Sarawak Report: Seeing double


By now, most of you are aware of Sarawak Report, which has exposed an array of misdeeds and abuse of power under the Taib administration.

The Sarawak Report website can be found at

Speaking of creating confusion, another website has surfaced, This is obviously a pro-BN website. Go take a look.

The folks behind the original Sarawak Report should be pleased. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery.

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Kucing Kid

Watch this video, guarantee no double-vision for you but to save your future when you cast your vote in Sarawak:

Ubah vs Taib
– The choice is yours!

Bako Boy

Aram Meh Jitai Berubah!!!!

Let’s bring change to Sarawak by fighting the rampant abuse of power, cronysim and corruption by the BN leaders, which enriched themselves while impoverishing the people over the past 50 years.


The sad thing is majority… is still waiting for government’s hand-out… Until this indoctrinated katak could get rid from under the coconut shell, we are bound to doom.


yes, it’s bereft of originality but then it’s target is a simplistic audience!


Just continue read Sarawakreport with google chrome and use google search to check out the new article, that will flush the rubbish confuse bn website down…


Good investigative work. 😎

Now, if the Sarawak Report can be likened to god, then Sarawak Reports can be likened to the gods – the little devils at work.

Andrew I

Guess whose contents the msm might possibly highlight. We’ve seen this before with PKFZ. Not all of us have short memories.


How do you expect BN troopers to be originals!….


No choice for them, need to create jobs for those unemployed local graduates. I have known many of my friends earning good money in such jobs.

Kim Tai Hong

Do not watch Astro Awani’s “Analisis Sarawak”
– it is totally biased and only sings praises of Taib’s adminsitration.