Sarawak Pakatan agree straight fights for polls


The Sarawak Pakatan Leadership Council is taking shape.

It is constituted with five members each from DAP, PKR, Pas and Snap, according to a tweet by Kit Siang.

The council has reached a 4-point accord for straight fights against the BN in the coming state election, due by mid-2011.

Its inaugural meeting was held in Kuching yesterday. Syed Husin (PKR), Nasharuddin (Pas) and Kit Siang (DAP), representing the Pakatan national leadership, expressed full support for the state Pakatan Council.

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Penang Voter

‘Gelakan K’, I hope u willturn padang in pru13 and see how ?? Since u r frm penang, why don’t u turn in penang. there are 40 state seats to choose from.

Make your pick and make our day


He has already cabut to Selangor


Gerakan K,

Little steps maybe to you but many little steps FORWARD adds up to one giant step FORWARD. On the other hand, you and your people are walking backwards.

I willingly tolerate the crap you spew for now but I’m looking forward to the day when you have to eat it all back, not to mention the crap we tolerated for these past umpteen years!

Better get a super long snorkel if you want to breathe when that time comes, and it is surely coming!

Gerakan K

What crabs are you talking ???

I personally like chili crabs, steamed crabs and curry crabs !!!

No, you never tolerate because you got nothing to do with us. Too weak and irrelevant. You personally know that your team is just a bunch of mosquito entity trying to plea for people support.

We already been there for decades. Oh the Sibu surprise cause you to make the irrational prediction. LOL !!! Let’s wait and see the result.


Who is too weak ??. Those who need crutches or those who fight for a free and fair society. Look at your self in the mirror please.GK

Gerakan K

I don’t reject any free lunch. Whatever the case, I’m the winner.


And loses your dignity


Sarawak BN has real competition now.

They might just do themselves in!


Pakatan Rakyat is going to be there with all guns blazing. Finally there is hope in Sarawak!

Yes to all my friends, Sewel will be there too!


This is Interesting! For the first time in Sarawak history, BN Sarawak is going to get nervous and panic for their survival. Keep it up Pakatan!

Gerakan K

LOL !!!

Another 16th September declaration !!!

Yes, please go ahead with your big plan.

p/s: SamG, next GE will be in 2012. Please ask your friends and families to register.


Sibu will be the Waterloo for Taib and BN in Sarawak

Gerakan K

Please do an analysis for Sarawak constituents based on racial composition.

How many Sibu alike constituents in Sarawak ??? The rocket only capable to attract chinese votes based on false allegation.


Dummy, its not rocket alone. Its PR and their Sarawak coalition partner against the most despicable BN machinery. Sibu rocket will be the first to set the pace to extinguish off Taib and his BN machinery

Gerakan K

You mean SNAP ???


Not just Snap but with others


I expect Pearl to say “All the machais think just got Pakatan Ladership Council, PR can win Sarawak.
Think BN so stupid ah! We got Gerakan K leadership and advice.


That’s the spirit! Unity is strength, divided we fall…sometimes, it takes awhile to learn bitter lessons but, better late than never…..


Pakatan Rakyat perlu realistik dalam membuat keputusan meletakan calon masing-masing dalam pilihanraya DUN Sarawak nanti.Pelbagai faktor perlu diambil kira termasuk keperibadian calon dan kekuatan sumber kewangan.

Masa nya sudah tiba PKR perlu memilih calin yang benar-benar mampu dan hendak bekerja untuk rakyat walaupun sememangnya sukar itu mengetengahkan.

Saya rasa inilah masannya PKR membuktikan kesunguhan untuk menukar kerajaan.