Poll: Why the reduced majority for Pas?


Well, most of you didn’t get it quite right with your prediction for Pas to win by a bigger majority. So what’s the reason for the reduced majority?
[poll id=”45″]

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As statistician – I always look at the trend ie the historical behavioural/responses of the people. Recorded that this round, an extraordinary turnout of voters. 😉


As your website are written in English, I bet 80% of the reader are non-malay. So the poll will not be accurate to reflect the voter in Manek Urai which 99% are malay speaking people.

While Non-Malay will be angry with PAS pursuing ‘Malay agenda’, the Malay might have favor the ‘malay unity’ talk. As BN campaign were using this issue to gain vote, saying Nik Aziz are Anti-Malay unity.

Yet on the positive point for PR, this trend will not continue outside of Kelantan, PR will continue to gain more voters.


your poll is biased.. y don’t you put bribery? =.=


Malaysians who have hoped for a better Malaysia are now in an unenviable situation, placed between a rock and a hard place. The BN which has gone on an orgy of looting and abuse of power for the past 50 years has driven many Malaysians to place high hopes on the Pakatan for deliverance. Therefore in 2008 the voters have given the Pakatan a bit of power and clipped the wings of the BN by denying them the traditional 2/3 majority and kicked them out in 5 states. Pakatan was given a probation period to prove themselves. Initially the Pakatan… Read more »



I think your poll is biased toward PAS. It assumes that the slim win is due to PAS’ weakness and/or BN’s devious tactics. As a nuetral journalist, this is not the way to gauge opinion fairly.

In this case the fact that UMNO has managed to persuade such a conservative group of voters shows the reasons are much more fundamental than in-fightings or development politics. IMHO I think this has to do more with the positive momentum generated by Najib.

Yes, you are right. I should have included another option re: policy measures/public relations/image building by Najib. – Anil


Manek Urai The villagers spoken Pas get to control The constituency again With a slim majority of 65 What gone wrong? Have the villagers inked the note? Promising projects and wealth The villagers surrender to worldly goods? Pas makes the wrong move Talking about unity with UMNO Have the party members shown its displeasures? Twisting the religious dogmas for a cake of wealth? Pas needs to assess the ground UMNO will say it has gained The black knight will spin Belittling the voters again Pas won UMNO will cry in pain The projects will die prematurely As in all losing… Read more »


Anil – you didn’t configure the poll properly. It only allowed one choice 😉

Oops, sorry about that! – Anil


“You may pick more than one”
“Maximum number of choices allowed: 1”


I wanted to vote BN bribery (bribing with bridge) but the nearest was development which is really not my choice. Anil should have included immoral bribery as a choice and I am sure this will be the choice of the majority.

When can we rid Malaysia of such chicanery? Can BERSIH please do something.


Anil, why don’t you put the RM300 transport allowance as one of the options above? I am sure many people will tick it.