Pro-BN spam messages via SMS


A number of people including me have reported receiving pro-BN spam messages via text message.

Yesterday, blog reader Ahmad Sobri reported receiving a spam text message from a 019 number. In the afternoon, a couple of colleagues also received similar text messages.

This morning, I too received a crudely written SMS text message from a 019 number. The message reads:

WhatMalaysiaTodayBcozUnityinDiversity . OppositionIsDestroyingIt. TheyTalk2JohorChineseAbtMissedInGE12nAsk2be2togetherAlsoVote4change. PlsDontGambleOurFuture.

And in the afternoon, a colleague’s mother was the next victim of the spammers.

Have you received such spam messages? What are the telcos doing to counter such nuisance spam? How did subscriber lists fall into the hands of the spammers?

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Gerakan K (Team)
Gerakan K (Team)
5 Apr 2013 3.13pm

@Phua Kai Lit:

You know that ang pow with handsome 1Malaysia PM Najib face is very valuable COLLECTIBLE items. Be sure to keep it longer.

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
5 Apr 2013 1.12pm

Not to mention the unwelcome rubbish from UMNO Baru-BN that we get through the
mail too.

Such as the CNY ang pow envelopes (empty, for middle class tax payers like me)
with the 1PM’s face on it.

5 Apr 2013 11.35am

i got two sms so far urging me to vote for stability, i take it as voting for Pakatan!

4 Apr 2013 10.59pm

I got it after the announcement of the dissolution.
Using race to propagandize. Just ignore it and vote PR.

Gerakan K (Team)
Gerakan K (Team)
4 Apr 2013 8.52pm

That was faked pro-BN sms. Have you see the real sms/letter from BN ??? Ask any Selangorian, they will know. BN primary focus is to capture Selangor state. So, high quality full color laser printing for letter and grammatically perfect SMS during birthday, new year, even Qing Ming day !!! Google for detail.

So, please. Don’t believe such faked sms. It could be opposition fanatical supporters own doing !!! People are sick with these cheating and faked things.

Clean campaigning is VERY HARD to achieve. Beware of such cheapo tactics !!!

Andrew I
Andrew I
5 Apr 2013 8.14am

Sounds like what you normally write, Gherks.

5 Apr 2013 9.24am

Just like his icon … cheating and cheating way.
Cheating the Scorpene way, Love & Murder the Alta way

4 Apr 2013 8.47pm

Me too, 2 days back. 019.

4 Apr 2013 7.11pm

At least BN are wise to the new information technology age. Intelligence is still lacking though.