Show of strength for Pakatan in Kelantan


Some 50000 people reportedly turned up for a Pakatan ceramah at the Sultan Muhamed VI Stadium in Kota Bharu last night – signalling that the BN is not going to find it easy to recapture the state.

In an important announcement, Anwar promised that if Pakatan captures federal power, it would reduce oil prices, grant Kelantan royalties for petroleum extracted offshore from the state, and abolish PTPTN loans and provide free education.

It would be better though if Pakatan leaders were to stress that a Pakatan government would improve public transport – instead of focusing on a reduction in car prices and the price of petrol for private motor vehicles, which only add to the problem of climate change.

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umno wins, more dole for you. typical of bn. long spine snake, just stretch hand out dole ada. UMNO boleh. when do u guys learn to earn your keeps?

Rally 2.0

No wonder The Sunday Star came up with Hudud Hudud Hudud today to forever want to frighten the people.

SHAME ON YOU Wong CW & Jocelyn T !!!

Cheng Poh Heng

The most important task that must be undertaken is to amend the Federal Constitution and pass an anti-hopping law,

MPs of both the political divide have to support such anti-hopping law. Any MP who does not support an Anti-Hopping Bill does not deserve your votes.

The most distinct difference pre- and post-2008 is that during the past four years, there has been no amendment to the Federal Constitution! May the force continue to be with the people of Malaysia, especially voting Malaysians.

Cheng Poh Heng

Gerakan K

Janji kosong again by pakatan. Abolish PTPTN ??? Then very few Malays can pursue post-SPM education. Only RICH people…’s boys and girls can study higher than SPM. Wow that is CRUEL !!!

Same principle in Penang, only rich businessmen can buy houses. Now, if pakatan win, only rich people can study anything higher that SPM.

Tunggu apa lagi ??? Mari ramai-ramai undi BN dan kasi BUNGKUS ini pakatan bodoh !!!


Abolishment of PTPTN comes with free education for all at public universities in Malaysia. Poor Malays will be the ones who well benefit the most.


The coward Nasharudin Isa is missing. Must be looking for a way to become a “frog”.


I feel that MediaRakyat technicians need to improve on their recording of audio, in view that most ceramahs are held in open area, and on You Tube, the speeches are not clear.
Only recently,I watch China’s 18th conference, and despite the huge hall, almost the size of a football field, the audio over CCTV news was crystal clear.
How did they do it?


Anwar is being populist. How else do you win election? Appeal to the intelligence of voters??

The numbers are simply this. There is RM200-300b in simple savings to be had in a PR govt. Even if Anwar gives away most of it, there is still a surplus. The numbers are THAT ridiculous after 55 years of UMNO/BN wreakage to the system…


Dont forget to put Mahathir & Najib (on trial) …