Poll: The Kajang Move – good idea or bad?


Let’s see what you think of the ‘Kajang Move’.

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Also, check out this critical piece from the Aliran website:

The dark treacherous road to Putrajaya

by Azmil Tayeb

Since when have Malaysians ever voted for the Prime Minister? The nature of the parliamentary system is such that the electorate chooses which political parties that best govern the country, which in turn choose who amongst their leaders should head up the executive branch i.e. to become the Prime Minister. There is no direct election for Prime Ministership, unlike in a Presidential system.

Thus, I am utterly puzzled at the examples proffered by the supporters of Anwar Ibrahim’s latest move to contest in the soon-to-be-held Kajang state seat by-election. The comparison to Jacques Chirac, Lee Myung-Bak, Reccep Erdogan, Joko Widodo, among others, is totally inapt and simply strains credulity.

It is established then that the political party is the lead actor in a parliamentary system, not the individual politician. So what is the point of having Anwar Ibrahim to take over the Chief Ministership of Selangor from Khalid Ibrahim (as much as Anwar is playing it down for now)? The electorate votes for the party, not the personality that embodies it. Anwar Ibrahim is not the be-all, end-all of the Opposition.

If it is about showcasing achievements of an Opposition-led state government to garner the people’s vote of confidence for the ultimate prize, Putrajaya, then replacing the Chief Minister of a well-performing state such as Selangor for no good reason is just folly. It is not clear what Anwar Ibrahim can do to promote the success of an Opposition-led state especially in the Umno/BN strongholds in the rural areas.

The questions remain: 1) how does showcasing the achievements of Selangor, Penang and Kelantan governments translate into possible victory of Pakatan in the next general election? 2) Since the successes of the Selangor and Penang governments have been evident since 2008 but somehow did not help Pakatan to win other states in the last general election, what else is new now? But these two questions are heavily premised on Pakatan’s eventual victory in a highly flawed and biased electoral system.

Instead of replacing the Chief Minister and creating unnecessary attention to its own ineptness maybe Pakatan should find better and more effective ways to publicise and market the achievements of Selangor and Penang to the wider audience against the stifling restrictions on the freedom of press and speech. It does not matter who is at the helm of the Selangor state government if the stories of its success only reverberate among its supporters and fail to make a dent among non-Pakatan voters. Full article on the Aliran website.

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Lee Chong Wei entering politics on MCA card is a matter of time as he is getting old for badminton (not bedminton, though). It is all about payback time considering how much BN has supported him all these years.

Not to worry, in 20 years time we can have another LCW as his father Steven Lim has remarried and will produce another jaguh Badminton!

Ho Ho Ho


Joyce Lee

Kajang Move is a selfish move aiming at the Selangor state coffers. If you let politicians fool you once, shame on politicians; fool you twice, shame on you.


Dear Joyce, i dont know whether u have been fooled by Bn, but the Rakyat had been fooled by Bn for the past 57 years…. Sometimes i wonder whether the rakyat have been cursed…

Like it or not, i hope the Kajang folk will stick to pakatan as Bn is beyond hope…

Please give Anwar a chance and make no mistake about it. Khalid, no doubt i like him but he is more like pi mai tang tu, cant seem to excel anymore.

Rob Sailin

Good idea, maybe. But good move, well someone will definitely ‘move out’ from the Selangor state administration. It is a matter of time.


MCA is fielding Lee Chong Wei to contest as BN candidate according to Utusan today.

Pak Tim

That would be an even more stupid move by MCA.

Pak Tim

Look at the votes on this topic, looks like BN paid troopers are up in arms here.


I have a lot of respect for Rafizi as a leader including political leadership BUT if Rafizi were truly that outstanding strategist, he would already be next in line for PKR political leadership and the problems of PKR would not exist. My greatest fear, this is not all about Rafizi’s idea but rather its a even a trap for him from his own partymates. IF this strategy could propel Rafizi into next in line after Anwar to take over PKR, I alm all for it. In other words, I would be more assured if this strategy was in part selfish… Read more »


Dear bigjoe

So far, i have not seen any family, however perfect is without a problem, what more this is a political party…

Just wonder how you arrive at “…if rafizi is an outstanding strategist….the problems of pkr would not exist.” ???

I hope all of us esp the Kajang folk now be wise enough not to be played into the hands of Bn.


Is no use following what UMNO want you to dance,must use other way to attack.