Poll: Should PSM be admitted to Pakatan for GE14?


Parti Sosialis Malaysia has formally applied to be admitted to Pakatan Rakyat. Should it be part of Pakatan? What do you think?

Bearing in mind there could be more problems and misunderstandings between PSM and Pakatan parties in seat allocations for GE14;
and weighing that against the likelihood of splitting the anti-BN votes to BN’s advantage if PSM goes it alone;
but also considering that PSM is opposed to the prevailing neoliberal ideology,

[poll id=”69″]

If all these parties are supposed to be pro-people, what is the problem?

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11 Jun 2013 10.29am

The third force is a spent force.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
11 Jun 2013 1.05am

PSM should go alone and to be the third force.

10 Jun 2013 8.21pm

I think PSM must know where they stand. On all seats where they contested under their own banner, they lost. The only seat they have is Sg Siput won under a PR ticket. On all the places where they fielded candidates against PR candidates, they not only got the lowest number of votes, they caused the loss of the PR candidates as well by splitting the votes. People have to be more mature and think of the bigger picture instead of looking narrowly at their own party. The candidates which is most winnable should be fielded and looking at things,… Read more »

blacks and grays
blacks and grays
10 Jun 2013 5.36pm

That PR entertains the idea, or sorok the idea is not honest.

PKR members have to grow up. PAS’, too as the KD episode showed.

If they don’t get it, PR might just keep growing their problems to full harvest.