Something is stirring in Sabah


You have probably seen clips of Warisan leader Shafie Apdal in action. This is Warisan supreme council member Jo-Anna Sue Henly Rampas, a Bintang RTM runner-up-turned-law graduate-turned politician, speaking at the Warisan AGM on 2 April 2018. Check out the multi-ethnic crowd crammed into the cavernous hall.

And this is Shafie Apdal addressing a large crowd in Keningau last November.

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#BinaHarapan: Save Malaysia from bleeding debts!


Is this multi-racial, multi-religious country coloured in tainted-Blue only???
Let’s change this color of racism.
Let’s UBAH once & for all. For the future of Tanah Air Cinta Ku.

Ho Wan Lai

Many feel than watching blue films are less disgusted than seeing those poles of blue flags

Karuwaharan Rethinasamy

Time is now


How palm oil ban has made the EU a dirty word in Malaysia

Angry farmers despair at what will happen to their livelihoods when the Brussels biofuels ban takes effect in 2020


Anything stirring in Penang with PSM, PRM, PCM and PFP joining the fun for GE14?


Just side track. Koon want build a hostek near usm with land donated by state gomen to help low income student family. But someone claimed the land was given by former cm. Now is a tussle. Ah soon and Ah kak vin, how much good land gilakan gave to empat sekawan all mates? The same must be with kg puah. All good lands happened during gilakan gomen. Now most of the available land are on hillslopes. Like kl, land on tin mines and on hills

Laurence Sebastian

She had FIRE and PASSION in her speech.


BN Sabah had a good crowd out in their manifesto announcement. In rural Sabah, Resource matter more than tribal affiliation like it or not. Most of these people can be bought and it depends on whether Musa Aman and Najib spends it. If he does not… then BN can lose, if he spends it then, no Warisan loses.

Derek Neoh

I remember when they suddenly changed away from bn in the 80s. Hope for a repeat n God on our side against the evil umno.


Don’t trust the Pairin brothers. Flip-floppers at best!
If only they were as diligent & tough as Mt Kinabalu.

Nina Aziz

Throw away the old and the rotten for the young, dynamic, vibrant Warisan.


In God We Trust, In God We Are Stirred To Get Rid Of MOThief#1 & Band of Merry-Thieves!
In God We Trust!


Doubtful there would be any significant impact.

Muttaqin Othman

It’s about time. First been there in 2008 and the feeling I had even then was that they’re getting a raw deal….