Pro-BN mob disrupts Malacca PKR ceramah (Video)


Projectiles hurled at a PKR campaign bus and after a PKR ceramah in Malacca last night resulted in several injuries.

A few Pakatan supporters were believed to have been injured while two police personnel were reportedly also hurt.

It is the sixth time in recent times that the PKR campaign bus has been attacked while several ceramahs have been disrupted. The PKR bus bears the ‘battle scars’ inflicted on it.

Such political violence must be roundly condemned. But BN leaders’ deafening silence and the kid gloves treatment by the cops in the face of these incidents by pro-BN mobs only encourages further attacks and disruptions.

The video above shows the mob apparently undeterred by riot police or light strike force personnel who seem to be exercising a lot of restraint.

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Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
9 Mar 2013 8.39pm

Only thing missing are the brownshirts.

9 Mar 2013 4.50pm

Starting today we had an illegitimate govt. that is now using thugs and violence.
This is not democracy. And the Najib BN UMNO PM is such a dumb guy. He has still not come out to condemn these acts. What should we do with this dumbster. GE13 give him a big kick (out of power).

Benny Chok
Benny Chok
9 Mar 2013 11.57am

Meanwhile those Perkasa folks invaded Komtar Penang once again after friday prayer yesterday to make noise for 30 minutes.

Is this nilai-nilai murni?

9 Mar 2013 4.52pm
Reply to  Benny Chok

These guys are not nilai nila murni but simply one who sell their own race to become another one. You know what I mean. Put it simple, worst than …

8 Mar 2013 8.23pm

A few nights ago in Teluk Intan, yesterday Melaka, today in Penang. If UMNO/BN crazies think they can use these as excuses post-GE, they are going to be sadly mistaken..