Watch the trolls crawl out


Now that election season is upon us, we can expect more trolls to crawl out from under the bridge and create mischief in the comments sections of various blogs and websites.

What is an internet troll? According to Wikipedia:

In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

(Interestingly enough, if you do an internet search, you will find that the term ‘cyber troopers’ doesn’t seem to be widely used outside Malaysia – or at least it doesn’t show up high in search engine results. The term seems to be more closely associated with computer games.)

As mentioned, trolls aim to disrupt discussion, provoke flame-wars and sow confusion, distrust and disunity. They often thrive on attention. So, as they say, don’t feed the trolls.

Discerning readers should be wise enough to spot their underlying motives or agendas especially during this election season.

The aim of this blog is to promote a healthy discussion of issues. As blog owner, I have the right to moderate, edit or delete comments in line with the comment guidelines policy of this blog. But with the number of comments here, that’s a huge ask. So do your bit too and exercise your discretion in dealing with trolls so that we don’t deviate from a thoughtful discussion of the issues at stake.

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Anil…Trolls appeared long before Sarawak elections. The sudden mushrooming of blogs, webs and even radio stations in Sarawak is no coincidence. I suppose you could have pointed that out as well.

Also, the rating system in your blog is skewed as there are many PR cybertroopers are suppressing freedom of expression by abusing it.


Stop being such a pathetic coward, Anil Netto

It is time you own up to your own wrongdoings.

Stop criticizing others when you are the one who have spread misinformations, baseless accusations, and fear mongering online.

Own up to your disrespectful remark regarding Dr. Lim Chong Eu.

Own up to your disinformation regarding the demonstrators in Bahrain.

Own up to your fear mongering regarding nuclear power

The three above are only tiny tip of a very large iceberg, Anil Netto.

We can dig into the archive of your blog, Anil Netto, if that is what you want.

Needs a mirror

Anil Netto,

Get a mirror.

Look into it, and you will see a troll.

Andrew I

Standing next to Anil Netto?


Sad to see many still pay RM1.20-RM1.50 a day to get their daily throll fix from the mainstream papers.


UMNO troopers?!…those professional … blogger just to distract others with their despicable and lowly constructed comments.

I am sure everyone is aware, we have one very noticeable “pain in the …” planted in this blog.

Anil, no problem, we treat rubbish with rubbish!


Am I the only one looking at 2/3 of YouTube videos? On one level I’m sad that the Malaysian blogosphere hasn’t moved on from ‘opinion pieces’. It’s dangerous ground to be caught on because of the ease with which superior fire-power can be brought to bear by someone with enough money to buy ‘good quality opinion nicely presented by attractive people’. If opinion only had to be ‘right’ to attract followers, we wouldn’t have a marketing industry. It would be great to see the Malaysian blogosphere ‘graduating’ to more organised, more constructive projects (TNG’s 6 questions was a high point… Read more »


A brief overview:


I generally take comments from internet trolls as smelly …. fit to be fanned off. The Chinese call these not-worth-the-attention talks….
Enjoy the 3 stooges:


Internet trolls thrive on misinformation, sow confusion and inflame anger to solicit our responses that the legal system can ‘tangkap’ you if your responses are deem threats to internal security or ‘blasphemy’ to national interests.
So Anil’s job is to censor those comments (responses) that can dangerously put you and me into ‘traps’. The next time, let us be more discerning to trolls’ intention and evil invention so as to thwart their unholy plan.
We must thank Anil for his great job. Kudos to you, Anil.

Needs a mirror

That fits Anil Netto to a TEE.

Misinformation is what Anil Netto thrives at. Without it, Anil Netto is a nobody.

Andrew I

Grasping at straws is what you thrive at. With lack of proof, you are a nobody.


The first Internet troll who come to my mind is Gerakan K… πŸ™‚

Andrew I

No, he doesn’t have enough KPI to qualify as one.


This is how you deal with trolls. Gandalf style

Andrew I

p.s. Anil, some people might disagree about you using Wikipedia as a reference because it could be argued that it is inconsistent with the facts of the real world that we live in.

Gerakan K

Anil, calm down.

Is this your response to WIYP comments in Bakun article ???

Or message for BN supporters like me ???

How differing views can be classified as “aim is to disrupt discussion, sow confusion and distrust and provoke flame-wars”

Or opt for never agree to disagree ???

Andrew I

See, that’s an example of a BN supporter.

Gerakan K

I support BN just to stop PAS islamic agenda in Malaysia. It against our constitution.

I got no choice. That is the mild reasoning.

The rude reasoning will be, I support BN just to prevent Malaysia turning into Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iran.

Get it ???

Andrew I

There are still Chinese temples in Kelantan. Why don’t you drive your BM there and see for yourself?

Gerakan K

I just don’t understand your analogy.

Just because there are chinese temples there, you can’t sense, feel and observe their talibanistic acts ???

For instance, they keep insist PM and DPM must be muslims. So how you idol can be promoted to be PM ???

OK, let us stop our argument here. Lest Anil will call both of us as trolls.

Andrew I

Speak for yourself.

What do you mean by talibanistic acts? Your example is nonsensical.

How about this:


Gerakan K, You are a liar. You support UMNO & BN not because of PAS agenda but because of the benefits that come with it. UMNO BN has already endorsed the agenda of an Islamic state long ago. Mahathir, Muyiddin, Abdullah, Najib & many other UMNO leaders have already declared Malaysia to be an Islamic country. UMNO in fact was enticing PAS in the unity talk which means that they are also accepting PAS Islamic agenda. Only fools like you and those idiots from MCA. MIC and Gerakan would stupidly says it is a different type of Islamic country. Oh… Read more »


Geraka K
““The rude reasoning will be, I support BN just to prevent Malaysia turning into Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iran““. How stupid and ignorant are you .And what happen now. It start with the desecration of the Bible.


Gerakan K, Your stupidity and ignorance leave much to be desire with this comments. ““`For instance, they keep insist PM and DPM must be muslims. So how you idol can be promoted to be PM ???““““ … Enactment in the state Constitution have stipulated only Muslim can be Mentri Besar. Perak is one example that although the DAP has the most number of seat it has to appoint a Muslim and Malay to be the MB. Pl check out the fact of PM. You are nothing but a hypocrite who keep spewing half true and true lies. Well what can… Read more »


Forgot to mention. Who passed the enactment that only Muslim and Malay can be appointed Mentri Besar. UMNO.

And who agrees to it in passing the enactment. MCA, Gerakan & MIC

Gerakan K

Good to know that you have calmed down.


Yeah, that’s why you’re lying about the money you receive from foreign governments issit?


dont feed the troll.


Your name speaks a thousand cautions, troll.
Where is my cockroach spray?

Ho Ho Ho

Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„

… many trojan horses hiding until before election… POP up very soon!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™„

Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„

Andrew I

Antivrus status: on

Andrew I

A troll is a problem. They generalize and expect others to gasp in awe at their analytical skills, which us ordinary folk obviously do not have.

Their conclusions are highly emotional to disguise how stretched and baseless they are.

So, we’ll just have to return it, plus interest. Ready guys?


Anil Netto himself is a troll, and this article by Anil is doubly interesting because it is an article by a troll talking about trolls.

Andrew I

Here’s an example of a troll talking about a blogger talking about trolls. That makes it triply interesting.