PR candidate for Bukit Gantang to be announced tonight?


Nizar and Anwar are due to address a “mega ceramah” in Simpang, Taiping tonight. (Police have since declared the ceramah “illegal” and the organisers are now reportedly moving the event to outside the Pas office in Bukit Cempedak, Bukit Gantang.)

Talk has it that Pakatan will reveal its candidate for the Bukit Gantang parliamentary constituency tonight.

Anwar is expected to announce the Pakatan’s Bukit Selambau candidate in Merbok, near Sungai Petani, at 10.00am tomorrow.

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I support MB Nizar to be the Bkt Gantang candidate. He will definitely trash any BN candidate till kingdom come.

u are not people who vote in bukit gantang so u know what u should do.btw he already a DUN asemblyment jangan la gila kuasa want to go to parliment pulak.cukup cukup lah.menteri pasola


polis said its a haram gathering! desperado

this is the mindset of people that joint PKR and semi taliban movement.this country got law dont u learn in school. rukun negara ada faham ka?


taipingite i intend to agree with u but as for bukit gantang i dont see much issue much fokus in that area.mainly are national issue local issue cause they know who rule perak for 11 mounth.


The candidate from PKR will be another unfit clown.


Someone asked a police friend who’s actually running the country now – his reply was the IGP-lah!

Product of the System

Let’s hope it won’t be another froggie personality from Pakatan Rakyat. Otherwise, it’s just UMNO vs UMNO.


I support MB Nizar to be the Bkt Gantang candidate. He will definitely trash any BN candidate till kingdom come.


polis said its a haram gathering! desperado

anna brella

Congratulations to MB Nizar Jamaluddin and Bukit Gantang.

“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.


Heard that PDRM has declare assembly illegal so ….


Now the say, Anwar’s ceramah is illegal. It is amazing.


JUst read from Malaysiakini that the ceramah has been declared illegal by the police. Biasalah.

Kalau UMNO punya AGM, polis ni siap tutup jalan kat keliling PWTC. …

Annou X

Whoever the candidate is, PR will triumph. at Bukit Gantang.

BN’s circus plot is getting thicker and more messy day by day. Our country had no capable (and dignified) leader. The nation is running on auto-pilot.

Recently I asked a police friend of mine who is the PM for the country. His reply was ‘IGP lah!’.