Sibu by-election: Bloopers and blunders


Politicians are already gearing up for the Sibu by-election, but if they think they can follow the same pattern of campaigning in Sarawak as they are accustomed to in the peninsula, they are mistaken.

Already some blunders and oversights are apparent and politicians and campaigners from the peninsula will do well to learn from them.

Ngu Ik Tien reports for Aliran after attending PKR and DAP dinners in Sibu:

I received a free ticket to attend ‘the DAP night’ from a friend of my friend working as a reporter with the local Chinese press. Some Chinese newspapers described the dinner as “a show of strength (造势大会)”. Another purpose of the dinner was to announce the candidate for the by-election of Sibu. Though Wong Ho Leng had mentioned to the press more than once that he recommended Alice Lau to be the candidate, the Sibu folks seemed to disregard the suggestion. “Must be him-lah,” they said.

The DAP dinner was held at the Good Happiness Restaurant,located in a relatively new shopping area of Sibu town and the restaurant was packed with about 2,000 diners. My friend told me that about 200 tables were sold and occupied. That surprised me as there were 210 tables laid out for PKR’s night which was held a week ago. I thought that the DAP would draw a bigger crowd. Full article here.

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So now the local news are all over Sibu. If it weren’t for the election, I doubt they would give (any notice to) the place.

Over here in Malaysia we vote for who gets to screw with us later on. Cheers.

Thus says the ....

PR-DAP to win by 800-1000 votes. Cheerio!


DAP will win so dont worry.

Sibu residents are very fed up with BN.

Najib’s ang pow not enough.

If we have to we will fly Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali for BN to do ceramahs here. DAP also willing to fly here Dr. Mahatir to help BN.

Wah if DAP lose in Sibu now then Pakatan can pack up and balik kampung la.


Looks like a very disjointed thought, Sewel.

Hopefully the voters there know what they are doing, unlike someone in HS who had voted overwhelmingly for BN despite being bullied by UMNO.



Wishing thinking ah ?

Just like before HS results, lotsa of Pakatan fanboys got into their “syiok-sendiri” mode and in the end on Monday morning their world came crashing down.

If DAP loses this, then they are truly goners. The Chinese typically will back the winners and they will turn their back on Pakatan.


Hopefully voters in Sibu are not as stupid as UMNO supporters like you (K, Gerakan K, Iron or whatever you call yourselves these days on this site as an UMNO troll)

steven sua

the rakyats of sibu including iban please vote for pakatan rakyat candidate wong ho leng for the sake of country this may16 2010 ok let all the rakyats punish bn.


Just wonder … is “Wong Ho Leng” a cousin of Superman(tm) or sumtin ?

Why a vote for “Wong Ho Leng” has become something “for the sake of country” ???

That “Wong Ho Leng” is so keng ah? One guy can save the whole country ah ?


Yalah, he can save the entire country. Jealous, much?


There are those knows how to sharp the IRON both sides saying both faces are of the set in the same ways.

Why can they step forward and run in the election to show they are different from BN and PR? Otherwise the third force will always be a spent empty iron tin.


Since you the one keep on harping on this matter, why don’t you go lumba yourself?

You can go start your “Kingkong Party”. 😀


Yes, Check It Out, in Parliament.


No la, Kingkong is the one always harping on “joining the fray”, let him get his Kingkong party registered first …

After that maybe he will get a “Kingkong Korner” inside the Dewan Rakyat. 😀

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


The carrot is actually a rod in disguise
To be used when the needs actually arise
So do not be so happy to know this surprise
Unless you want to cause some temperatures to rise

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 020510
sun. 2nd May 2010.


Not really! BN’s just du-it works everywhere, 1 Malaysia.


As the saying goes – You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Nope, you really can’t. 😀

Our old … politicians are set in their ways – they think that the Rakyat are their servants instead of the other way around – and unfortunately, those (politicians) are not only from BN, there are a lot of (them) in the PR too.


Sibu election needs money to win. Now our PM is in town for the 1st night stay in Sibu. If no election don’t expect him to stay. He is here for heavy investment. The BN needs Bumiputras votes to win the election. The upgrade of roads is everywhere. The Gawai Dayak is coming very soon and hope the Dayaks will ask for many developments such as roads water and electricity supply to their longhouses and kampong. Moreover, Robert Lau Jr. father is a “Jutawan” from all the Forest Resources he get from the surrounding areas. It is not wrong to… Read more »


A lot of politicians tend to forget a simple procedure,”When in Rome, do what the Romans do!”
If those who did not follow this saying, obviously, have not done their homework before venturing out to meet the local electorate.