Post-election payouts in Penang


A team from Aliran yesterday broke the news of a post-election payout in progress in Penang yesterday.

Check out the post on the Aliran website.

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Very Sore

… a bankrupt developer in 1998 but still super rich … contractor (allegedly) transfer to his family (various projects) …….. Until today (some) still can’t get the strata title ,some of the apartment waited more than 10 years Juz completed by others developer.

How can this bankrupt guy be identified as 1malaysia apartment developer without tender ????? ….


With this type of Nak Cheat government, who can hopefully hope for a better future?
These democracy-recalcitrants may one day sell the whole country just for some money to run Putrajaya for one more day.
Reconciliation is an Apa-nama joke on us after 50+ years of ultra-racism.
I believe more in the existence of dead in the night “langsuir” than these broad daylight Nak Cheats at Putrajaya.

Batu Ferringhian

This is true. BN held several (yes, SEVERAL) 1Malaysia dinners at Teluk Bahang. I attended one just our of curiousity…the BN reps there gave the people RM160 vouchers and told them they could cash it when BN wins. I only stayed for a few minutes and felt that the whole experience was nauseating (spelling?) enough for me to leave.

That is vote buying.

Btw, I didn’t even take the BR1M money, in case you were wondering…


Rasuah … Saya memang letih tapi not ready to give up yet. Berani kerana benar!


Evidence of GE13 Rasuah now on Youtube:

In this video, we can see votes being sold for RM300 each!

Looks like Bersih 4.0 is inevitable after the Malaysia GE13 on 5th May 2013.


Is betting (another form of judi) ‘haram’ to the muslims?
Then why we see malays lining up to claim their ‘prixe money’ openly?
Why Jakim is silent on this matter?

SL Wong (@wong8898)

U will never solve these sheets if they continue in power. From top to bottom, the whole systems are totally corrupted.

Gerakan K


Another blackout/bangla story v2.

the mythbuster

This brazen show of defiance to all those of us who are against CORRUPTION and VOTE BUYING is disgusting to say the least. As usual the PDRM and the MACC would go through all the motions of doing a great job and then the results would be handed to the AG. After a few weeks of inactivity it would be declared as a NO CASE because not enough credible evidence. If the rakyat were to shove more than enough credible evidence, the … suckers in those three outfits would still claim the same. Where can a semblance of democratic governance… Read more »

Penang Ah Pek

Impossible to ask the thief the catch its own members. What the fact !!