Permatang Pasir: BN feels the heat (updated)


Photos by Anil

Video footage of Padang Serai MP Gobalakrishnan’s arrest

Between 5,000 and 10,000 Pakatan supporters rallied outside the nomination centre for the Permatang Pasir by-election. I was not able to gauge the size of the BN crowd as the two sets of supporters were kept apart. Quite a few of the supporters wore surgical masks because of their fear of H1N1.

This was the same nomination centre used for the Penanti by-election and this time the crowd appeared much larger than the few thousand that had turned up back then. Among the crowd were small contingents of DAP and PKR reps.

Nearer the nomination centre, Pakatan speakers addressed the crowd. The police presence was noticeably lighter. Penang CPO Ayub Yaakob had earlier spoken of a new approach in putting public order units only on stand-by following complaints that the police presence in previous by-elections had been overwhelming; just over a thousand personnel would reportedly be on duty this time. Apart from the usual plainclothes cops, I spotted the dark-blue uniformed units, mostly concentrated just outside the nomination centre, and their blue jeeps; no sign of any riot police.

But a disturbing incident marred the largely peaceful event. Padang Serai MP Gobalakrishnan was detained and handcuffed outside the nomination centre while he was leading the crowd with chants of “reformasi!” and looked as if he had injured his hand in the process. Ayub, for his part, was reported as saying police moved in after Gobala ignored two warnings to stop using allegedly provocative words.

As I strolled back with the dispersing crowd after the event under the blazing sun, a group of young Pas supporters around me, perhaps incensed by the way Gobala was arrested, shouted some unflattering remarks (which I shan’t repeat here) at the police lining the side of the road outside the nomination centre. But the cops just looked back passively.

A white Mitsubishi four-wheel drive belonging to the Election Commission cruised by, its occupants probably blissfully unaware that someone had cheekily draped a Pas flag on the spare tyre hanging at the rear of the vehicle. As the vehicle passed the dispersing crowd, Pas supporters chuckled at one another, “SPR sudah masuk Pas!

Some of the Pas supporters had come from as far away as Terengganu and Pahang. I spotted one wearing a T-shirt from the Bukit Gantang by-election campaign in Perak.

As usual, the small traders lining both sides of the approach road to the nomination centre enjoyed brisk business.

0951: Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce president Tan Kok Ping has walked into the nomination centre premises along with Umno vice-president Zahid Hamidi. Kok Ping is now seated at the BN tent, engaging in conversation with Muhyiddin, as Koh Tsu Koon looks on. (Time to ask Tsu Koon some hard questions on Kg Buah Pala, eh?) (Kok Ping later moved to the Pakatan side.)

Earlier, a couple of stand fans were brought to the BN tent under which Muhyiddin and Hishamuddin are seated. It must be hot out there.

Samy Vellu has appeared and goes around greeting people.

Over on the Pakatan side, Anwar, Hadi and Guan Eng have turned up.

I wonder how many of them are thinking of Kg Buah Pala, which has dampened the occasion somewhat.

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Anil, sorry to say is KBP so vey important to you now?

PR is struggling to win Pmtg Pasir first. Maybe will loose more votes.

Dont worry (villagers) from KBP will be fed RMmillion from UMNO in no time….


state your lot number before you say anything. I lived there and I am sick and tired of listening to nonsense being dished out. To hell with BN!


The way things are unfolding in Penang, reminds me of George Orwells satire ANIMAL FARM.

At first :

All Animals are Equal

After some time :

All Animals are Equal but some are MORE Equal than others

Finally :

The ruling class animals are mixing with Jones and other farmers and the other animals cant see the difference between the ruling class animals and the farmers, they all look the same.

The irony is, in Animal Farm the transformation took a lifetime but in Penang it took less than 2 years


1. Najib n KTK has announced in papers – they will leave it to LGE-govt to manage this KBP-case. 2. God has kindly put a trumpcard to the KBP-team. BN team is dying to win the election. KBP-gang should piggyback on this trumpcard. They should go on ‘peaceful demo’ EVERYDAY infront of the BN-station at PmtgPasir. 3. Strategy wise- BN cannot afford for any ‘mud’ to stick on its campaign. Remember – the negotiating point is KTK sold off the land without a backup plan for the poor Distressed Granny and the dwellers. The Court has also said KBP dwellers… Read more »


so anil, are you feeling the heat from PR loyalists?



Well, I agree KTKoon (allegedly) masterminded the sale under BN, but he is not in power and LGE admin who received the late premium which is not valid in law and concluded the sale and hand over the title which gave ownership and evidence in Fed court is still in power. LGE failed to nail the culprits he claimed to have masterminded the sale and joint ventured with Kop & Nusmetro to offer compensation in liew for the land to save his face and mistake he had done. Further, he failed to act on the condition set forth on the… Read more »


who cares ? Of course the people who has been staying there cares. Non Kg Buah Pala folks won’t have any sentimental feelings for the place unless they have been staying there for ages, however they have to know where to draw the line.

Majority of Penangnites voted for a change and they have also made sacrifices because development funds shrank. Everyone has to “ikat perut” because of job losses due to economic crisis and they would be lucky if they even have roof over their head.


all you guys who keep harping on high chapparal, just one hypothesis. If it was a malay village, how would the issue be thrashed out. probably with your conscience you may get an answer. probably……..


S***w you Anil.This people deserve what they get,they are just a bunch of greedy goons.



BN has justice? Tell that to Teoh Beng Hock! And DAP doesn’t control the print and electronic media, least of all the Star. What nonsense are you spouting?


Kg Buah Pala should feel grateful Penang is governed by PR….so anil, pls wake up lah… if it is still under the Koh, Kg Buah Pala is flat land now and they all get NOTHING! Who care how many years you stay in that piece of land…?


JLSu, when BN was in power, Kg Buah Pala voted for PR. Why ? It’s because they hope PR can save their homes ? Is that the ONLY reason ? Nothing else??? C’mon Penangnites voted for a change in everything, in every aspects of their lives. IF BN was in power can Kg Buah Pala actually be saved ? Seriously, think about it. If Kg Buah Pala folks cannot think beyond that, go ahead and vote for BN candidate for their constituency in the next election but I am sure not all Penangnites feel the same way as Kg Buah… Read more »

Reality Check

The KBP episode is a done deal and over. If you take a count on what people in general feel, it is clear that the majority of Penang people still feel that LGE has done his best for the KBP residents. More so he is doing this not because the present PKR Government is responsible for selling out KBP to the Givernment Cooperative. The real culprit and damage was done by the previous BN government in Penang . KSK and his previous BN team must be responsible. They sold out on KBP residents. The noise made my Hindraf, MIC and… Read more »


I guess Tan Sri finds it better to deal with … tbe BN… Fatter profit…?

Jebat musibat

I think.. BN will buy back that KBP with 10million or more. Then some Indians can vote for BN.

Or perhaps… at least for some people those blinded not seeing the money will given also to their chronies in Numestro.

See the script?


kg buah pala again? or permatang pasir?

anyhow, Kg buah pala should be left to the courts.

remember that everyone has been championing for separation of powers between executive, legislative and judical?

Penang kg buah pala is the case where executive and legislative tries to impede the flow of law which is the judical.


UMNO Baru spends million in anek Urai to (openly) buy votes … but they still lose. M’din must be dreaming just like Khairy when he said UMNO Baru can win Ptg Pasir. Please get real and wake up. If you are so confident of winning, I dont see any reason why all buy-elections are held on a weekdays!!!! If you are so confident of winning, why not dissolve the Perak State Assembly!!!! If you are so confident of winning, why not announce the date for the Sarawak State election!!!. If you are so confident that majority malaysians support BN, why… Read more »


I saw Tan Sri Tan at the DAP dinner last nite. So, you go figure


I really hope BN wins bcoz PR needs a reality check. Once in power, they, in particular, the racist DAP, have let the power get to their heads. They forgot the promises they made, they very conveniently forgot the winning war call borrowed from a particular group which they used to the max to garner support from a small but important sector of the voting poulation, AND, the worse thing is that, their non-Penangite CM used his position to do a MOST UNKIND ‘fly swat’ on the KBP people. He succeeded very well in ‘bringing down to their knees’ these… Read more »


There is no need to get close to KTK as he would have been shutted out from the people but if KBP residents were to hold a peaceful demo just like they are so good in doing it at Komtar or at KBP, they would have get veyr good press coverage and imagine holding placards asking KTK to be responsible for the KBP fiasco. However, I doubt KBP residents will do that cuz they have since been charmed by the 2 brothers and MIC to only protest against PR Govt and LGE. Thats the facts of life. So KTK gets… Read more »


I concur with SamG – most Penangites are still very supportive of LGE and his crew. Lots of garbage left behind by BN/KTK to be cleaned up.

Plain Truth

All the spin and pathetic attempts to shift the blame on the KBP land grab on to the shoulders of the present state government by the Koh Tsu Koon apologists on this blog merely serve to highlight their bitterness and frustrations at having fallen off the Penang Gerakan / Umno gravy train.

It’s time to face reality.

Koh Tsu Koon, the political eunuch, is history.

The Penang Umno boys are not the only one to treat him with contempt. The vast majority of Penangites share that sentiment as well.


Kog Buah Pala residents had lost a golden opportunity to protest to Koh Ysu Koon.
Yes, Anil could not get near Koh.
In fact some one should have sounded to the villagers that Kohis coming.


Yes, if it had been Gerakan running the state, it would have bulldozed the village by now without any compensation. The residents in this village (Buah Pala) should be grateful for what Lim was trying to do. Where is MIC and where is Hindraf? Where is Gerakan or PPP? These are spoilers and not bodies that could help the Indians. The Indians need a mental revolution not a life of violence. They need to be advised to wake up and play a positive role in nation development. See who are rich in the country, and the Indians should work hard… Read more »


Why is the MACC not (taking in) KTK for (interrogation) on the kpg buah Pala? Since he is out in Open. Since parties has lodge report to MACC.

Oooh..becoz MACC cannot arrest its boss friend? And..Koh TK is not Pakatan supporter?

So obvious.