuttal. He is just playing with words. It should not be difficult to… Read more »


Can you comment on MCA and MIC refusal to take part in PRN? Merajuk?

Last edited 7 months ago by Maharashtra

No need to give coverage to senile old man talking rubbish and divide the nation with racial remarks and distorted history.


The Malaysia we inherited from Mahathir

A Rakyat 88

The unity government should be smart enough to know what to say. This is about history. There is a reason why the constitution was worded the way it has. A clue for the clueless – The Malayan Union, the independence and thereafter. Read the history behind it.

Or one can simply follow Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid bin Hamidi advise, which is, ” Just ignore him”


What history you are talking about?
You based on British version or the SPM syllabus. A lot of difference.

If you refer to Thailand history, Kedah belongs to Siam.


Srivijaya Kingdom preludes Tanah Melayu, making so-called KeTuan a non original but a newcomer as well.

A Rakyat 88

What has the history of Thailand got to do with our Malaysian constitutional history and the struggle for our independence from the British?


Between 1511 and 1957 bring colonized by Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese without putting up a fight. Are these not the enemies of the nation? But somehow the bogeyman is the ‘Communists’ who has never conquer or rule the Tanah Melayu. What independence from the British if certain people have claimed that we are never colonized by the British.


Luckily the Spanish did not come here otherwise today most people will be Catholics like the Philippines


The Portugese were similar in their agenda: glory, god and gold.


Star is MCA. Still talking MCA? No clue as when they can have some state and federal seats to contest..You have any clue or clueless too?


Star is RM3. MCA will evolve into a NGO, sharing the turf with Aliran. Wee Ka Doing will become a blogger to seek attention.

A Rakyat 88

“Anwar dismisses Dr Mahathir’s racial remarks, questions latter’s relevance”
dd 10 Jul 2023 1:09PM

“I don’t think we should take him very seriously…. I am not going to comment on it. We have to stay the course,” Anwar said” 


Rakyat says a wise decision.