Showdown! Tawfik vs Zahid


This is shaping up to be a battle royale, a real David vs Goliath battle.

Hopefully, the other main parties will not enter the fray and split the votes. Aliran’s Johan Saravanamuttu interviews Tawfik Ismail – read the full interview here!

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Warisan is a struggling Sabah party to stay afloat and should focus on winning Sabah in this coming election rather than spreading their wing to Peninsular Malaysia to dilute opposition votes. It does not matter who they pit against Harapan, BN and PN, warisan still not going to win. The best they can do is to help BN to win.

Hope they come to term with this before causing further damages.


Muda lawan Menteri

This is the real David Vs Goliath battle in GE15.


Not many especially the young generation knows who Tawfik is. He could be perceived as entering the fray and split the opposition votes. Could he possibly be a mole from Umno? You will never know. Siti Kassim may not even realise it. Nobody knows until the ballots are counted.


Siri Kassim’s Gerak candidates will split PH votes, to the delight of BN Umno. To beat BN, we must put our limited votes for PH. Simple as that .

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Siti should contest in Malay heartland to fight off PAS and Umno, not in urban area!

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Siti Kasim should take on BN’s Khairy at Sungai Buloh. PH can make way for her?


we need liberals to speak out. any ah chong or muthu speak, they will be slient with against race, religion and monarch. we need a few geraks to check dumno and tak pas.I will vote for them rather than pkr and dap member who do not speak out or formulate policies


An interesting Malaysiakini reader’s comment on Siti:

You have no guilt kicking out an Indian MP (of minority race) but claim to be fighting for the minorities. Claim to be fighting for Orang Asli’s but don’t want to stand in Bera or Cameron Highlands. Claim to be fighting against religious extremism but don’t want to stand against PAS. This lady is full of contradictions. If you really think that City folks understand you better why not choose PJ seat.

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )

Many of the comments are written by those clueless PH supporters. Anyone other or more than PH, BN, PN or PAS and these PH supporters will go berserk with Vote Splitting mania.

These people have limited knowledge like “Katak dibawah tempurung” or ” Frogs in a well ” and don’t much understand anything else. It will be too much for their brains to figure out.


Lawak PRU15


All Pha – How much you know about Batu? You know only the Caves and Thaipusium. Selangor gets a public holday but not KL when they pull the chariot and choked the streets in KL when everyone is going to work or returning home. PAS is a poltical party and you asked a activist to tell a poltical party? Why UMNO cant win Kelantan when umno is united malay NATIONAL? Someone is making noises for nothing….


Jeyakumar said PSM did not want to get in the way of the contest between PH and BN in Sungai Siput as this could reduce PH’s opportunity to win.

If only Siti Kasim could think likewise, and not let her emotional overides her common sense.


She is a liberal, sophiscated and flamboyant person. How can rakyat in the Hills and Mountain from Cameron understand her. She is more suited in the urban areas. PJ are upper middle class and the main issue is over development. Whereas Batu is different. There are very poor rakyat. Who wants to live in Cave – Batu? I think she did some work there. Everyone wants to live in PJ and what issues in PJ?. It is similar with Rocket. They are strong in urban sears. Why not the reader asked about PKR?


gerak has a beter idea as what is rotten with the race and religion system which PH hardly bring out. Further they are more likely to support PH in passing any bills.


We need liberals and non corrupt liberals to counteract the policies of umno and extremism by tak PAS.Many comments by Ah Chong and Muthu will be silent by tak PAS or Dumno being a racial or religious comment. PKR fails in this respect


The National Patriots Association (Patriot) has slammed PAS president Hadi Awang for claiming that he engineered the Sheraton Move, which led to the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan government.

Hadi’s move robbed the citizens of Malaysia of their democratic rights and desecrated the sacrosanct Federal Constitution.


Why you dont question her too? Take away PH’s votes. Why she dont go to UMNO or PAS heartland?


Siti Kasim talked big a lot.

She dare not entered Malay dominated area, possibly she could not speak proper Malay. She has identity crisis and use PH as a punching bag instead of Umno and PAS.


Why PH for so many years dont go into the Malay heart land? Even in Malay dominated semi areas like Gombak, Titiwangsa, Ulu Langat, Putrajaya and Segamat etc , BeeEnd is still a dominant force. Why not look at her CV and how shi at PAS and Dumno?Alumni profile – Siti Kasim – School of Law ( Iranians have been protesting for 40 days at Moral polisi over the dead of a woman for not wearing head scarf properly


You understand and can speak Kelantan and Trengganu Malay?


Siti Kasim determined to separate state and religion and champion local issues in Batu with her pro bono legal team.