Maijol, Kota Marudu Upko exco quit BN


2305: Anwar has reportedly confirmed that there will be more crossovers from Sabah BN in the run-up to the general election.

The crowd at Kota Belud:

1619: Maijol: Saya tidak lagi yakin BN bersungguh2 utk selesaikan masalah rakyat Sabah, oleh itu saya & rakan2 buat keputusan utk tinggalkan BN. Dgn ini saya juga akan tinggalkan semua jawatan2 perlantikan Krjaan & syarikat. Saya tidak mau dimaki anak cucu krn tidak berjuang.

PKR central committee member Zakaria Abdul Hamid tweets: YB Dato Maijol, Naib Presiden UPKO, umum keluar BN bersama semua AJK Bahagian UPKO Kota Marudu. Maijol cites three reasons for leaving the BN: the illegal immigrants issue, poverty and the need for a two-party system.

Another PKR central committee member Dr Roland Chia tweets: Senator Dtk Maijol umum pembubaran UPKO Kota Marudu dan bersama Pakatan Rakyat tumbangkan BN.

1605: Maijol now adresses the crowd. Tian Chua summarises what he says: AnwarIbrahim has injected a new spirit in the latest political development in Malaysia; he has brought hope for a two-party system. The two-party system is practised in all democracies in the world; Malaysia will enter a new era of a two-party system when Pakatan wins in the next GE. We had waited for all these years, the problems of PTI are unresolved. I have no confidence in this last minute announcement of RCI.

1547: Tian Chua tweets – Bumburing: Saya telah banyak kali bangkitkan permintaan RCI terhdp PTI, tapi tidak diindari. PM pun tidak ambil tahu. Apabila kami protes dgn tahap tertinggi iaitu meninggalkan BN, baru saja PM tergesa-gesa umumkan pembentukan RCI.

BN kata Sabah adalah fixed deposit, saya tanya sebenarnya fixed deposit dari siapa? Org Sabah atau PTI?

1537: Anwar is now on stage with Maijol at Pasar Sayur Goshen, Kota Marudu. Also present: Bumburing, Lajim, and Thamrin.

1525: Anwar is now at Kota Marudu.

1445: Anwar is due to arrive in Kota Marudu at 3.00pm. Observers will be closely watching what Senator Maijol has to say for hints of what lies ahead.

A press conference after a Pakatan Leadership Council meeting at a hotel in Kota Kinabalu this morning – Photo credit: Tian Chua

This morning, Sabah Pakatan decided to accept Wilfred Bumburing’s Angkatan Perubahan Saban (APS) and Lajim Ukin’s Pakatan Perubahan Sabah into the Sabah Pakatan Leadership Council.

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Wonder (if)/how much Anwar paid these useless morons to join PKR ????

Ong Eu Soon

Ask yourself a simple question, should PR sideline it’s existing candidates in favor of those frogs? One thing for sure the possibility of existing candidates to hop is slimmer than those proven with hopping skill. Are you sure that those frogs won’t put double whammy on PR when they decide to hop again?

Ong Eu Soon

Soon after the March 8 political tsunami that year, Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced with much fanfare and gusto that “we have the numbers to take over Putrajaya come Sept 16”.

Well, nothing happened that day almost four years ago. The numbers Anwar was talking about were from Sabah and Sarawak. If his claim was true, then there must be some good reasons why the East Malaysian political ‘frogs’ did not hop over.

The answer: They are doing hip hop, b-boying with all the spin and twist

Ong Eu Soon

A light listening to Louis Armstrong’s what a wonder fool world might wake up some of the sycophant blind supporters of PR.

Ong Eu Soon
Ong Eu Soon
Ong Eu Soon

Do you guy really understand what is politic frog? Those frogs before election jump to PR, after election can anyone guarantee that they will not jump back to 1 Malaysia? The different between Anwar and Najib is that Anwar is the King of frogs before election while Najib is the King of frogs after election. Do you think that you know what is call Trojan horse ? Those frogs could be Trojan frogs send out by Najib. If I am Najib, I will be very delighted to release more frogs to PR before election, and make sure that they become… Read more »

tan tanjong bungah

Hi OES and everyone, Frogs or not frogs, trojan horses or not, we still want a 2-party system which means the People’s expectations reign supreme. If trojan horses, then when PR has a comfortable win in the next GE, these trojan horses would stay put while there may be more frogs not hesitating to leap over to the new govt! This does not mean that I support frog-leaping, but with no legislation to stop such acts, we can only wait for the new Government to initiate such legislation to prohibit ‘frogging’ if the PEOPLE so wishes! And I for one… Read more »

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

Very encouraged by increasing support for a 2-party system!

To save Malaysia, the present and future generations from further rampant and blatant endemic culture of corruption and cronyism practised by the UMNO Baru and BN governments, the people has to vote in and kick-start the 2-party system by voting for PR in the 13GE! Henceforth, the PEOPLE would be the masters with either coalition having to play their respective roles responsibly, as administrators and opposition, for in subsequent elections the PEOPLE would be their judge!

Vote PR in the 13GE for a 2-party system!

Ong Eu Soon

You are very optimistic but do you realise that two third of those participants of Penang Forum 5 are against the state government? Do you realise or not that the last election, BN people were pulling the legs of their own candidates? Do you realise or not that how many people are really p… off by lgE …? Are you sure that this round that PR still stand a chance to win? The non-Malay and PR supporters are scaring Malay voters with their stupid antic, are you sure that you will still have solid support from the Malay voters?


Sabahans must have watched this movie and understood what UBAH is needed for real this time ?

Gerakan K

Maijol !!! Oh noooooooooooooooooo !!! But, Maijol, Who is that MOSQUITO ??? Hey, please lah. Don’t jumping up and down just because a MOSQUITO ‘seeing the light’. Is that a news ??? Hello anil, I want adequate compensation for the teh tarik and pop corn. Where got show at all ??? At least several MPs and ADUNs quit then you can call it a show. Something is brewing in Sabah ??? Ceh, only unrecognized MOSQUITO ‘seeing the light’. That is a morale killer for pakatan fanboys !!! Pas fans also in great disappointment as pas hudud for Sabahans do not… Read more »

Andrew I

Sorry, no refund. This is only the first of a trilogy. Then some more got trilogy prequel.


GK, The greatest disappointment is you Geelakan and the pornstar adulterer … President. Like BN UMNO, trying to corrupt and threaten Anil blog. Too bad no handout and favours. Show sone dignity please as Malaysian.



mana lu? hudud hudud hudud, ka?

Andrew I

Still gloating over September 16th. Here’s a dedication to Gherkin:

Celebrate while you can, Gherks. It’ll be over soon.


My friend has just emailed this and I think it is good to share the message: Illegal immigrants (allegedly) given Mycard and registered as voters by certain quarters and with the tacit approval of the sitting government, cannot and must not be allowed to vote and determine the future of all Malaysians. Malaysians of all races, especially Malaysian Malays must be absolutely clear about their rights to prevent these illegal immigrants from determining our future and undermining our choice of government and occupying our space and lands by virtue of (allegedly) being given Mycards by traitors of this nation and… Read more »

Anak Pulau Pinang

I remembered that even during Jo Pairin’s time as CM, there was talk about the influx of Filipinos from Mindanao. That was in the 1980s.

It is inconceivable and unbelievable that today, Jo has not seen it fit to move out of the Barisan Nasional.

Or is his exodus from BN going to be the climax of this entire operation? Come on, Jo, keep faith with the people.

See how the star of General Ne Win was dimmed out of the history of Burma? I pray that you see the light.


yes, yes, yes, may the wind of change move mightily and wake up all the poor in Sabah and vote for a change !!!

Abu is the only way !!!


Zorro has commented well on this issue:

In the past four decades, the population of Sabah has increased by almost five folds (from 650,000 in 1970 to 3.12 million in 2010), much of it consists of illegal immigrants or their descendants.

Such population implosion has not only created unbearable strain on Sabah’s social and economic fabric, but it has also stripped original Sahahans of their sovereignty, in that a large chunk of its present electorate are made up of these illegal immigrants who have been (allegedly) illicitly granted voting rights through a massive clandestine operation known as ‘Project M’…


Lets join hand for change….Vote opposition……baru (they) know….. do not give us sweets……we want our money back

Andrew I

There’s always a shadow that follows Anwar when he goes to Sabah. I’ll take it if you don’t want it. Some people even welcome him to take it. Only kidding, replies the shadow, you can’t have it.

Anak Pulau Pinang

Is Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Aman, the ‘nephew’ of Tun Datu Mustapha Harun, losing his grip on the political situation in Sabah?

I believe he has been far too hard on refusing consent for the Mazu Temple project of one of Sabah’s former Chief Minister, Tan Sri Dr Chong Kah Kiat (2001-2003), one of the most patient politicians that Malaysia has seen.

Such ‘toughness’ often invites resentment that soon turns into rebellion.


resentment turns to pakatan as alternative ?

A more sensible political transformation ?

Political sanity and widespread reforms ?

Constitutional reforms ?

End of political re-engineering and the beginning of racial healing ?

Reduction of foreign labour ?

A truly First world nation ?