Selangor state election predictions and poll


Today, we will look at the upcoming Selangor state election.

In the 2018 state election, Pakatan Harapan won 51 seats out of 56 (63.4% of the popular vote, including Bersatu’s 5.6%), Umno-Barisan Nasional picked up four (21.9%), and Pas just one (14.4%).

In the 2022 general election for Selangor parliamentary seats, PH-Muda’s share of the popular vote plunged to 52.8%, BN’s share dropped to 17.4% while PN bagged 27.6%.

Emen Jamal, the Tasik Gelugor PKR information chief, predicts that PH-BN will sweep to victory with 53 seats this time.

Abdul Rahman Kasim, the Tasik Gelugor Pas information chief, forecasts that Perikatan Nasional will wrest power, grabbing 36 of the 56 seats.

Now tell us your own prediction:

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Kak Inon

The Malays in Selangor are educated and want a government that improve on economic matters and their children to be on par with other races. They wouldn’t want an adun who only concern about what nurses wear and after lives issue.

Kelantan, Terengganu, wake up!


Malays Are Also Victims Of Religious Extremism


PM Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has given a stern warning against any quarters playing and riding on Islam.

Anwar said such an act would not be tolerated after August 12, and action will be taken against them.


Ringgit value can affect state poll?


Conversely, Selangor PRN results can affect Ringgit. If PN wins, Ringgit will spiral downwards as investors will lose confidence.


Investors are not keen on government that is corrupted. The RM600 billion issue is as big as 1MDB scandal.




PSM deputy chairperson S Arutchelvan has challenged his opponents in the race for the Kajang seat in Selangor to declare their assets.

In a video titled “Asset Declaration – Nothing to Hide”, he said declaring assets is important because it would show that the candidate is honest.


Actually huge damage done to our economy by Prihatin and Keluarga governments. Cannot expect madani government to turnaround in 6-7 months!


White Flag – a symbol of Kerajaan Gagal under Moo PN.

Last edited 6 months ago by luca

The ringgit has taken a nosedive against the pound sterling, falling to its lowest level in seven years as it surpassed the significant threshold of RM6 to £1.

The Hutchisons will enjoy their stay in Malaysia even more (or longer?)


July 14 — Selangor’s Malay voters polled in a survey saw 63 per cent of them saying they feel their rights are being threatened, while 87 per cent said they did not know of the government’s measures to bring down the cost of living.
Source: Malay Mail


PN has a chance in Selangor.

Do not take things for granted. Or you may not have Bon Odori, GSC, Magnum, Da Ma Cai, Octoberfest … in Selangor once the green wave engulf the state. Please vote wisely!


Dominic said more non Malays are now supporting PN compared to last election.

Let’s put it into perspective shall we?

Out of 100 non-muslims, Gerakan’s support rose from 1 to 7 non-muslims out of 100.

Not exactly seat winning stats.
Looks like for they will maintain their 0 Parliament seats and 0 DUN seats.


Arul of PSM is contesting in Kajang.

Hope Anil can give him some coverage here.


Rapper Altimet is PKR candidate in Selangor


Perikatan Nasional may be able to win Selangor if there is a low voter turnout among non-Malays and if a third of PH-BN’s Malay voters back the opposition coalition – according to a survey conducted by Endeavour-MGC Research Centre.


A true Malay Dilemma even today, always felt threatened.


Sampai bila ahli Umno nak fobia terhadap DAP? – Ahmad Maslan


Dr Ng: Malaysia tak akan jadi Singapura, garenti tak boleh


Ahmad Maslan to Umno members: ‘Why do you still have a phobia of DAP?’


Difficult to undo the damage done by Umno itself. Now PN is capitalising on this. Could be the end of Umno?


Sampai bila Melayu takut kepada Keristian, DAP dan Cina?


Datuk Seri Shamshun Baharin Mohd Jamil, bekas Timbalan Ketua Pesuruhjaya SPRM mengakui aktiviti rasuah membabitkan semua kaum, namun lebih ramai bukan Melayu menjadi pemberi, manakala penerima kebanyakan Melayu.

So, Sanusi is ‘half-right’?


Sanusi seemed to suggest it is wrong to give bribes but ok to receive it?


He thinks is free lunch. Boss malu gets free, others can get free too.


A study by Perikatan Nasional has revealed that its support among peninsular Malaysia-based Chinese and Indians has increased beyond the one percent it garnered in the 15th general election.

This was revealed by Gerakan president Dominic Lau, who told Malaysiakini in an interview that support among non-Malays in Selangor, for instance, had improved to around six and seven percent.


Cuepacs has proposed (pressured) to PM Anwar that the minimum salary of civil servants be set at RM1,800 per month.

I think this is achievable by reducing new intake of civil servants for better productivity. 20% reduction in headcount to give 20% more of minimum wage is reasonable.

Kak Inon

Yes, productivity is the key. We must ditch the laziness tag!

Jimmy Tho

If an experience government servant is good in their work and able to make the nation great once again, let them extend their service.Dont get wasted on their knowledge and skills. Mostly all countries development need to go forward. Let them work and collect the taxes.
The more the productive workers are the
better they will regenerate income for the nation. This where income tax comes. Singapore, Thailand, Japan etc are practicing this formula. We got nothing to lose.

A Rakyat 88

“Rising costs on voters’ minds”


Should do a survey to find how many Selangorians and Penangites are holding more than one job just to make ends meet, put food on the table.


“Proposal for strict action against those who ridicule Islam submitted to Agong” – Bernama dd 11 Aug 2023, 10:47am


Excellent speech, PM DSAI. Now all that needs to be done is to put in practice what was preached.

Mute ?

“What’s more hilarious is that MCA (has sought an apology from us) too,” 


What will be much more hilarious is for the PH coalition members to think that just because MCA has now very little support from their community they have to be mute or just play dead. 

Just wondering, does DAP have a fully active, functioning university open to all communities like the one MCA has now under its wing? Maybe their clueless gloating supporters can answer this one.


“UTAR Hospital fully realised” by Ivan Loh dd Thursday, 10 Aug 2023

” The push to build the hospital came from Dr Ling after the university started 20 years ago. Today, it is open to the public.”


And a fully functioning hospital. What more plans does MCA have for the future?


” Probe root cause of 2022 SPM absenteeism, govt told ” Kevin Komora  dd 10 Aug 2023, 11:30am. ======== Oh please, the education syllabus being taught to the students must be simply boring. The world have advanced, moving on the digital track, so have many of the our teenagers’ and youths’ etc, and they have been into it for quite a while now. Probably, the education ministry is still behind in the 20th century living in the analog world. Not compatible with the 21st century digital age. They must be IMAGINATIVE, CREATIVE, FORWARD THINKING. Teaching and syllabus must be… Read more »

Misdirected Leadership

“Charles Santiago says stories of progress by Pakatan Harapan and the failure of the opposition-run states should be dominating the campaign trail but it is not.”


Indeed, it should have been so, sir, so that Rakyat will be able to know what the Ruling and the Oppositions parties have done so for in the past 5 years and what they are going to do in the next 5 years. But instead, there were so much nonsense being said, emotions displayed, wayang or drama acted out, etc.


“I did in six months what you could not in three years’, Anwar tells Perikatan” by By Sheridan Mahavera dd Thursday, 10 Aug 2023 9:43 AM MYT


Great show, PMX DSAI. This is how PH should come out rebutting PN Opposition, exposing their hypocrisy and all.

Embracing Multi Culture

“Selangor Indian Consultative Council out to woo community to back PH” by Sean Augustin dd 09 Aug 2023, 10:30am ======== Here is a question for you, sir. In the last 8 months or so, since the PH unity government was formed, was there any mention of how they are going to help Indians progress, advance their lives. Any plans or programs? Now suddenly, some politicians have come alive, just before the coming of the 6 states election, jumping onto the stage and saying so many things that are going to be beneficial for the Indian community if they vote for… Read more »

Embracing Multi Culture

Not only the Indians but we the rest of the Rakyat have also heard many of this things many many times already, many many times before, in the last sixty years or so and if you do notice and hear, they are still talking about the Indians being the poorest of the lot past now, 23 years into 21st Century. Food for thought, sir.

Right by Constitution

“Nothing in land’s highest law allows state polls to change federal govt” dd 07 Aug 2023 11:11PM ======== Yah lah, some politicians like to tell grandmother stories a lot. Simple sense will tell you State election is for the State, State assembly and Federal election is for Federal, our Nation, and Parliament. And Parliament rules our Nation.  State assembly rules the States. The States may have its own State constitution and may enjoy some minor independence but still, also has to follow the Federal Constitution and Federal instructions.  Federal constitution supersedes State constitution on most matters. Our Nation is… Read more »

A Rakyat 88

“Pakatan-BN likely to retain Selangor, Negri, Penang, say analysts” dd Sunday, 06 Aug 2023 10:31 AM MYT ======== Would like to see a bigger representation of the Opposition in the state assembly but the problem with the current mediocre Opposition is that one is a religious group with about 40 parliamentary seats, which means more of religious presentations than anything else.  The other is weak with low parliamentary seats which means it has follow the the religious group’s biddings. It will not have much of a say in most things.  The third has zero representation in Parliamentary or in… Read more »

A Rakyat 88

To date all these 3 members of the Opposition coalition have not presented any viable ideas on how to govern the states or our Nation and the well being of our Rakyat and the ruling are no better. All are party based and toe the party line politicians.

So, our option maybe to look at qualified Independents to represent our Rakyat to govern our states and Nation.


Santiago: United Indian votes can help push for PH-BN decisive victory in S’gor By V. Shankar Ganesh – August 4, 2023 @ 10:19pm ======== Hope this is being said with sincerity. Sixty years, the Indians have been hearing the same thing usually just before federal and state elections.  Its not that the government is not doing anything, they do, its just that the wrong people, the wrong delivery system was applied hence sixty years with little change. Lets see, now they talk, it should be followed by action, and the next time they talk about their plans for the… Read more »

The Truth

“MIC’s support for Pakatan boon for Indian unity” by The Vibes Team dd 04 Aug 2023 8:00AM ======== The truth of the matter is this. Despite what you have said, MIC did not get any seats to contest. This probably is due to the fact that the Indian community they claim to represent for the past sixty years or so, have over the past few years, rejected them. They have practically nil support. This is MIC’s own doing. No one else is to blame for it. The question is, will there be a change for the better in their… Read more »

The Truth

Most of the politicians have still not ‘matured’ yet, still thinking our Rakyat are living in the 20th century when our Rakyat have already moved over to the current 21st century digital age. Truth matters more, most!

By Constitution

Santiago: What guarantee is there that Pas won’t impose Islamic values on everyone? By New Straits Times dd August 3, 2023 @ 10:47am


Why, its the federal constitution and its law governing our Nation and our Rakyat of course. What we Rakyat don’t understand is why the politicians do not highlight this whenever these type of issues are raised to put an end to it.

A Rakyat 88

“This is also how we Rakyat can break the ‘backbone’ of those syndicated like political parties dominance.”

Sorry, missed the word ‘dominance’ at the end of “syndicated like political parties”.

A Rakyat 88

“Do not run as Independents” By Tarrance Tan dd Saturday, 29 Jul 2023 ======== Political parties are not the way for the future. They have become more like organized syndicates. Toe the party line or else is their main mantra now.  The current SG has to toe the party line and this particular party in now in the gray zone not so much in black and white. Dynasties and families matters comes first. Rakyat will be used for their own agenda. The future is with Independents – qualified individuals. They can be anyone one of our Rakyat from any… Read more »

A Rakyat 88

Our people or Rakyat should look around and encourage those qualified individuals to contest in State and Federals election as Independents.

This is how in future our Nation should be governed. This is also how we Rakyat can break the ‘backbone’ of those syndicated like political parties. This idea of having half or more independents in Parliament and State assemblies should be encouraged and propagated more and more till it is achieved.

Clever or Not?

“PM: RM100 e-tunai to be credited to adults earning RM100,000 and below annually” By Adib Povera, Asila Jalil dd July 27, 2023 @ 10:24am


Not sure the figure RM100,000 given is a publishing error. Can those in B40 and M40 be earning so much money? Or is it suppose to be RM10,000 annually?