Songs on PKFZ, missing jet engines scandals


This general election campaign seems to be unleashing the creative talents of many Malaysians. These songs were uploaded by Allan Perera, a familiar name.

Thanks to blog contact Jong for the link.

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The Star carries anti-hudud ads of MCA to scare the chinese daily, but rejects DAP ad showing the threat of Perkasa (vote Umno = vote Perkasa).

Andrew I

If they had carried the ad, the sky will fall down.

Penang Ah Mah

READ from now before 505 and avoid mainstream papers like The Star. Tunku Abdul Rahman as he sees it will say “Shame On You, The Star of UMNO’sMCA”.

tender loving care

love this. good lyrics and compatible music. well done folks.

semac san

As of yesterday, the regime is sending ads targetted for specific Parlimentary constituencies to Internet users, at least in Selangor. This is only possible if the ISPs collude.


lol…korrek! korrek! korrek!