Sabah a state to watch this weekend


Pass the popcorn. We could be in for more political theatre from Sabah this coming weekend.

Najib is heading to Sabah, reportedly on 11 August, presumably to bolster Umno Sabah’s position. He is expected to announce the terms of reference for a royal commission of inquiry into Sabah’s undocumented migrants.

Anwar too is believed to be heading for Sabah the following day. A source within PKR anticipates that a morale-boosting announcement could be made on 12 August.

Stay tuned.

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Wonder what goodies A Jib Kor is giving out to Sabah folks this weekend. Await update from Anil.


Astro Awani today reported that 27% of the population of Sabah is ‘pendatang asing’! But it never sayhow many of these people got Msia IC via Projek M to ensure safe deposit for BN.

Any RCI by BN on such matter is a waste of time.


Hey Anil, the weekend past and gone, today is Thursday and popcorns dah habis, still no …..LOMPAT KATAK?!


Part of the blame should go to PBS. When they were in power, they (allegedly) applied discriminating policies towards the Muslim Sabahan. Considering the fact that Christians and Muslims were equal in number at that time, we saw UMNO as our saviours. And how wrong. PBS, at that time, (allegedly) had an open policy for Christian immigrants, especially from Indonesia.
Hopefully, Sabahans can learn from this dark episodes.

Lord Jim

Be-eNd media on daily basis now (eg before & after news on TV) telling people Pilih Keamanan (blue white baloon thrown by children in the ad gives you the hint who they are) – as if there will be riots like 513?
These ads were made in anticipation of Sep GE13 but like anil mentioned the Sabah cross-overs put a dramatic end to that and Be-eNd got no choice but to postpone ?

SELAMATkan Malaysia !


Let’s stretch our imagination a little, in politics there’s no permanent friends and no permanent enemies, everything is possible… 😀 1. Could Anwar be re-joining Umno? He does not seem to be able to get the ‘Umno’ out of him, simply love picking up Umno thrash dropped from their cart. 2. Either he walks over to Umno or Najib crossing to PKR and they both scratch each other’s back to team up against M Kutty and Muhyiddin in UMNO-Baru that has lost its sense of integrity, credibility, purpose and direction. Yeah, let’s sit back and watch. Pass the popcorn please… Read more »


ya, Jong, you have stretched your imagination too far…

The MIND!!!


Not many knew this. In Ku Li’s book, ‘Rahsia Yang Terpendam’, he says that prior to GE 12, TWO leaders from PR block came to meet him. They asked Ku Li to ‘jump ship’ out of umno (BARU)/BN and work with PR!

Ku Li says to them, No!….Not now….later! It was mentioned that Ku Li gave his very serious advice to the TWO …..because he knew what umno (BARU) can and will do if he does that!

Tacitly he mentioned about next elections!

(BTW DSAI is NOT one of the two!)

The MIND!!!

Andrew I

Anwar’s credibility rests largely on his refusal to go back into Umno, unlike someone we know, so I don’t think that will be happening.

Those coming to him is akin to the mountain being brought to him. Now, where have I heard that before?

Lord Jim

“A Senator will be the next Sabah leader to leave the ruling BN coalition to join the Sabah Reform Front, a movement set up by Wilfred Bumburing and Lajim Ukin, and aligned to the Pakatan Rakyat led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, to fight for change in the poverty-stricken East Malaysian state.”

Read More :

Ahmad Sobri

Don’t really quite like the culture of katak, but, during times like this, what can we do? Do not feel comfortable with these frogs, but, a few more resignations from UMNO will certainly demoralized UMNO/sycophants! Really, the Sabahans and Sarawakians are the most exploited groups in Malaysia. Will they be so gullible and to trust UMNO/sycophants again? To the Sabahans, they are are now not only the poorest, but, they have to share whatever they have with those illegal immigrants made legal with the alleged issuance of identity cards and passports. And this group is reportedly the equal the number… Read more »

Batu Ferringhian

After speaking to a friend about how our East Malaysian brothers and sisters view politics…it seems like a majority of them are aware of how dirty BN is but feel somewhat “forced” to vote for them as they feel that BN is the only one able to build basic facilities and infrastructure for them. What’s important is that we understand how different they view politics. My heart truly goes out to them and I really hope this time they can vote for change. The way they have been exploited for decades is trully disgusting. Really hoping this weekend brings some… Read more »


Ahmad Sobri, obssessed with bulu ketiak ? Just a joke la !

Last night’s matching between Lee and Lin was best ever… There was always a winner and a loser in any games, and the best was, they both became great pals !!!

Well, what is more important and crucial is Pakatan must win GE 13th, insya Allah, the Almight is on our side !!!