Phweeeet! We are now into GE extra time


The ‘referee’s whistle’ for full-time at the Negeri Sembilan state assembly has sounded, and we are now into ‘extra time’, which means the general election must be held before the end of May, if it is to be held simultaneously with the state elections. Tommy Thomas elaborates.

In our federal system of government, general elections have to be held every five years for Parliament and the 13 State Assemblies. There is no constitutional reason why the general elections for 14 Legislatures must be held at the same time.

Indeed, since Merdeka there have been instances when national and state elections were held at different times. Even in 2013, no state elections need be held in Sarawak because they had their last one in 2011 which would take them to 2016.

However, because of the centralisation of power in Putrajaya and its control over the Elections Commission, the political reality is that the Barisan federal government decides when the national polls would be held this year, and the Elections Commission, as its mouthpiece, has already announced that general elections for Parliament and all the State Assemblies (except Sarawak) will be held on the same day. For practical purposes, this means that four Pakatan governments in Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Selangor have absolutely no say in the fixing of the date of their state elections.

It does not follow from the fact that the 12 states which have to go to polls in the coming weeks for state elections are powerless under the Constitution because they cannot decide on the date of the polls. The fixing of the date must be contrasted with the earlier or prior decision of the Menteri Besar/Chief Minister of each of the 12 states to advise his Malay Ruler or Governor (Yang diPertuan Negeri) to dissolve the State Assembly before the expiry of its five-year term. Full article on Aliran website.

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Gerakan’s KTK supports Tanda Putera while TCY collaborates with Perkasa.

Enough reason to reject Gerakan in GE13.


Koh has brought himself to (a low) level … with his support for TANDA PUTERA. In Malaysian politics, stupidity knows no levels…..what has brought these intelligent guys to this level of stupidity. He now joins the ranks of Chandra Muzaffar who too has lost his intelligence……


The last week of May is School holidays. Most possible.


I think rakyat expects BR1M3.0 in the extra time, else BN will suffer?


Extra time LGE has accepted Teng challenges.
We’ll face off in Padang Kota, Guan Eng tells Teng
So is LKS who is willing to take on the pornstar CSL in Gelang Patah..
Now lets` see whether the pornstar and boo hood people will chicken out


First time in extra time.
First time defeat for UMNO Bn and their sycophants.
The RAHMAN prophesy will be fulfilled.


We have reach full time. And now Najib is comtemplating the next move
Extra time will produce the dirtiest of dirtiest tactic.
Another 4 sex videos against PKR and against women?
No matter what it will fail.
Let us all fight and defeat the lies and deceits as we are on the side of the truth.

Buah Neo

Rock the boat
Its because of BN policie,s elections date are under the control of Federal Govt. In fact each state should hold their own /pick their own date to hold such election.SUCCUMB is the word being slaves to the putras.

SL Wong (@wong8898)

Atas bawah Goyang Goyang. Kiri kanan Goyang Goyang. Mari kita Goyang Goyang.

Ini Kali Lah !! UBAH !!

Gerakan K

This time BN under 1Malaysia PM Najib is well prepared. No hurry at all.

More time for BN’s message for the people, be it traditional/online media.

I expect heavy losses for pakatan.

Andrew I

The ever optimistic Gherkin. So well prepared, it’s dragging on like the Titanic song.


You and Wong must be best of pals. He coughed up quite a few reasons in the people’s comic today.


Yes well prepared for defeat.
And please don’t use the emergency ordinance to extend your life line.


Now, who is over-doing the “foreplay”?
Shiok, shiok, shiok sendiri bagi wang Ah Kong sampai habisan!!!
Nevertheless, it gives the Rakyat more time to reflect retrospectively on the corruptions, racial discrimination & unspeakable sins of past government & recalcitrant leaders. Hopefully, the Rakyat’s anger will turn the Blue table into pure black charcoal fit for frying Penang’s famous Char Koay Teow @ Siam Road & Fried Rice @ Church Street!

At last, GE13 to Cheers Kopi-O kau kau kau!!!