Semenyih by-election result: Serious wake-up call for PH


So Umno has won in Semenyih but what must alarm Pakatan Harapan – and the many who voted for change last year – is the 5% drop in the share of votes it received.

My take is that of course, the race and religion rhetoric might have had some impact, including the race-based fear of losing out under a new administration. This no doubt has to be managed. You can also point at the superficial Bossku effect. But we would be limiting ourselves if we stop our analysis there.

The reality is that some don’t think they are any better off under the new government. So Pakatan Harapan had better reconsider its socio-economic policies, which have largely failed to capture the imagination of the people.

The government needs to focus on what ordinary people need the most: improved schools and hospitals, affordable homes, efficient public transport and affordable nutritious food. Full article on Aliran website

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Yesterday a political analyst on 8TV Mandarin news explained why Tun M’s Bersatu took in the Umno kataks, and plan to go Sabah to absorb more Umno kataks – in order for PH to gain 2/3 majority so that redelineation of electoral boundaries can be done to cut the gerrymandering advantage set by BN.


When one in financial difficulties and in need of fast money long term policies of PH not appealing at all. Afteall many now believe in afterlife to cleanse their lust for earthy material gain however illicit.


Umno and PAS may use a common logo in the next general election, in light of their successful cooperation in the recent Cameron Highlands and Semenyih by-elections, reports Sinar Harian.

MCA and MIC, still no exit strategy?


PAS-Umno alliance will win many seats based on the current electoral boundaries. Mahathir will ensure redineation is done else PH will lose big time.

Black Mage

Wee Ka Siong confirmed MCA embraced Umno-PAS alliance to remain in BN.

Xiang Long

Bossku will complete his hattrick at Rembau.
Tok Mst has acknowleged the aura of Bossku.

More voters will swing to BN because PH has no concrete plan aside from abolition of death penalty. PH YBs mostly have lost ground did not turun padang to serve rakyat.


Bossku cyber army put Madhaters in shame.


A good comment forwarded to my WhatsApp: PH could only win if all the non-Malays (Chinese and Indians) went out to vote for PH. The drop in voting turnout by the Chinese (22%) and Indians (16%) in Semenyih is significant and may have caused PH to lose. The lower turnout is hardly surprising as the non-Malays felt betrayed by Pribumi Bersatu who keep playing the racial card, just like UMNO. Azmin even have the gall to stress on the ‘bumi agenda’, making it a truly racist agenda. PH must not forget that the over-whelming support from the non-Malays enable it… Read more »


A budget guide unveiled by the government today revealed that a single person needs to earn at least RM1,870 a month to “achieve a reasonable standard of living” in the Klang Valley.

How much is needed a month to survive in Penang?


The problem with PH is NOT that they need a wake up call, the problem with PH is their common goal was always just Najib which has been achieved. The manifesto and promises were just a means to an end. Anyone who did not understand it, its their own fault. Now Najib is gone, the many voters feel free to go against PH for not fufilling their fancies – so seats that they won marginally was always going to go swing away from them when Najib/Rosmah is gone. The real revelation of Semenyih voters is, how come incumbency did not… Read more »


With the Umno-PAS alliance and BossKu being allowed to shape the political narrative of defending the interests of the country’s Malay-Muslim majority, PH may find itself being relegated to a one-term government as the support among Malays is swinging away.


it is all about race and religion , you are making a fool of yourself by thinking otherwise… look how many votes the similarly socialist minded party got?…hehe

Mah HS

The incestuous Umno-PAS marriage

Black Mage

PAS, Umno statements on non-Muslims seditious

Black Mage

BN won based on vote counting by 7pm. Bossku effect eclipsed 1MDB scandal?

Black Mage

Because MO1 was never put on trial after so long, he is regaining his credibility. Bossku daily highlights PH shortcomings (empty promise, u-turn) on social media strike chords with insecured malays fearing losing their R&R entitlements.


BossKu played on the emotional quotient of Rakyat’s cost of living hardship & unfulfilled manifesto by PH. Notwithstanding the revelations of dirts in PAS & Rm90million lies & Rm1.4million payment to Sarawak Report to settle court case.

It is now about practicalities of affordable costs of living, not the blame game which generates no money in the Rakyat’s pockets.

The next by-election (if any) will be a harder lesson for PH if it continues not to listen to the Rakyat’s voices. Take note, CM Sin Chow.

Mah HS

Pakatan Government must grant non-Muslims similar protection, as it does for Islam, from attacks and insults on social media or any platform that could cause disharmony, said the country’s leading interfaith group, Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST).

gk ong

Rukunegara Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan can mean any God you are praying too!


It’s all about Money. The once upon a time Cash Is King is making the rounds to secure his image of future money promises (if he gets back in the arena of politics & spin) while waiting to wear the Yellow dress of Sg. Buloh (how soon?). Knowing the many dunggus who could not differentiate a thief from an honest politician, he’s taking full advantage of PH weaknesses – failure to fulfil promises + failure to expedite corruption cases, abduction cases & murder cases. And failure to alleviate hardship of rising costs of living is the Achiles Heel which the… Read more »

Milk Tea

I pay more at McD and KFC now…last time they say…xda GST, harga mesti turun.


Min wage increase affects fast food outlets that employ many workers no productivity.


hehe..that is karma for those who demand unrealistic minimum wages for B40…now they feel the pain