PRM shortlists candidates for Penanti by-election


Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) aims to put up a candidate for the Penanti by-election in Penang on 31 May. It has already shortlisted a few candidates, believed to be locals.

These were among the issues discussed at a PRM committee meeting this afternoon at its office in Selayang.

The committee is expected to hold another meeting on 22 May,  a day before Nomination Day, when it would confirm PRM’s candidacy and candidate for the by-election.

The PRM committee also discussed a widely held view among Pakatan supporters that a candidate from a third party would be seen as helping the BN by splitting the opposition vote. “The party felt this was not a fair accusation, as democracy is more complex than that,” said PRM committee member Rohana Ariffin. “Any party has a right to contest and put across its message to the people.”

Parti Keadilan Rakyat had already announced that Mansor Othman would be its candidate, representing Pakatan Rakyat. The BN, for its part, will decide during a leaders’ meeting on 19 May whether it will contest the seat. If both the BN and the PRM were to also put up candidates, then the by-election would see a three-way contest.

Meanwhile, a court in Jalan Duta has adjourned its sitting in a suit that would determine the fate of the PRM. Ex-PRM leaders who joined PKR following its “merger” with PRM want their former party to be de-registered. But other staunch long-time PRM leaders and supporters want the rump PRM to live on as a party.  The court is expected to make a decision on 25 May.

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PRM, No need to rebut2lah. You don’t seem to understand, the last election you won because you used some other party symbol. If you stand on your own, you get flattened, malu maaa.


Nomination day is 2 weeks away n as they say, in politics, 2 weeks is a long time
Maybe PRM will hav a change of heart in the last minute n pull put of the contest n come up wit the usual “We share the same idealism wit PKR n therefore we’ll support PKR” speech

If BN plans 2 contest n should there is a 3rd party, I was expectin AKIM


PRM is now acting like PAS. Individual opposition party alone can never dislodge the arrogant BN. The 308 where opposition parties denied BN 2/3 and the 4 by elections results favouring PR is the concerted effort of every malaysians voting to oust BN. All this is done with strong support for Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim leading the team. Any small parties like PRM should not be big-headed now that the people are seen supporting PR. without concerted support by the 3 main components of PR…namely PKR,PAS and DAP, PRM is nothing.