Umno supporters intimidate student campaigners in Pekan (Video)


About 20 students distributing leaflets in the Prime Minister’s constituency of Pekan in Pahang were harassed and harangued by a rowdy group of hefty pro-Umno supporters. See the video clip below.

World’s best democracy?

I wonder why these BN supporters are feeling so edgy over the distribution of leaflets by opposition supporters. The leaflets contained a letter to the residents of Pekan calling on them to remove the BN after 55 years in power.

Meanwhile, CIMB workers unhappy about collective agreement and related issues have been picketing in Pekan, Temerloh and elsewhere.

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Pak Hang

From the video clip 4 persons appear to be “leaders” in the ugly incident.

Check here –


Vishwaroopam (Tamil movie) is first suspended then heavily censored in Malaysia.

But the racist Tanda Putera movie is allowed to be screened.

Why is this happening?

Anil, please explain.

Phua Kai Lit

Smart thing for democrats to do in dealing with neo-fascists is to:

film them, name them (especially the leaders), expose their corrupt dealings
and boycott their businesses.

Phua Kai Lit

Sign of weakness, not of strength when certain people have to resort to
Nazi Brownshirt-like threats and street violence.

The people of Pekan should also be reminded that the
rare earth plant’s toxic liquid wastes is within
“ocean current reach” of their town, thanks to the effort of their
MP for Pekan


Malaysians must understand that behind all this is the gangster mentality of “might is right.” This was typified by trying earlier to villify protesters and beat them up. Behind this seemingly awesome mentality is the Matrix of insecurity that produces hate, greed, injustice, outrages and mutual destruction. Will we wake up in time?


The problem is it has reached a stage where UMNO thinks the country belongs to them.


The mkutty will again say it is doctored
Or the pornstar adulterer will say it is started by PKR
Or the … Cheap will say the PR are inciting violence again and BN UMNO lives are in jeopardy..
Oop sorry he will remain dumb

Gerakan K

Too mild for any complaint !!! Their parents should ROTAN them kaw kaw for neglecting their studies.

Andrew I

Should rotan if they distribute free copies of utusan or star or not?


The mild psy become a danger
While the thugs and & mobster become mild
How much lies and deceits can we digest.


“Malaysia Truly Asia” edisi terbaru !
Semua orang mesti tonton sebelum PRU13.



Very good video to give a new meaning to Truly Asia.