Samy Vellu in “top form”


Here’s a clip of the man himself, obviously in “top form”. A lot of bravado. He says “the BN will win 100 per cent because this is one government in South-East Asia that truly fulfils its promises to the people”.

Why, his opponents are “already dead” or they simply “don’t exist”.

We shall see on polling day.

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Dr.Hamid Ibrahim
Dr.Hamid Ibrahim
9 Apr 2009 9.08am

After losing the seat to a new comer, how can samee be IN TOP FORM unless he is mad and he needs a medical checkup. Not he lost himself, MIC has been throughly beaten; BN has been beaten and in the VERY LATEST ELECTION, MIC has been beater by a baby faced young man. Be belongs PKR MANI KUMARAN the great man tun MAHA WENT to the electoral area in bukit gantang trying show that he is still powerful – nobody cared TO LOOK AT him. He should not show his face anymore in any future elections. IN FACT THERE… Read more »

kenny kk
kenny kk
23 Feb 2008 2.34am

If our pm cannot even change samy vellu and Rafidah aziz out how can he change malaysia. Yes he can or no he cannot? I hope he can la if everybody support him including nik aziz, Lim kit siang, anwar ibrahim and our beloved ex pm Tun Dr M la.

kenny kk
kenny kk
23 Feb 2008 2.21am

Yes i agreed malaysia need to change. Perhaps you can be more specific malaysia need what changes? change of leadership? Change of policies? Change of government or change of sign board from english to malay but with the same pronounciation with different spelling or change from malay to jawi that half the population cannot understand?

Stevie Tai
Stevie Tai
15 Feb 2008 10.13am


charcoy feng
charcoy feng
14 Feb 2008 9.08pm

He is clearly halucinating…….