DAP could win in Sibu by-election: analyst


Another by-election could be held soon following the passing of Robert Lau, the Sibu MP from SUPP/BN.

Lau, the deputy minister of transport, died of cancer at the Selayang Hospital this morning.

The DAP now has a good chance of capturing the seat as a result of some ethnic Chinese dissatisfaction with the SUPP, according to a Sarawak-based political analyst. Chinese Malaysians make up 60 per cent of the voters here.

He said the SUPP seemed more pre-occupied with the party’s internal conflicts and the perception is that it had neglected issues that were important to the local, especially the ethnic Chinese, voters such as education and business.

The results for the last two Sibu parliamentary polls were as follows:

SARAWAK: P212 – Sibu Voters: 53,679
Party Candidate Votes Majority
SUPP Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew 19,138 3,235
DAP Wong Ho Leng 15,903
PKR Lim Chin Chuang 812
Party Candidate Votes Majority
SUPP Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew 20,689 3,345
DAP Wong Ho Leng 17,344

Source: undi.info

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justice day

To those money first such as UMNO, MIC, MCA, SUPP etc,

You all will have a good life now, but your families or next generation will not, they will all bear your sins forever.


‘For me, money first. Then I’m Malaysian. Look at your IC lah babe !’

The true colour of Gerakna K and the parties he represents.

Actually,Gerakan K, you will do a lot of good for your party by keeping your mouth shut!


i only have one question for gerakan K – are you malaysian first or your race first? once he has answered this question, perhaps he can teach chua soi lek or koh tsu koon. but i hope you won’t avoid this question – are you malaysian first?

Gerakan K

For me, money first. Then I’m Malaysian. Look at your IC lah babe !

Ahmad Syafiq

Okeh, if money 1st, that means whoever in federal gov’t will have control of $$$. If that happens to be PR, would you support them because of $$$?


How many trees & forest already chop down in Sarawak to maintain BN stranglehold there? Sarawak brothers! Wakeup and smell what’s the BN is cooking! Don’t wakeup one day and find your trees & river gone.


thrown away white dynasty now, bravo !!!!


If Pakatan Rakyat wins Sibu and other constituencies, it means all Malaysians supports us and the facts are very clear: 1- We represent all Malaysians. This means if you are a Malaysian citizen we have an obligation to serve you. 2- Even if you are a BN supporter we will serve you because that is our resolution to serve all Malaysians. 3- For Pakatan Rakyat, Race and Religion is something we respect very much and we do not make it into an issue. We respect all races and Religions. If you are poor or have family problems we try to… Read more »


Just back from Sibu on business trip. The sentiment on the ground: DAP will win the by-election this time. The faith in Pakatan Rakyat has built up among Sibuans. DAP, hopefully will contest this seat. PKR will take on MIC in Hulu Langat. Looks like both seats will be captured by Pakatan Rakyat. It’s good for the country as the people can now see the need for a two-coalition party system. Monopoly business in politics will not benefit the people. The people need to have a choice.


hope all the sibu rakyaT will work for pakatan rakyat in the sibu by election vote for dap wong ho leng not bn ok


After the Bakum Dam, now the Sibu folks will be treated to the coal of Mukah/balingian. A double environmental disaster awaiting for SIBU folks. That is the support for BN


What BN needs to do in Sarawak is to pump RM 1billion to Sibu, spending much of the money on the natives and getting 90% support from them.

If RM30 billion can keep BN in power, I think they will spend it.


Gerakan K..go fly kite dude. to Sibu folks..For better Malaysia…vote for PR pls…

Don't talk C

BN and especially Umno will never learn to stop robbing the country’s wealth until they sit in the Opposition bench.

For better future

Hi All, let’s not fligting who will field the candidate from PR, as long as who has the chance to win that candidate should be eligible to be contested. Let’s show BN/UMNO racist that we want “CHANGE” and wnat new “FERERAL GOVERNMENT”…We have heard enough of RACIST, Government Service Tax, Judicial unjust and thousand of one things…enough is enough…I hope Sawarakian will vote for PR this time and the coming general election in SABAH & SARAWAK. We also know the Sawarak cheif minister very well, you know what I mean…


Anthony Tan,
Whant do you expect from a wannabe like GK


PKR and PAS should help to campaign with DAP leading them in Sibu. This is a best chance for PR to break into Sarawak. Sarawakian always feel like they are step child and now it is their time to step out of that. Rural area I can understand they can be bought because of needs but urban area if they can be bought than we deserved BN until the cow comes home.

Anthony Tan


Gerakan k suggestion of proposing PKR is just an evil plot to drive a wedge between PKR and DAP.

Many of you have already known that DAP stand a better chance than PKR.

Evil minded people thinks evil and does evil and not good for all Malaysian people.


boring ppl. On your remarks on that fella who call himself gerakan k. my sentiment precisely.


Here you go again Gerakan K…Your comments are always hollow.
DAP will contest and will win the by-election !
We dont need spineless Leaders such as KTK,Teng etc…who are just scared to say they are Malaysian first just cos Big Brother doesnt like !!!
They cant even handle the racist Ahmad Ismail guy !!
Better for Gerakan to dissolve itself or it will just die off naturally….
I am always Malaysian FIRST !!!!!


Not only does KTK can`t handle the racist Ahmad Ismail, he can`t even pull himself to say whether he is a Chinese or Malaysian first. Either way he dare not even utter it out.

boring ppl

Gerakan K: Are you fighting for the survival of your party, your leaders, your position or the benefit of rakyat? Are you seriously fighting for me? What’s your party plan for this land, for us, Malaysian? What are your party going to install in Penang/everywhere if people would to vote you back? DAP has a lot of young talented professionals like Tony Pua, Eli and etc..They have concrete plans. They know what they want to do. They are good in what they do. I trust their plan as they really study it and want Malaysia to change for good. Do… Read more »

Gerakan K

They have concrete plans

Yes, I agree with you. They really have a lot of concrete plans. First they concreted the Kg Buah Pala, then concrete the Botanic Garden. Fortunately they still can’t make it for PICC. The list is too long for me to list. Regular visitors to this blog should them very well.

Finally, I ask you where is the local elections as promised ??? Mind you, BN government never promise this. Do not drag BN into this.


BN wants to keep all the power and grap all the money. Just look at DBKL. How much Gerakan and UMNO has suck all the money. Even many JV housing by Gerakan/UMNO in KL, but where all the money goes? That is why Gerakan/UMNO WOULD NOT promise Local election.

Can Gerakan/UMNO turn Penang back into the real Jungle again? UMNO/Gerakan has fathers of delevlopment – Mahathir and Chong Eu who started to turn Malaysia and Penang into JUNGLE


Gerakan K,
Don`t keep spinning half truth and true lie here. Ask you idiot PM and the EC first before you open your big mouth that is filled with …..

Dr. Pang HC

Victory be unto DAP.

May the righteous prosper.


On reading your article Anil, the first thing that struck me was “why the race profiling again”. When are we Malaysians going to shed or do away with this sort of statements and focus. We are MALAYSIANS FIRST aren’t we? If we continue with this sort of mindset, I wonder if someone like you will have a chance to ever get picked to stand as an assemblyman or as a MP in a place like Penang since it is what 60 per cent a particular race?? Some posters have suggested your name to stand as a candidate for an election,… Read more »


Anil, forgive him ‘SlogInM’sia’ I mean, he seemed to know you and know you not. Who and What BN choose to do in Hulu S’gor is entirely up to em – they are the Untouchables?, besides, who would give a damm other than candidates that can favour PKR,DAP, or PAS. Gerakan of course, as usual can bring Big Kites.
The sad truth is…race based politics is synonymous with those who have a lot to loosed.Begin by asking ‘Who’ has a lot, I mean sinfully a lot?

Chuah Cheong Chai

PKR should stay out.
Let DAP wins this seat to shame UMNO


If DAP does not win this by election, they can almost kiss East Malaysia, bye! bye!
Obviously, DAP has not done enough to have a greater political influence in Sarawak…almost one of the earliest Opposition Parties with some credibility in Sarawak and Sabah. This seat is most certainly for DAP to contest.

Gerakan K…have a head transplant, there is no glory to show one’s stupidity…I am sure Anil is not amused!


The majority will be reduced to 1,000 since it is consistent with the 2004 & 2008 results.
Furthermore, Sibu is business minded people. Malaysian economy is on the rise as such no issue for BN to win.
Gerakan K – lobby for Gerakan to contest instead of SUPP.
Go and kiss Koh Tsu Koon hand and magic … will come out (if SUPP win jump to Gerakan) lol


LBJ – “Heaven moves in mysterious way”… my thoughts exactly.

I have a very, VERY low opinion Najib, UMNO and BN. Not the least because of the heavy-handed and lop-sided handling of a whole of important matters, ranging from the rulings and behaviour of the Speaker / Deputy Speaker in Parliament, The A-G, the courts, the EC, the police, and not the least, Najib and his cousin, Hisham.

How many have been praying for Divine intervention so that justice and fair-play are served?

Count me amongst the legions who hope that BN loses in Sibu!


… Another by election. Heaven moves in mysterious way. DAP should be set to win.