Seberang Jaya state assembly member is BN candidate


It’s Arif Shah Omar Shah vs Anwar Ibrahim.

Arif Shah, the Penang State Assembly member for Seberang Jaya, will be the BN candidate for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election.

Said to be hard-working and a Mandarin speaker, he reportedly has a service centre in Taman Pauh Jaya in Jalan Baru with seven full-time and five part-time staff.

Some homework for you: check out his links to the corporate world.

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They more you act, the more we see.

So please, keep acting !


Hi Anil,
I think you got it wrong about what arief shah studied.
He studied Civil enginerring at diploma level at the federal institue of technology { FIT} I was his lecturer then.
FIT was asked to close shop due to substandard studies.


In reply to Abdul on August 14th, 2008 at 3.02am.

Yes he is. I think your figure is actually underestimated. Though I admit we should refrain from assessing the candidates’ personal life, it says a lot of the BN that this guy is the “best” available for the coalition. …


What have you done, RPK? Now every body knows who Ariff Shah is. And everybody will condemn BN again!! Anyways, I am super glad that RPK did the dirty work for us all. Otherwise, we won’t know who is this Ariff Shah! Man, it almost none of BN’s people are clean and untainted! It seems everybody has skeletons in their closet and thought they are smarter than God that no Malaysians will ever found out! Ha ha ha.. Padan muka BN, got sidekicked by RPK one more time. Great!! I feel great!! Go kick them many, many more times RPK.


The more you talk, the more we know.

So please, keep talking !!


(Didn’t he fight) tooth and nail when the new Esso petrol station was supposed to be built on piece of land used as Pasar Ramadhan at Jalan Tenggiri in Seberang Jaya a few years ago? His argument was too many petrol station in Sbg Jaya. Now the petrol station is operating and you look at the whole picture, that is kind of fishy outlook. Check on the ownership will tell something about all this play acting. UMNO guys will always have something for themselves. …


BN PP candidate against DSAI, Shah Omar “speaks” Mandarin and Hokkien. Ha ha! So what? He has an AMNO mind. Mind you, as a Mamak, he was the one who led the … protest in Penang in Komtar in order to demonise Lim Guang Eng. The Chinese and Indian voters will compare the notes with him on voting day when they will award him zero contract (vote).


… So if he wins, does that mean we have to send our politician over to Singapore for training? …

terang bulan

UMNO has been so bankrupt and desperate that they have to recycle a … magnate who won Seb Jaya state seat with 533 postal votes in last GE! And UMNO continues to insult intelligence of Chinese by suggesting that just because Arif Shah can speak a bit of broken Mandarin, they must vote for him! I hope Arif Shah loses his deposit as well. The bottom line is THE PEOPLE DON’T WANT, REJECT UMNO…AND WANT ANWAR TO BE PM! This is a by-election to select a PM and not an MP and Arif Shah who already made it clear that… Read more »

Malaysian Niah...

all penangite must know that their vote is about changing the course of the country and not to concern on the PP local issues only. when the country is heading towards the right direction compare to the where it is now, even the PP will benefit.

if the country is going down the drain, the PP is sooner or later will also go down the drain.

it’s a vote of the nation’s destiny not about PP destiny … if any permatang pauh resident is reading this … please help spread the news especially to the older folks…

sammy chong

ZH, I agree with you. BN is smart to put him as the candidate to against ANWAR. No doubt that he would be a tough opponent for ANWAR. He himself is a local state people as wished from the local people for their representative candidates, and he fits the criteria to be MP in an area since he is a hardworking person and obtained big influences from the local people in penang.


The BN thinks the chinese voters are that stupid to be taken in by Mandarin speaker?? So cheap skates…thats what the Umno people think of the NON Malay voters.. Heard a lot about his business dealings… Poor UMNO ..u dont have another capable candidate?? or short of Good ,Clean … people???Before the elections Najib said BN will never have a candidate for two seats…hahahaa….so fast they have changed their policy…!!!another flip-flop. Just think …who do you think instigated the students in UiTM????Such a good co-ordinated protest??? Or Fanatics in the making??? Racial Unity is in the doldrums in Malaysia. With… Read more »


Arif Shah is the best candidate in this situation, don’t underestimate his popularity. Although he won by a slim majority on 308GE, it was against the tsunami effect.

PKR & PR need to work harder for better voter turnout.

Phua Kai Lit

May I make some modifications to
my earlier suggestion for PKR’s campaign message?

“High inflation, cancer-like corruption, gross mismanagement of the economy, abuse of the law. There is an URGENT need for change in Malaysia. Vote against the BN!”


So what he can speak fluent mandarin,he is still an umno… How stupid can Badawi or najib to think that by fielding this candidate he can get the votes from the chinese???



If he was popular, why did he survive on postal votes? 533 votes is very narrow. If popularity is a measure, then DSAI is the most popular of all.


(Is) his brother … the one who (was involved) with the Malaysian military by saying he will build submarine bases and train the people to man the submarines? … 14 billion? May be Najib is known to them…?


You think you know how to speak some broken mandarin, than the Chinese will vote for you. If so why the Chinese do not vote for MCA or Gerakan but vote for PAS/PKR. BN has not more credible people.


the family of amin shah… the crony … and ariff was once a manager with atarcorp penang… afgan roots..


Arif Shah, the best out of the worst. That the machai (hulubalang) that BN has, last survival. PR Five Star General Vs BN machai.
And they have to recycle/reuse their candidate. I thought this only happen to opposition b’cause not enough candidate. Sad, very very sad…..Going to BeeEnd. A big sign of weakening Party.


Hope the Chinese in Permatang Pauh is not taken in by a ‘mandarin speaking’ UMNO stooge!!!!!

A true Malaysian

Sorry, should be Haris Ibrahim, not Salleh.


He is the best candidate that BN can find right now. No surprises here.

Abdul, from what I’ve heard, this man is extremely popular in his constituency. I hope things have really changed though.

This is going to be really tough for Anwar.

Progressives of this country should really be biting their nails.


Anyway, he won his seat by 533 votes only and that came from postal votes and few doubting Chinese who didn’t know DSAI and PKR by then. The landscape has changed. You don’t expect the Chinese and Indians to give him a single vote. And he is old also. 52. Why would PP inhabitants settle for a mere MP when they can get the PM?

A true Malaysian

NUS graduate and can speak Mandarin….you must be in the wrong camp.

Anyway guys, go sign ‘our’ petition mooted by Haris Salleh. Take back our judiciary.