Perak: What now?


What do you think is the most logical solution to the Perak crisis?

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Anil, Once you close this poll, please highlight it in Aliran and send the results to the Perak Sultan and to Najib.


sunwayopal on May 13th, 2009 at 11.06am That is clearly not a practical solution. ——————————————– Yes perhaps so but, we cannot go by assumption as you strongly believe. If we believe in truly democracy, at the end of the day it is “Power back to the People”. It is imaterial how many times we have to go back to the people…so whether it is practical or not is not an issue. The whole State impasse came about, when one side has simply no respect for the highest law of the State…the State Constitutions. You cannot bulldoze your way, acting like… Read more »



i am not trying to split hairs here, i am just pointing out the very real possibility that elections may not produce the clear solution everyone thinks it can produce, so, if the results comes out Pakatan wins by 1 or 2 DUN seats and in future frogs jump again, dissolve and have elections again?

That is clearly not a practical solution.


reelection is a must…the 3 froggie must stand as independence & use FROG as their simbol…hahaha


sunwayopal; IF there is another hung state assembly and forg jumping occurs again, we are to call state elections again? ————————————————– Yes, that is precisely the point. You cannot have a illegal administration running a country with 3 despicable frogs (two were charged for corruption and self professed China doll lovers) in their midst. Do you want these sort of charcters to be our leaders. No my friend, let get to the open once and for all to solve this uncalled crisis…to determine, a rightful Govt with the blessing from the Perak electorates. If Bn is so confident of the… Read more »

Leong Yook Kong

I am very worried to read that the footage of “speaker dragged out” banned. Can my friends and I be arrested for having the footage in the handphone and MMSing to others? I am thinking of deleting the footage from my handphone and advise my friends to do so.


Its not about whos afraid and whos not afraid.

the situation is very real (despite many Pakatan peoples confidence which I also share), i am just being practical, IF there is another hung state assembly and forg jumping occurs again, we are to call state elections again?

How many elections can we have? you guys seems to be saying having state elections is okay and we can carry on until a super clear majority is handed to one side.


The 3 … who became frogs and have made a sucker out of the electorates that created this State crisis…now, embraced by a party which have no respect from the community. Shame on this pack, led by a self claimed….”Mandela Gandhi”

….the issue is easily settled, go back to the Perakians and seek a new mandate to rule if you have any decency left in you…do you have the …?!!


PKR has been fair to have “fresh” elections again for the Perak people to decide. They are not afraid to loose…!

Even if BN wins…, “PKR is NOT afraid to loose….!”

But BN wants to rule & not return it to the people to vote.

They are also NOT afraid to loose….!!!

“They know they WILL loose……………………!!!”


…Is it right to blame Pakatan? Or blame the people for wanting Nizar to be
their MB?

At the end, who suffer more?…

People is now saying cakap tak serupa bikin.

Looks like all our cakap2 do not amount to anything until our character is proven true.

Sigh sigh sigh


Anil, how about the politicians, community leaders and opinion shapers like yourself propose that May 13 becomes a public holiday in Malaysia, called Unity Day, a special day that celebrates all things Malaysian. A day of celebration of Malaysian culture, innovations, talks by Malaysian experts, concerts, movies, exhibitions, food fairs, etc. A day for Malaysians to reaffirm its commitment to 1Malaysia. A day for reflection on the lessons of history so that we can move forward together as one. A day for all Malaysians to mingle, interact and celebrate our unique cultural diversity. It could even become a tourist attraction… Read more »

Chauncey Gardener

A state wide election will allow for Perakians to choose their representatives again.

If the people believe that Nizar, Siva and the PR cohorts have been treachorous and greedy, by all means this is the chance to kick them out once and for all.

But will the three frogs stand for re-election ? The two ADUNS who are under MACC probe will have to, otherwise its curtains for them but I don’t think Ms Hee will stand – she could lose her deposit !


hahaha…let’s continue forever = lupakan c4, aminah, manohara, kogan
disneyland, pdkz ….& stomach headaches ….hahahaha !!


fresh elections TOO costly : our blood money !
4 by-e for those … defector … tercukup = ENOUGH lah, pls !!


The whole mess is caused by the 3 frogs. They have abused the trust of the voters…. If they have the conscience and are responsible representatives they must resign to allow the voters to decide. AFter all their current status is not voted in by the ppl.


do something…. and pray…. just do something plsss….


Najib says 1Malaysia, Mohideen says people first, Zambry says ‘we have the majority’. So let’s go back to the people and let them give you the absolute majority. in fact, the whole of Malaysia will also some out to campaign, there’s everything to gain by going to the polls.


PR should ask najib and zambry what happened to the corruption cases against the 2 kataks now on their side. Why no action?


The UMNO disinformation factory is working overtime on why a fresh state-wide election should not be held. UMNO knows that it will get burnt in hell if an election is called. God has said goodbye to UMNO.


What do you expect from someone to lead who already being a laughing stalk before he could even start ?
It looks as though our politics now run by a group of Pampered Kids.

As the proverb goes- If the Top Pole is not sraight , the bottom pole is crooked (senget).


zamanbaru berkata……. Apa ke halnya, jadi macam ini, tiada kesudahan jika tidak ada pilihan raya baru di Perak. Masing-masing hendak tunjuk kuasa tidak mahu beralah. Nampak seperti pihak Zambry telah termalu dan ingin untuk dapat kuasa secara haram, bukan untuk membela rakyat Perak. Tambahan pula semasa ekonomi merosot masing-masing hendak dapatkan habuan yang telah menanti. Saya berasa di masa akan datang setiap calun wakil rakyat hanya boleh menjadi wakil rakyat hanya sepenggal sahaja. Pada masa ini ada wakil rakyat yang menyandang jawatan sampai empat lima penggal dan merasa mereka ini sudah kebal segala-galanya. Ramai orang yang boleh menjadi wakil rakyat… Read more »


Still nobody has answered me.

Why is going to the polls the answer if its 50-50.

What if the polls produce a result where Pakatan only has majority of 1 DUN member?

And if frogs leap , go to polls again and again???

The underlying issue is not solved, we allow DUNs to jump!!!!

Plain Truth

These clowns in Perak should call themselves ” wakil sendiri ” and not ” wakil rakyat “.

They have dragged practically all the institutions through the mud and still they do not see fit to do the decent thing which is to seek a fresh mandate from the rakyat.

These clowns have shown to all and sundry that they have no pride, no self-respect and no honour.

They are unfit to hold political office.


The important thing is to respect each other. We have to respect the rights of the opposition and the opposition has to respect the rights of the government,” Najib stressed. ———— Wrong, wrong, wrong Najib! You have to respect the people because the power comes from the people. You only shouted about your rights but the way you bulldozed your way into power is a disgrace and a mockery of your stand. So you say you have the majority support? Then let the people decide whether they want to punish PKR and to endorse your assertion. Going back to the… Read more »


Without a fresh mandate from the people Zambry will not be able to run the state smoothly. He has to perform with stigma on his mind. He will not earn the desired respect from Perakians in the present chaos. He will thus not be able to run the state harmoniously. Even when Nizar heads the state in the present situation, it is not going to be plain sailing for him. The arithmetic is almost 50:50 for BN and PR. The courts will not be able to settle the issue. No. This is a politcal issue and only the people can… Read more »