Samy Vellu walks out in a huff after students fail to humour him


Samy Vellu again. This time at an MIC-organised meet-the-students function at the City Bayview Hotel in Penang yesterday evening.

Present were about 200 STPM Indian Malaysian students and college students from around Penang who were probably invited through Indian students’ societies.

One source told me the students falied to humour and “cooperate” with Samy Vellu and they did not answer his exploratory questions properly. Apparently the students were invited for the briefing because they were supposed to be more “open-minded” and untainted by the Hindraf issue. Another source, whose daughter was present at the briefing, told me it was the STPM students – rather than the more subdued college students – who gave the MIC president a hard time.

Needless to say, Samy was not impressed and stormed out of the hall after about 10 minutes, cutting short a session that was supposed to last much longer. As he walked out in a huff, students hooted to express their displeasure. Some used their mobile friends to call their friends so that they could listen in on the commotion, according to the second source.

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, it’s not going to be easy for Samy to hold public talks or even closed-door briefings to the public. (Er, what’s this about government warnings to students not to get involved in politics?) Seems to me that the groundswell against Samy Vellu and the MIC is much larger than even the MIC president could have imagined.

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Dr. sorecai of gerakan has said, ” we the component parties are being treated as BEGGARS lah !”
SIGH ! if only senior lee could rule from 1965 !


For a man who perpetually had his shield against the larger part of the indian community ie, “we don’t need Kerala/Ceylonese etc; politics in MIC” and kept the “cream” of the Hindu community at bay …

Redemption will be sweet at the right of times and indeed, it is nigh ….


Keep on walking Samy. Your time is over!
It would please me if they get you to walk with your hands bound behind your back and to jail for the (alleged) crimes you have committed. Only then can I teach my kids that crime does not pay.


here’s another 2 incidents of the sami guy getting unpopular. ayo! time to step down, sami oh!


He is trying to extend MIC’s influence over the younger generation and the educated group, but in this era of alternative media and mobile communication, he is losing out big time. The support base comes from the older generation (above 40 years old) and the MIC cronies/beneficiaries.


It is the fate of the Malaysian Indians that this (character) was elected – but (i believe) he did this through his gangsters support. He made enough money – look at the numbers of companies he controls – secondly he and his family should be investigated by the ACA – but to what point – he controls by threats and so on. I hope the BN drops him from candidacy and it is given to a nice guy Subra. But will he be able to control the samee supports I have seen all the elections so far – but this… Read more »

Siew Eng

Hi, Anil.

Did you know this switching on of handphone so that others can hear how the situation is like where you are was also done in Burma and helped galvanised some of the protests in other areas?

Anyway, have you seen the DAP sudah mati youtube clip?

It’s really quite pathetic what the former strongman of MIC has become.

And have you heard Toni’s running?


To be a good leader you must listen and this trait is missing in our emperor Samy Vellu. He talks all the time and everyone is forced to listen and now the young kid have taught a great lesson that he shall never forget. Let us not underestimate our young kids and today they too are more aware of the hardhsip their parents have gone through and where was MIC during the tough times. It is time to isolate all the incompetent leaders like Samy Vellu and Subra so that they are not a liability to society. We should boycott… Read more »

Vejayan Chinnaiah

This shows Samy Vellu have to walk out of politics soon or alter or risk being thrown with shame. He can still withdraw with some dignity and run away with all the lootings or face hell of a problem……….