Sarawak Report, Radio Free Sarawak websites down


As the Sarawak election campaign gathers momentum, two websites that have played a pivotal role in exposing abuse of power in the state have gone down.

Clare Rewcastle Brown’s ‘Sarawak Report’ is now inaccessible and so is Radio Free Sarawak. A third website is also out of service with the message “This account has been suspended”. The pro-BN Sarawak Reports (with an ‘s’) website, however, is still available.

On its Facebook page, Sarawak Report announced at around 5.00pm, “We can confirm a massive attack on our site. Our web experts say it is a Distributed Denial of Service Attack, the same form of attack that brought down Wikileaks.” Radio Free Sarawak made an identical announcement on its Facebook page.

People have been tweeting since yesterday morning that Sarawak Report cannot be accessed. One tweet said the website was back online just before midnight last night. But more tweets since 2.00am today showed that the website remained inaccessible.

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If we work hard enough, next time round we will be able to bring down the most corrupt dictator worse than those just brought down by peoples’ powers in the Arab nations!


You have done a great service to us …peoples of all races in Sarawak. Be brave and true to the truth which alone will set us free from the yokes of the absolute (power) supported by huge amount of wealth from robbing the people!


Why they stop the broadcast the radio free sarawak? I think it was good news for the people to know what is going on in Sarawak and malaysia as a whole. Don’t afraid the news be known to public whether it is true or untrue in all the facts broadcasted. Be honest and no hypocrite please….


Wokeup, Radio Free Sarawak is for those staunch BN supporters especially the natives of Sarawak.


OOoooo……ppp. Never border about them RFS. We had been waken up the authorities/rules/judgements are in our hands to kick umno/bn to as far as down to the bottom of the earth. No more old guards to be chosen.


Why do you all hate UMNO/BN so much inspite of so much we have done?


Changing a ruling government is a good way to have a better governance. We don’t want to do it the middle east way, so let us do it through the ballot box.


so much UMNO has done, but were they good things? NO Exploitation (Of illegal immigrants,the poor & the natives of sarawak), Corruption,unfair elections, etc need i say more?


listen to the podcasts of Radio Free Sarawak


Listen to radio free sarawak from itunes. it’s not affected..


Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak have already inflicted some damages the reputation of Taib.

People are listening to alternative media while mainstream media and press are still singing praise of Taib’s administration.

I am deeply disappointed with ‘Analisis Sarawak’ report on Astro Awani (channel 501) as the panelists are clearly supporting BN. They sould be providing objective report and analysis. Their views are so inclined towards BN. So I have stopped watching the program.


Uuump…I guess people can still use facebook on this matter…or SW radio.


I suspect it’s load – I’m getting lucky dip successes from sr.o when I query it from Streamyx / Kuala Lumpur webhost / UK address. Sometimes the UK query gets a response, sometimes the KL webhost gets a response, so far not one response on Streamyx, but 9 times out of ten the response is a failed connection. The load could be malicious (a Denial Of Service attack), or it could be a sudden surge in popularity (like being ‘slashdotted’) – they have a very similar outcome. Their main site is hosted at mediatemple which claims to offer cloud services… Read more »