Scenes from Bagan Pinang


Just to give you a flavour of what it’s like in Bagan Pinang a couple of days ahead of the by-election.

Photos by Jong

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11 Oct 2009 2.17am

a pix of of d MAHATMA with a relevant qn is supposed 2 make d msian indians think GANDHI himself has urged that unfair laws need not be followed its more insulting 2 approve a tamil sch only wen a by-election appears n 4get abt them till d next election its un4givable 2 refuse a temple just cos umnoputras dont want it if d msian indians vote 4 bn in bp, they have only themselves 2 blame if they r marginalised further if there is no bp election, if PAS/PR is not contesting in bp, wud umno/bn give d indians… Read more »

No hero
No hero
11 Oct 2009 1.20am


I share the same sentimen to as Fatimah’s reaction to Bernard’s lasting posting. The moment I saw that it gives the feeling that PR bloggers are in desparate situation with no new issues. I watch Anwar speeches and it confirms PR lack of substance in the Bagan Pinang election. Hence, why question, “Is that all that PR can offer”.

10 Oct 2009 9.36pm

Fatimah Zuhri’s comment is by far the most mature and intelligent comment I’ve read on the subject thus far.

Tactics employed at ridiculing a segment of the population into submission is no different then firing racial threats at it. I cannot, for the life of me understand how many of these folks are blind to the fact that they have morphed into the very evil they fight to remove.

Fatimah Zuhri
Fatimah Zuhri
10 Oct 2009 10.25am

Anil, 1. I am sad…why? 2. As Bagan Pinang by-election is coming to an end, certain paid bloggers/cyber-commentators/cyber-troopers of a certain party are belittling the Indians in Bagan Pinang in their desperate effort to get votes. 3. The worst example is the condescending manner which Bernard Khoo posted his entry on Friday, October 9, 2009. 4. I strongly believe this kind of lame and childish tactic will backfired and make not just the Indians in BP but Indians in general “menyampah” at Bernard Khoo’s party. 5. There was no reason to put up a picture of Gandhi and belittle the… Read more »

11 Oct 2009 5.10pm
Reply to  Fatimah Zuhri

Good to hear Fatimah, Sid and No Hero, protecting a minority community. Such a shame we did not hear them singing the same tune during a certain cow-head protest protected by both PRDM and Hishamuddin.

I feel it is very convenient to target individual bloggers while keeping away from the stench emanating from certain candidates. Is this all Malay Mail and Star teach their journalists?

12 Oct 2009 12.37am
Reply to  Eric

Well, being an ethnic Indian, and a Hindu at that; if folks want to run around with a head of a dead cow akin to a paganistic ritual, that honestly does not offend me or anyone else I know. Or are you insinuating Hindu’s should lash out at everyone that consumes beef as well? Or have you been indoctrinated that faith must be defended against threats of stupidity? Aren’t you part of the problem then? If you actually did your homework, you’d realize most Hindu’s weren’t affected by a bunch of jokers carrying a cow’s head. However, ridiculing a segment… Read more »

9 Oct 2009 9.08pm

What… only THREE photos??? Why not upload a few more so you can have a REAL slideshow? 🙂