Seven obstacles Malaysia’s opposition must overcome to capture Putrajaya


Opposition parties seeking to take over the reins of government in Malaysia will have to contend with a daunting obstacle course that could make Frodo’s journey with the ring (in Lord of the Rings) look like child’s play.

It is going to be a bumpy ride; and the odds are stacked against PKR, Amanah, Bersatu, DAP, Warisan and PSM – which will have to contend with seven critical challenges.

1. Lopsided redrawing of constituency boundaries

The heavily skewed redrawing of constituency boundaries has aggravated the already terrible malapportionment and gerrymandering in the system. Just imagine, the average size of a BN parliamentary seat is 48,000 voters while for the opposition it is 79,000. This also shows us how heavily the seats are weighted in favour of the BN.

2. More postal voters

The expansion of postal votes – for no good reason – will add another serious obstacle, given that in the past, an overwhelmingly majority of postal voters (believed to be over 95%) have gone to the BN.

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It’s time to vote for Change!


Remember abdullah badawi’s call to work with dummo. Ah pek, ah mui and ah beng solldly throw their support behind gilakan and mca. In fact mca has more adun than gilakan in pg but no cm was given to mca. Rocket was blown in the mid sky. The tiger of jelutong was turn into a kitty and uncle lim had to go for long holidays. In the end, other races were no better buf even worse. Dummo only fish and promises heaven before election. Mca and gilakan can only threaten other races. Dummo eat kfc finger licking but others have… Read more »


A timely reminder to the 1M4U generation who is brainwashed by propaganda, still out of touch with reality since still depending on parents’ money for allowance.


Undi yang Bersih!

Mah HS

Electricity cut is another obstacle!

Already facing a hurdle in holding an event in a key Malay village in Ayer Hitam, DAP suffered a further setback last night when a forum had to be cancelled after the lights went out.

The ‘Umno Kalah, Tergugatkah Melayu?’ (Malays under threat if Umno loses?) forum in the Johor parliamentary constituency was to have featured Ilham Centre executive director Hisomuddin Bakar, human rights lawyer Syahredzan Johan and DAP Paloh candidate Sheikh Omar Ali.


It is going to be an uphill CLIMB for Harapan against the BN obstacles.

This song The Climb is dedicated to all Pakatan folks:


Is Umno still legal since no election in 3 years?


JKR created obstacle?

Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin has accused BN of sabotaging a road in Johor, which leads to a ceramah featuring Dr Mahathir tonight.

He claimed the Public Works Department (PWD) had dug up the road from Panchor to Grisek, Pagoh, to slow down traffic to the ceramah.


Caretaker FT minister Tengku Adnan today cautioned civil servants against the influence of DAP, a party which he claimed consists of mostly Christian evangelists.

Why has religion got to do with election?


Malaysia’s Malay community, which had been told that the ruling United Malays National Organisation (Umno) is their sole saviour, have started to change their decades-old view rooted in fear of a Chinese takeover if another coalition takes federal power, said opposition leader Muhyiddin Yassin. Mr Muhyiddin, a former Umno deputy president who is now president of opposition party Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), admitted that he had in the past told the Malay community that only Umno can look out for their interests. “This is what has been entrenched in the minds of the Malays ― that the only saviour… Read more »

Mah HS

Najib has dissolved parliament, so how can he still use RTM to telecast his BN manifesto launching live on TV tonite? Is this not misuse of power?


You can call Singapore kiasu, but PAP allowed opposition parties airtime on TV and radio to broadcast their respective manifestos in the last 2 Singapore GEs.


Dishonest and still want dummo to use tax payers money to boardcast? Ah wee and ah ma, ah sokn, ah ka vin and enginer no comment and still sokong this type of gomen?


For the first time since 1969, no ‘rocket’ in the peninsula

This is DAP’s sacrifice for the sake of a unified opposition. Once a common logo is chosen, the selling of this symbol must start immediately as there are many who may not recognise what it stands for.
Spread the logo news, by WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, by word of mouth, anywhere, anytime. Even in your dreams.

The choice is yours:
Either you decide your future or you let others force theirs on you.


In a war, if you claim thyself a formidable warrior, then fight like a warrior.
No ‘underhand’ tactic to hand thyself a ‘before a real fight’ advantage.
Unless you have ‘no man-b…’ to fight like a man warrior!
No created excuses of thy opponent not following ???regulation.