Group wearing yellow T-shirts detained – now released


Ten Malaysians detained at KL Sentral as Najib arrived were taken to the Travers Police Station for their statements to be recorded. They were later released unconditionally at around 6.00pm.

Standing tall at the Travers Police Station - Photograph: Fadiah Nadwa

One of them was reportedly wearing a Malaysian football jersey, while others wore yellow T-shirts.

They had wanted to hand over a memo to Najib about the Bersih 2.0 demands.

Lawyers were already at the police station in connection with investigations into another incident during the Bersih rally when Anwar’s bodyguard was injured. Lawyer N Surendran who accompanied the bodyguard was himself questioned about an Insider article he had written about the incident.

Time to read this Aliran article: Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad

And to think Malaysia sits on the UN Human Rights Council…

Or maybe the police just want to spare Najib more exposure to yellow after his recent visit to Queen Elizabeth, who was of course attired in bright yellow.

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salah strategi – coach Rajagopal patut main aggresif dengan tambahan striker untuk mempanikkan Spura lebih lebih kita ada sokingan 85 ribu penonton.

saya pun percaya mungkin pemain patut pakai jersi kuning. Hisamuddin pakai jersi kuning di grand stand pula baut pura pura tak tahu.


This is the same officer that blocked the Bersih memorandum from reaching the palace!

Maybe he fills the ‘letter blocker’ portfolio… lol

Ahmad Sobri

Anak Bangsa Malaysia, bersama sama kita banjiri Stadium Bukit Jalil malam ini untuk menyokong pasukan bolasepak Malaysia menentang Singapore. Bersama sama kita menyokong 1Kuning Bersih Malaysia!

Let us show our patriotism tonight, wear yellow wherever you are, whether in Stadium Bukit Jalil or anywhere in the country. Let us wear yellow in remembrance of the detained six from PSM, let us all wear yellow for Dr. Jeyakumar, the MP for Sungai Siput, for allegedly encouraging “communism’! Say “No” to filmsy charges against our lawmakers, say “aye” to 1Kuning Bersih Malaysia tonight!


Ahmad Sobri
FYI Harimau malam ini pakai baju biru (arahan yang berkuasa BN regime yang suka gelombabg biru?) walaupun secara umun bila main home game warna sewajarnya kuning (warna keAGUNGan juga).
Nama you sama seperti berkas goalkeeper pasukan Kedah waktu 90’s. Betul ke ?


Pakai biru warna parti dacing pun tak bawa tuah atau hikmat pada Harimau Malaysia. Sepatutnya jersi kuning itu lebih garang sebagai home jersi untuk membawa kenangan pahit (zaman kegemilangan bolasepak Malaysia i.e. waktu Mokhtar, Arumugam & Chin Aun) kepada Singa Singapura. Kerana nak mempolitikkan sukan, malah Malaysia kecundang.

Jangan salahkan Singapura mengguanakan pemain-pemain import, kerana Malaysia juga banyak import orang Indon, cuma mereka tu tak diserapkan untuk team Malaysia!


Sure Yes, Yellow is to remind him of A Dirty Fellow? Ha ha Those who’s around him are not dirty, they are just Not Clean..

Charlie Oscar

Anil, After watching the video clip, the Security Personals were Very Efficient!!! It also Showed that these Opposition Trouble-makers are Bent on Trying to Create A Scene!!! If these Opposition Trouble-makers are genuine and sincere in handing over a “Surat” to the PM, they could make an appointment with the PM’s Department!!! By Barging into an event, they are PURPOSELY Asking for Trouble!!! There are many Others wearing Yellow as well but Only these Opposition Trouble-makers are detained!!! This is a Typical Opposition Show!!! It Is Wrong for You to blog that “Group wearing yellow T-shirts detained – now… Read more »


Nutcase. It is getting weird. Jibby gone cuckoo.

Vijay Veerappan


Everybody go out an buy your national team jersey this weekend OK. 😉

Phua Kai Lit

National team has changed to the colour blue, I hear

(Someone up there likes blue, as in blue diamonds?)

Andrew I

No, it’s a reflection of how he’s feeling.