Poll: Who are you going to vote for in GE13?


Just a simple poll to find out the voting inclinations of online Malaysians.

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Anti syirik

It will be with Allah’s will. Let us now be swayed by the hedonistic behaviors of many Malaysians. Allah has been patient and ever forgiving. The drunkedness, the debauchery, the shamefulness and idol worshiping. Beware His wrath commeth.

Ong Eu Soon

This election we have the worst leaders from both side of political divide. In Penang, Teng Chang Yeow is indecisive on almost everything. He is probably more worse than his sifu, Koh Tsu Koon. Until today he can’t disclose the BN candidates and the Penang manifesto. Those days the opposition only disclose the candidates at the last minute to avoid the possibility that the candidates might be kidnapped or arrested under ISA. Today Gerakan is behaving like the dap or the labor party of the 60s and 70s, try to hide it’s candidates from unfounded fear of don’t know what?????… Read more »

alan newman, new zealand

News Headlines 31/8/13: “ … hundreds of cronies arrested for astronomical corruption, embezzlement, mismanagements, thefts etc, behind Malaysia’s massive cash outflow estimated at few hundred billion US$. Election rigging, NR IC wholesale, destruction of rain forest, nepotism, monopoly of economic activities, racism, Apartheid, manipulation of media, sabotage & torture of Opposition, … treason. “

I stand at the boundary/fence with an openmind to decide whom to vote for. I could not help but observe who is doing it in a gentlemanly way. We all want the best for our country, our children’s future, and the rakyat. Decided PR is the much better choice. We want the brightest FUTURE for ALL MALAYSIANS.

kutu killer

Looks like BN bungkus tikar balik kampung or pi ambil duit di Singapura lali !

If they really wanna do honest bizness, after PR win, they can make decent better money without paying those parasites in BN, their own party!!!

ie before we take back all of the wang curi ! if they din curi fine!

Hey, time to make an honest living ler … kutus!


There was an online survey on Sinar Harian showing 82% of respondents supporting PR manifesto It has now been removed. About 5000 people responded


Chinese nowadays not afraid anymore, as they prefer PAS to MCA for the obvious reason.

T Meng

Quite a number of Chinese voters dare not take chance even if they want to give Najib their vote as they are worried that Najib would be replaced by the Malay first Muhyideen after the GE13 regardless of results.

So a vote to BN is a vote for Muhyideen and Mahathir camp.

Jim Ubah!


Chinese in Malaysia should read The Sunflower paper 《太阳花》 instead of that rotten tomato that is full of MCA’s propaganda:


The newsletter is currently distributed free in Selangor, KL and Johor.
It counters MCA’s argument of chaos if Pakatan wins.

Penang folks can read it on the above website and download the articles for further distribution:
Page 1-4 : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwYLbuy1tMV0dTUzakhVX25zVmM/edit
Page 5-8 : https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BwYLbuy1tMV0R25jY3JBOU15RTQ


Good articles in Mandarin, useful for those who cannot read English.
I have printed the articles for my parents.

Thanks for the tips.


What is so scary of CHANGE. You have change in 5 states and one was grab illegally Scary is when democracy has been subverted through buy out and corruption. Scary when when the BN UMNO and PM condone corruption and buy out. Scary is when BN UMNO and Perkasa uses racism, religiousm, violence, gangsterism to intimidate voters. What is so scary of CHANGE. 4 states have done well even without assistance from the Federal govt. Nothing scary about and that is good. Let us convince and tell the truth to the ulu. They have been vicitimised for the past 55… Read more »

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, The actual percentage polled for PR/opposition parties, BN and the undecided should be calculated based on the total able to vote! Hence, the votes for PR/opposition parties of 634 (out of 695 able to exercise their votes) would come to some 91.2%. Thumping majority especially bearing in mind that the internet penetration rate is I guess around 70% and that those in urban and semi-urban areas travelling home to rural areas to vote would be able to influence their friends, elders and sibblings in the rural areas! Clearly the people have had enough of the rampant and blatant… Read more »

dr. patricia martinez

anil, your readers all likely veer towards the opposition.. just somethg to consider although I do want to go whooopeeee


Is that good or bad?

Gerakan K (Team)


Haha, you have delivered the bad news to pakatan kakis. Expect heavy thumb down as instructed by HM Andrew I. Please ask if readers do not know who is HM Andrew I.


I for sure will attend that mega dinner. Got HK and Taiwanese star singers !!! Wuhooo, karaoke time !!!

Andrew I

Wah, didn’t know I had so many people to do what I ask. Funny I haven’t had more thumbs up recently. But you seem to be quite consistent with thumbs down. Where are all your hundreds of fans thumbing you up?

Besides Gherks, you’re so predictable anything you insinuate always points back to you. Have you put on your boots to run behind your lord’s Rolls Royce?


Don`t worry I will also make the crowd to make sure that pornstar CSL and the boo hood Gerakan Teng got shiok sendiri


GK, What else can we expect of you. Holding out your hand for free makan and goodies.
By the way how are you going to attend. By crutches most probably


Anil, Its down right appalling and rediculous how the Gov’t fielding BN candidates just to fight opposition candidates. Its purpose is Private and Personal and have no regards whatsoever
in serving the rakyat. Can you imagine if BN wins? They are not fit to serve the rakyat because its not their intention. They just want to fight the opposition. There is no other option PKR must win because their goals is to serve rakyat unlike BN to serve their personal egos and self interest.


If this statistic is a reflection of the true situation, it is quite scary! However, this is for internet savvy voters. Consider the ulu people, I think at least a substantial will go to BN.


Cheers Absolut Vodka, Absolut Truth of Voters Sentiment to the simple poll.
Cheers Kopi-O kau kau kau to GE13 for Absolut Change.


Come on, given the left leaning nature of your blog, really what to expect? But in general, the numbers don’t like different internet wide – the traffic of pro-opposition is overwhelming..Najib’s heavy expenditure online just makes no sense. The most successful blogger is Papagomo given what he does is practically meaningless and he makes so much money..Classic UMNO/BN allocation of resources. PR is making headways in places like Perak, Johor, Perlis and Negeri Sembilan, The problem area remain Sarawak Sabah..Its PR’s Achilles Heel.. Anwar started to deal with this GE out in Sabah first and that is where he needs… Read more »


Yes, first he made money by being a CORRUPT COP
And now he (is an) UMNO cybertrooper.
Remember the lawyer … that stand in the Penaga by election who was accuse of misappropriating his clients money.

This is what BN UMNO is made of just like another wannable here that thrives on handout and … deals to survive and he knows no shame. What can we say of BN UMNO and their sycophants. Pathetic.

Gerakan K (Team)


Whoa !!! That means PR will win 215 federal seat ??? That is scary for millions of Malaysians !!!

To me, I will do my little part by just vote BN to ensure millions of other Malaysians continue receiving BR1M (RM1200/RM600) annually.

p/s: By the way, do you cheat in this little poll by multiple voting ???

Andrew I

Not millions of Malaysians lah, or else why need to give handouts?

Only the barons in Cronyville will he scared.

Andrew I

There’s someone here who has good boots. Nice movie from 2001. Try and watch it.



Brim 1200 or 600 means nothing now. PR can also do it. Even 5000 table or 52,000 for a record dinner will not sway the people anymore. Look at the 5000 people banquet in Han Chiang. Nobody give a damn except for the free food. Just to ask Andrew and all commentators here, who was the one that tried to cheat in this Anil thumb up down recently. From ten of thumb down to hundred of thumb up. GK why is it that your skin is so thick and know no shame just like your 1M Cheap PM and their… Read more »


90% of internet user will definitely vote PR 80% of urban user will vote PR 65-75% of semi urban will vote PR 50/50 of rural areas will vote PR / BN either way but the trend is moving towards PR Problems is in Sabah where everyone want to be head just like that mosquito party SAPP Yong Teck Lee PR will get a landslide victory otherwise how else do you see the President of MCA and Gerakan opting out. MIC President will also opt out leaving UMNO to fight the race using racial issue. Gerakan, MCA, PPP and MIC will… Read more »


You should add abstain from voting