Sabah state election updates


Latest 11.57pm: Warisan Plus – 32; GRS – 38, Independents – 3

Turnout at noon (2020) – 41%

Turnout (2018) – 77.5%

Party/seats/popular vote (2018 state election)

Warisan – 21 (31.3%)

PKR – 2 (5.5%)

DAP – 6 (9.1%)

PH – 29 (45.9%) (Six assembly members from Umno and four from Upko later supported Warisan, which then formed the state government)


Umno – 17 (24.1%)

PBS – 6 (8.2%)

Upko – 6 (3.8%)

PBRS – 1 (0.9%)

Others – 0 (3.9%)

BN total – 29 (41.0%)


Pas – 0 (1.3%)

Star/United Sabah Alliance – 2 (7.3%)

PHRS – 0 (2.1%)

PCS – 0 (1.1%)

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Sabah state election – the root cause of 3rd wave covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia?

It could possibly cause the downfall of PM8?


Bridget Walsh summed up appropriately:
Sun sets on Warisan Plus govt chances in #PRNSabah. Money, machinery, low voter turnout and splitting as lower class, female and Muslim votes swung back to PN/BN. KDM vote remained divided. Ubahbalik voters said.


It ain’t over till it’s over.

Will there be frogger crossover?


For a state systematically deprived of transport infrastructure for 55 years, 78.5% turnout is very good.


they preferred to live wo electricity. afterall they are used to it since joining malaya. orso they are very kind. they are want to donate so that malaya can be better off with infrastructure, bridges and tunnels


Not to forget climbing tree for wifi access can make you an instant celebrity, getting a dinner treat for family hosted by the PM himself!


More feudalism: the master dispenses treats or aid as and when he notices or is inclined. Even wages are uncertain. Quite different from democracy where the government serves (is the servant of) the people in facilitating/providing their needs including protection from pirates.


to get better reception, why only one … has to climb? something wrong. the rest are getting better reception without climbing?