Phantom voters? Who ya gonna call?


There’s something strange in the neighbourhood. What if you come across phantom voters or other election offences? Who ya gonna call? Jom Pantau! … that’s who.

The folks at Jom Pantau are here to help. This is an official Bersih 2.0 platform, spearheaded by Komas and supported by the Bersih team, Seacem and Meo-Net.

We ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Just make a report:

E-mail: [email protected]
SMS: 013-7711071
Tel/direct call: 03-2282 4105
Twitter to follow and mention: @jom_pantau
to report: #jom_pantau

Let the ‘ghosts’ be afraid of us.

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Big Spender Time!
GK, time’s not for burying ostrich heads in sewer holes.
Stinking time for sure, but isn’t it choreographed in Putrefiedjaya
and also thumbed up by KPI ah?
With more than 2 years of paying unearthly fuel ‘tax’ & broken promise of fuel price market fluctuation (up & down) we are indirectly funding this Big Spender Extravaganza.
Isn’t it time to cut short this ‘blaffing’ to N…?
Tis’ truly stinks sky high, it will reach the 7th heaven for a destiny redress!


Big Spender:

Choreographed in Putrefiedjaya.



Can you provide tips to us on how to spot and nab those dubious voters on polling day?

How can we report if indeed we have the evidence on that day?


Bankrupt nation before 2020 ?????

The federal government tabled a supplementary supply Bill today asking for RM13 8 billion more to spend this year fuelling fears the Najib administration will not be able to rein in the deficit and breach the statutory debt ceiling The Bill tabled this morning by the Finance Ministry allocates RM360 million to the Election Commission EC RM113 million to the Prime Minister’s Department RM446 million to the Works Ministry and a whopping RM11 2 billion for “treasury general services” ahead of federal polls that must be called within the year.


Whistle-blower? Vigilante? Catch ya red handed? What next? What will happen to the the walking & talking & given the ‘power-to-vote’ felon in vote cheating crime? Most likely he will ‘vanish’ from the list! Will the existing rule of law & justice take its due course of action? Or will it broil for a long time in the courthouse kitchen of procrastination, even after the GE13!!! Hey, guys. Make it more actionable & doable. Otherwise, we who whistle blow will feel more threatened & in fact in more danger for a fair & free election cause of ghost busting. I… Read more »