RM500 gimmick, free dinners in Penang


Blog visitor Tan, Tanjung Bunga elaborates on the news in my earlier post about another big handout spree in Penang.

What you reported is true. This morning, I purposely approached one of the BN 1M booths set-up, and was given a pamphlet “Malaysia supports you!”, which outlined four ways that you can win a RM500 prize, with the campaign running from 9 April to 20 April 2013.

The four categories:

(1) Fill & Win: for individuals, daily lucky draw, but one needs to fill in particulars each day to qualify for that day’s draw;
(2) Wear & Win: Wins when spotted wearing 1M blue T-shirt, shirt or apron;
(3) Hang & Win: for kopitiams, hawker stalls, shoplots, houses, etc that are spotted hanging a blue flag with 1M logo; (4) Display & Win: for kopitiams, hawker stalls, shoplots, houses, etc that are spotted with the “Support 1Malaysia Poster”.

The pamphlet claims that the campaign is supported by an NGO that Supports 1Malaysia for Peace and Prosperity, also claiming no involvement by the Penang state government or federal government or political parties!

You believe the claim, that it isn’t the work of BN and/or their cronies, pouring in such huge sums of money?! I believe such campaign promotion must be ongoing in other states as well. This strategy is part of BuyElection!

Pro-BN cronies are going to serve free-course dinner tonight and tomorrow night at the Mount Erskine market. Again, part of BuyElection! (Just heard that vehicles are parked all over near the market blocking access to some residents’ homes. – Anil)

Only a corrupt regime would come out with schemes (instead of fighting on policies and programmes for the people) that only resort to insulting the intelligence of Penangites and other Malaysians through its vote-buying strategy. Not just free ICs for votes, but now also “Free Food for Votes”!

Hello, Election Commission? Nothing to say?

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[Pakatan Rakyat State and Federal Government]

English translation

Penang voters, this is time to observe a historical moment.
Let’s vote Pakatan Rakyat candidates for both state and parliment seats and let’s watch this historical moment together.


BN is urging Malaysian to vote for them so that corruption will flourish, its leaders can amass more wealth, they can stifle descent, emasculate justice and democracy, to produce unemployable graduates and make the Malays and Indians poorer(?). And DIVIDE THE RACES(?)


Lucky Draw for showing 1Msia?.. They keep digging it the same shallow muddy pool again and again..George Orwell could not re-write a slap-stick Animal Farm better..


gerakan K

i want woh. how?
free meal for you;500 for you
you are surely easily satisfied


Anil, I am trying to get my head around this 1Malaysia concept. If I understand correctly, this was a “national unity campaign” conceptualised by the federal government, and all the subsequent mechanisms were funded by taxpayers money (banners, sculptures, ads, kliniks, shops, etc etc) . How rightful is it for BN to hijack this concept for their election campaign, this “brand” which already have its marketing kickstarted and established with public money? It is obviously part of their election strategy as it is printed right in the front page of their manifesto. Also how convenient is it then for them… Read more »

Penang Ah Pek

Let me help Anil to answer this simple Q. 1Malaysia means All Malaysian makan bersama-sama. They eat RM5 millions & u eat RM500. They eat lobster & u eat bread. They drive Bentley & u drive Kancil. They live in bunglow & u live low cost flat.

1Malaysia = 1 corrupted Malaysia. Vote BN out every Malaysian can enjoy better life. Vote BN out we can have a clean Malaysia.

UBAH !! For a better Malaysia.

gone case

“1Malaysia” is deliberately vague. It allows them to spend RM 100s of millions of our money – which is badly needed elsewhere – for their own propaganda.

Mike Terrence

BN is desperate enough and care less about morale or what not. Liars and cheaters dwell and swell in their hearts and heads and shame is the name of the game. Dirtiest election is an understatement, wait and see more of these uncivilized action as it unfolds until and well after polling day. Only God can help this nation.

Gerakan K (Team)

People are united for only 1 purpose. To achieve the 1Malaysia vision.

who wants PAS Hadi Awang as PM of Malaysia ???


Yes people are united for 1 purpose, that is to kick out the corrupted BN UMNO and their sycophants.

People are united for 1 purpose, not to achieve a bluff 1 Malaysia vision that is Malay first or Chinese first or Indian first and Malaysian SECOND.

It is for a Malaysian first for all Malaysian

Who would want an UMNO Ah Cheap as PM that is dumb and condone racism, gangsterism, corruption etc etc and who would not answer allegation (about) murder (link).


Or a PM UMNO that is so despicable that condone (doctored?) sex video


505 Vote for Change
– a short but meaningful video:

Andrew I

Millions of Malaysians, apparently.