Rantau by-election not a disaster for Pakatan Harapan


While the BN’s winning majority of 4,510 in the Rantau by-election yesterday might look large, it was actually a reduced majority compared to its 2013 general election winning majority of 4,613. (BN had won unopposed in the 2018 general election when the PKR candidate was sensationally disqualified.)

What may have gone unnoticed is that PKR’s share of the valid votes cast in Rantau has actually increased since the 2004 general election.

Share of PKR votes over total valid votes:

  • 2004 – 18.6%
  • 2008 – 33.8%
  • 2013 – 35.3%
  • 2018 – Disqualified
  • 2019 – 36.5%

Full article on Aliran website

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The PH candidate need to work much harder. Go down to the grassroot level. Build up his grassroot community service centre and reach out all the poor. Communicate central government policy clearly and the central PH shall give full support to him.


PH’s failure to address bread-and-butter issues and misfiring in allaying the rising discontent of Malay voters proved to be the proverbial shot in the foot. Throughout the campaigning period, Umno and PAS focused on three primary factors (3R): Defence of the faith, Malay rights and sovereignty of the monarchs. This proved to be highly effective in the previous by-elections that took place in Cameron Highlands and Semenyih earlier this year. However, PH failed to counter this narrative, despite trying to discredit Tok Mat by tying him to the scandal-ridden administration of his former superior and prime minister Datuk Seri Najib… Read more »


Mat Hassan has no position and no resource to do much for Rantau, Non-Malay voters still voted for Mat Hassan even when he can do little for them, UMNO-PAS is a real union that will take away their rights and the so called reduced majority is from a reduced turnout, as percentage of vote cast, its bigger. To say its not bad is not just platitudes, its hiding ones head in the sand. Its not just the Malay votes most of them traditional UMNO supporters came out strong BUT rather the non-Malay votes are litterally do not care for the… Read more »


PH is losing Indian support, mainly due to unfulfilled promises to the community.

Raj can you comment on behalf of your community?

Awang Selamat Ori

Mr. Anilnetto, Hi! just want to ask you, was the deputy finance minister’s announcement that MO1’s wife did not purchase the pink diamond a disaster? Can it be excused? Bosstu and wife now come out to deny strongly that they don’t know anything about the pink diamond when MO1 had admitted to the existence of the pink diamond in 101 East, to Mary Anne Jolie, and to that it was a gift from MDZ? With such stupid errors occuring at regular intervals, is it sabotage? If not, is the Finance Ministry as big as New York that the Finance Minister… Read more »


So far yet to see PH’s economic strategies to improve the value of Ringgit. Cost of living will go down if Ringgit can improve from the current pathetic situation. Ministers are operational not strategic enough, possibly due to poor education background/fake degrees.

Milk Tea

Of course there is an increase, population is increasing.

Milk Tea

Forgot to mention, a high voter turnout this time round compared before. Strongly disagree that PH has maintained the support. Rantau has seen an increase of non-Malay voting for BN.

george tham

i think there is nothing to shout about. what’s so great bout thuis win by bn ? nothing changesd. mb still from ph. tok mat still opposition in assembly. only thing is that this win gives bn and bn pundits ammunition for propaganda. that’s what i think