Poll: Who will win the Manek Urai by-election?


Okay, all you political pundits out there, let’s see what your prediction is for the outcome of the Manek Urai by-election in Kelantan today. So far, you have by and large accurately predicted the results of previous by-elections.

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Dr. B Chandran

A wake up call for PAS and PR. Stop flirting with UMNO. They will do anything to be in power. We must never sacrifice our future and let BN continue with their arrogance. We should never allow UMNO/BN to patronise us for their gain. We must remove them come the next GE for our country to retain its glory.

anna brella

The reason/s behind the decreased and very slim winning margin today needs to be understood and addressed asap by PR, especially since Manek Urai has been so steadfastly loyal and supportive of PAS for so long. My guess (so I could be wrong) is that it probably has something to do with the lack of development in MU more so than anything to do with the quality of the candidate or the relationships within PR itself. Perhaps PR should undertake a quiet survey in MU to find out why that good 2008 majority slimmed down so much today. “Imagine Power… Read more »


Very unexpected results….. I thought maybe can get around 500-2000 vote majority but a mere 65 vote majority and the loss in manik urai lama & baru voting district is really shocking. Maybe it all about the new bridge by the BN. Even I will sway if for years only have one way bridge. PAS Kelantan, You all better work hard or be voted out of power (almost loss power in 2004).
Thank You


Yesterday I predicted PAS would win at http://wengerkhairy.blogspot.com/


PAS will win with a slim majority. A wake up call for Pakatan. Stop quarreling and get back to business. The media is creating unnecessary problems to demean Pakatan. Just ignore all this.


Two major bloopers by UMNO – belittling the PAS candidate as a fishmonger and the conditional offer of the bridge for their votes. UMNO has lose touch and becoming arrogant.

Leong Yook Kong

7 : 4


Look at Kedah & Penang and now Selangor. Someone has to bring Pakatan back down to earth and to remind them who the real enemy is. I hope Malek Urai will do this.