Selangor: All eyes on Pas but party caught in real dilemma


Pas seems to be divided over whether to back Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim or to side with its Pakatan partners in calling for his removal.

On the one hand, the party is believed to be unhappy with PKR’s Kajang move. There is a sense that Pas was not pleased by what some within the party saw as a unilateral PKR move to replace the MB and take Pas and DAP for granted. And because of this, Khalid naturally found a safe haven in the protective embrace of Pas with whom he appears to have grown closer.

On the other hand, the hasty move by Pas’ Syura Council and party president Hadi Awang to back Khalid may not have gone down well with others in the Pas leadership, including the party’s central committee.

Full article on the Aliran website

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When the decision was made to appoint Khalid as the Menteri Besar, it was a Pakatan Rakyat decision. However, when it came to his removal, it was solely a PKR decision.

Don Anamalai

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Phua Kah Lit, Perhaps you have forgotten that AI took a few years, quite a few years I might add, after coming out of prison to form the opposition and you know why ? Only when he wasn’t invited back to lead Umno he formed PKR … Sure enough he is not doing that anymore because he now needs the support of the very Chinese he once (criticised). Above all I am positive that his conviction in that has never changed because I am a believer a leopard never changes its spots in fact he is a mentor to all… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Anything is possible in politics.

The only politicians who are consistent are those motivated by ideology (secular) or religious beliefs. Sometime for the better and sometimes not (ultradicalism such as Khmer Rouge version of Maoism and fascism, and religious extremism)

Remember the political history of our “ganas” Minister of Defence ?

Phua Kai Lit

By the way, by “Minister of Defence”, I mean the previous Minister of Defence
and not the first cousin.


Justice the Keadilan way When the decision was made to appoint Khalid as the Menteri Besar, it was a Pakatan Rakyat decision. However, when it came to his removal, it was solely a PKR decision. As Rafizi Ramli admitted, not only were DAP and PAS not consulted, many PKR leaders were kept in the dark as well. This makes a mockery of the so-called Pakatan Rakyat consensus. It is consensus only when it suits PKR and if it does not then PKR decides on its own. Hence PAS has a valid reason for asking for an explanation as to why… Read more »


If Anwar PKR and LKS DAP commented that Khalid is making unilateral decision, is not Anwar doing the same with the post of MB. Why still insist on his wife.. Why not have a discussion among the 3 parties and have a consensus of another person. Why Why Why………………… Everyone of us were made to believe that the 3 parties always work on consensus. Now we know it is not. !!!!! and they rather break up and break up the heart of the people who voted them in.


Why are you still demanding for an explanation? The explanation has been given. Haven’t you been following the news? What’s more umno has declared full support for their mole. Better to cut him off before he hand Selangor back to umno.


Yes, Anwar PKR has given an explanation but PAS refuted the explanation and PAS has also given their explanation but Anwar has yet rebut to that explanation.


” khairy jamaludin: Women can be MB, but not Azizah ” ini contoh mentaliti same mcm pas jgk.azizah jadi mb selangor dinasihati dsai suaminya tapi najib jadi pm malaysia di queen controlled rosmah bininya lagi teruk.hutang negara naik mencanak mendadak lagi haprak.

Phua Kai Lit

2 PAS ADUN declared their support for Kak Wan (along with 15 DAP ADUN and 13 PKR ADUN). Remember their names:

(1) Hasnul Baharuddin (Morib)
(2) Saari Sungib (Hulu Kelang)

Now we – all the non-Muslims who voted for PAS candidates – know whom to support at the next Selangor state elections.

(And who to punish — all the rest of the other PAS ADUNs of Selangor?)

Ed G

It seems that these 2 assemblymen have earned the displeasure (with possible disciplinary actions) of the PAS leadership with their action of going against their stance. But didn’t the PAS top leadership support Khalid although he has clearly gone against his own party’s leadership and directive? So does this mean that it is OK for mutiny to happen to others but NOT themselves? Who is the real munafik (hypocrites) in this episode?

Phua Kai Lit

Mr charleskiwi

If AI and wife are “out for a piece of the cake”, they would have made peace with and jumped back to UMNO Baru-BN long ago. Why continue to fight against the Machiavellian Doctor, the Machiavellian’s lesser successors, and the state institutions they control, and continue to suffer so much persecution from the “repressive state apparatus” and libel from the “ideological state apparatus”?

Super K


what happened is khalid is now showing his true colors. Unlike Anwar, who is putih bersih, and only work for the rakyat, Khalid is a state ceo who thinks only for himself. He will show a honest hard working front only for himself, and will defend his MB post to his death and power hungry

We should support Anwar’s move to aust him, as anwar has historically shown himself to be honest, berfikiran rakyat, hard working, ikhlas, and loyal to his wife…


Super K the evolved Gerakan K ?

Super K

Super K is Super K. GK is GK.

By the way, anil’s blog income has increased x3 after all these years. Funded by partisan readers. It’s hard not to bias towards particular side.


Anil wrote: “Many are hoping that the Pas central committee will meet immediately and have the courage to do the right thing – to decide in favour of New Politics and the reform agenda..” What is new politics? Is it… 1. Get an elected ADUN to resign his seat for no apparent reason? 2. Nominate your wife to be the candidate for the by-election caused by the ADUN’s resignation. 3. Concoct numerous unproven allegations to pressure existing MB of Selangor to resign. 4. When that doesn’t work, fire him from the party without giving him proper and due process to… Read more »


As long as AI is in control of PKR for himself and for his family, nothing will ever change but don’t despair he will be in jail soon. The turmoil it is in is the result of one man’s aspiration, let this be a lesson for every one n the opposition. Most important of all, AI and LKS please remember all the votes casted were opposing Umno/Bn and not for the opposition because there was no one else to choose from. Just look at what is happening in Selangor, it is a good example of the unity. Every one is… Read more »


I still trust the few good men in pas !!!

It is not nothing is impossible in politics but no one can resist the temptation of $$$$$$.


Yes, it is good that there are a few good men in PAS.

But increasingly, it would appear that there has to be a split in PAS to accommodate the vast differences in the two factions.

But that could potentially be a very good thing. Mat Sabu, Khalid Samad, Husam Musa and the other moderates may draw like-minded folks from UMNO – Saifuddin Abdullah comes to mind immediately.

The new group could offer a very strong and viable option to those who are sick with UMNO and hardline PAS.


And there are also good men in BN is it not. Even if these are good men, they would still be in conflict with one another on hudud and an Islamic State. Finally no matter how good, it is still back to square one. And if you ask the one who like you call the Chinese bodoh about hudud, well the answer would be. I am good and I am bad meaning I oppose hudud but then I don`t. This is what this party is, a double headed party that can said one thing here and another thing there. As… Read more »


Those hardcore conservatives in PAS could not resist the idea of turning Shah Alam into an Islamic City.


Could Adun Rodziah make a ‘Hee stunt’ for Selangor to follow the Perak plot?
Nothing is impossible in politics.


Kelantan – PAS
Penang – DAP
Selangor – PKR

this is the Pakatan allliance. Now now the conservative (ulama wing) PAS wanna change the status quo to have more say in PKR ?


PAS is delaying their meeting to Sunday in the hope that Umno could offer them something they could not resist? Many in PAS are still believing in the concept of ‘malay unity’ and may forget the backstabbing from Umno previosly? Or is PAS eyeing the MB position in Selangor and the hugh financial reserves in the state?


PAS = Penang and Selangor