Segamat DAP closes ranks with PKR’s Chua Jui Meng


Segamat DAP led by its chief Pang Hok Liong has shocked political pundits by turning up in full force to extend help to Chua in his electoral battle in the town, reports chuajuimeng123.

SEGAMAT (10 April 2013): Johor PKR chairman Chua Jui Meng today took P.140 Segamat by electoral firestorm and the DAP also dashed Barisan Nasional (BN)’s hopes of driving a wedge between Pakatan Rakyat (PR)’s PKR and DAP.

Segamat DAP led by its chief Pang Hok Liong shocked political pundits by turning up in full force to extend help to Chua who arrived here at 10am to launch his maiden electoral battle here.

It was a great disappointment to the BN which had hoped for a “killer” clash between Chua and lawyer Pang who was DAP’s candidate for Segamat in 2004 and 2008.

Pang turned up for a joint press conference with Chua at the opening of a mini PKR election operations centre in Kampung Abdullah.

If BN doubted Pang’s sincerity to close ranks for PR unity and the rakyat, his presence at a PKR-DAP dinner for campaigners and supporters in Restoran Tong Fook later must have dealt a severe blow to BN’s hopes of disuniting PKR and DAP campaigners. Full report here.

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The words that has always been described of Chinese is that they are ‘practical’ – but not by UMNO/BN definition..Being ‘practical’ is not about being without principles or beliefs. They may be money-grubbing sceptic and cynic but they believe in knowledge and ideas and hence certain basic principles – INCLUDING that being feudal is not smart. will always break down eventually..

It also means being organised, being part of a larger growing movement, even if you are not the primary winner is better than everyone losing..THIS is what its all about, that is why they are builders, accumulators, survivors.


With both the boo hoood Generals from MCA & Gerakan bruised, MCA & Gerakan are now battered and in disarray. DAP will go in full force and together with PAS & PKR moved into the Northern front defend and retained Penang & Kedah and squeezed out the chicken 2nd Gerakan Boo Hood Teng Chang Yeow in Bukit Tengah. Moving on DAP, PAS & PKR will attack the battered MCA & Gerakan and UMNO members who have scattered and surrendered and join PAS PKR to recapture Perak and Negeri Sembilan in the Middle Front. Going south with Ong Tee Keat out… Read more »


Is Bukit Tengah the place that Teng has fallen and would rise again?
He may need clutches from Perkasa to stand up there I suppose.

SL Wong (@wong8898)

To beat this “L Kuai” (Monster) we need a Superman.

Are u guys ready for “Superman”?


Kingston, I think CRUTCHES would be more appropriate, don`t you think so.


hahahaha UMNO members will be leaving in droves. Don’t worry, vote Pakatan you will still get the 1200 and 600. You also get double Fisherman and taxi driver get 600 in Penang and also from Federal govt Remember vote Pakatan you get double. MCA, MIC and Gerakan running scare and to their big brother UMNO for protection. Not only that UMNO running scare from PKR & PAS LKS Rocket General goes into battle not afraid to be (defeated) while the MCA the pornsar & Gerakan boo hood Generals hides behind and wait for their men to be (thrashed). Is this… Read more »

Andrew I

Both generals are hiding behind the Woman Minister’s skirt.

Gerakan K (Team)

SamG: “PR states have done well, ABSENSE of corruption compared to BN states and federal govt” Stop the nonsense. You are spinning out of order now. People are laughing at you now. The sensible thing for you is to vote BN and grab your BR1M RM1200/600 FREE CASH MONEY annually. Come on, show your 1Malaysia style finger now. Regarding to Johor, I expect internal fighting between PKR and DAP to continue. And the MALU thing is LKS miscalculated the election strategy !!! LKS intended to BULLY MCA but under the smart leadership of Dr. Chua SL, Dr. Chua instead turns… Read more »

SL Wong

Your greatest general is hiding … Poor kid. Challenge Chua CD, the fella boh hood (Takut) til Gelang Patah seat also robbed by UMNO, Malu lah. MCA grassroots should know who to vote now. Challenge the Oldman Mkutty, the fella also boh hood (Ayam brand). If no guts better shut up lah, racist Mkutty. If Abdul Ghani can be regard as General, I’m pitty about those low rank soldiers such as Najib, Muyiddin, Hishamuddin and others. Better save your egg for breakfast, poor egg Abdul Ghani.


Penang Ah Pek

Dunno why BN can hire such a low quality cybertrooper that always knock his own foot with huge rock. If I would rate Gerakan K, he deserved a rubbish class for his stupidity. Tak malu kah?

Andrew I

Sorry, need to correct you. It’s Chua 1CD.

Andrew I

If you knew the meaning of sensible, you wouldn’t be getting so many thumbs down, Gherks.


Gerakan K (Team), did you read the the auditor-general comment about continuous wastage and abuses in civil service or not???

More than 50 years of independence and we still have to deal with recurring problems of wastage and abuses in public service, says audit chief Ambrin Buang.

While some government agencies have sung praises of reforms and action against corruption during Najib Abdul Razak’s administration, the National Audit Department is unable to join the chorus.


Wonder who is spinning the facts? What’s so great about the BR1M as BN will have to borrow more money to fund this campaign which may lead us to the Cyprus way whereby the people will end up paying for it? The FM cum PM doesn’t even know how to manage the country’s income whereby in 4 years of his leadership he has almost double up our debt to GDP ratio. Look at Indonesia, in 2003 their debt to GDP ratio is 61% and by 2009 its 27.5%. These are official numbers by World Bank. Whereas ours is currently at… Read more »


Yes Chua Jui Meng, get ready for battle and win GE13 war!


With UMNO members in droves leaving the party and the closing of rank of Pakatan Rakyat members, it will be doom days for BN UMNO and their sycophants

Penang Ah Pek

Oh yes. Time to close rank & set aside all differences to face our common enemy BN. With this kind of fighting spirits, for sure another wave of super Tsunami is forming & heading to sweep away all those injustice, corruptions, cronyism, racism that we Rakyat has been suffered long enough. This time not only Pakatan Rakyat captures Putrajaya, we as Rakyat also win back the sovereign & dignity to our motherland, Malaysia.

UBAH !! For a better Malaysia.


I am on my way to support LKS in JB ceramah::

‘Bersama Kit Siang Menuju Perubahan! 吉祥力拼, 全民力挺!’
Ceramah Umum Pakatan Harapan Rakyat 民联政治演讲

Tarikh: 15 April 2013 (Isnin)
Masa: 8pm
Lokasi: No.53, Jalan Laksamana 1, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai. JB

Lim Kit Siang 林吉祥 (Ketua Parlimen DAP)
Liew Chin Tong 刘镇东 (Bekas Ahli Parlimen Bukit Bendera)
Chong Eng 章瑛 (Bekas Ahli Parlimen Bukit Mertajam)
Dr Boo Cheng Hau 巫程豪 (Bekas ADUN Skudai)
Mazir Ibrahim (AJK DAPSY Kebangsaan)


My observation was about a year or two old. When I was in Johor, spoke to a handful of Malays. They have realise that PR states have done well, absence of corruption compared to BN states and federal govt. Another dissatisfaction is the “fitnah” against Anwar with Sodomy II. That did switch a a good % to the PR side. Ultimately if Johoreans chose to continue to support the corrupt Government – then there is little the rest of the country can do.


UMNO is very worried that Pakatan is making inroad towards the Felda malay folks to highlight the truth with ceramah. UMNO can only counter with thugs disrupting the ceramah using motorbike and loudspeaker noises.

KY Ong

… CHUA JUI MENG shouldn’t even contest. 1) This … is an abandoned mole of MCA. 2) This … didn’t even contribute a ‘bulu’ of work to Segamat people prior to this. 3) So many BN politicians of his era/age are already not contesting & I see no reason why this … should still stay in the running for candidacy. 4) This … created so much problems for PR coming into the run-up of this. No wonder they say PKR is a liability to PR. Bunch of idiots inside there. Sivarasa is also another one causing … problems in Selangor… Read more »


Yes, this CJM fella is blur blur. When he was Minister for Health, he didn’t even know what was JE. And he screwed up big time when he tried to contain the damage and fall out from the JE epidemic. However, we are fighting an enemy which has deep pockets and the whole government machinery at their beck and call. That’s really tough. So, people like CJM is welcome because they know how BN works, not the BN you read in the newspapers or in the online news portal. Its the BN in the kopitiams and warungs in the villages,… Read more »


Your comment best described the situation in BN.

Today we shall witness those Najib labeled as non winnable people pouring out their frustration of not being selected, aa a prelude to internal sabotage within the BN camp.


If you were to remember when CJM came out from his 2 weeks leave, he mention that he will give his fullest support to LKS in his contest in Gelang Patah.

I supported his graciousness than NOT for being bitter about the whole issue because he saw the bigger picture and their enemy than was not among themselves but UMNO/BN.