Perak state assembly member denies vacating seat


Wonders never cease.

One of the two Perak assembly members who were supposed to have resigned their seats is now challenging the validity of his resignation letter.

The Star reports:

…Jamaluddin denied vacating his seat. He said the resignation letter that was supposedly sent to Sivakumar was actually an old, undated “resignation letter” that he and the other six PKR assemblymen were forced to sign in late March last year.

“I am still the state assemblyman for Behrang. I have not resigned. I will challenge the validity of the letter as it was signed under duress,” he claimed, adding that he was discussing with his lawyers as to his next course of action.

He said there was no reason for him to resign his post just because he had problems with PKR leaders.

“My problems are with PKR leaders, not with the people of Behrang. I will not simply shirk my responsibilities to them,” he said.

He also denied rumours that he would be crossing over to Umno and Barisan Nasional, but confirmed that he would quit PKR and remain as an independent.

Mohd Osman could not be reached for comments as at press time.

Meanwhile the deputy speaker Hee has stressed she is not defecting, as reported by Malaysiakini.

It was learnt that Hee had stressed to her party leaders of her continued support for DAP and Pakatan Rakyat.

Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham also confirmed to Malaysiakini that Hee had been in touch and would not be defecting.

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I pity the people of Behrang and Changkat Jering. They elected PKR as an alternative to UMNO, and now the elected assemblymen has created so much fiasco by jumping. Perhaps this is how politics works in Malaysia… by sabotaging your opponents and ensuring instability of the state government. It stinks of the current UMNO state chief tactics, similar strategy to what we have seen in the recent KT elections. The question now is, would the people of Perak just stand by and let the current situation persist or demand a fresh state-wide elections to vote for a state government with… Read more »

Victor Lam

BN/UMNO are so eager to reclaim Perak and serve the people. Remember that Tajol Roslis big ego comments that PR goverment in perak will fall before a certain date?? Date came and went but he still can show his face and talk big. To all Pearkians please ask yourselves what has BN/UMNO done for Perak all the time it was in power? Perak was one of the richest states in the federation. Where has all the wealth gone? Now orang Perak cant even find job and have to go elsewhere to earn a living thanks to the great BN/UMNO goverments… Read more »


Am now sitting here once again wondering very curiously about how one can take a paid sickie off work for three or five whole days and then not stay put at all in one’s residence lapping up on healing remedies and restful catnaps but can actually go off to somewhere in the dark. Hmm, what a nice 😀 cushy perk that must be to have now for sure, isn’t it? Kindly recommend you hard-working Perakites see and take note of this 🙁 showing of two by-elected fingers at you whilst also charging you for the sick privilege approach. WE SAY… Read more »

obama supporter

just send that two f-s to the BN lar …we want a clean PR govt …


… these guys should be thrown (out). Just trace these guys’ record before becoming wakil rakyat. Who were they? Must be a very colourful one. Good riddance to bad rubbish. BN can take them to smear the party.


Isn’t it too much of a coincidence that these 2 guys are also facing corruption charges? Could the corruption charges have been used to leverage them to jump? But it can only be used effectively if they are GUILTY! If they are innocent and have been framed they would be raring to fight to clear their names. As for BN, (if the authorities were to) drop corruption charges to get 2 assemblymen to jump – (how would that make it look) in the public eye? A totally corrupt party with no qualms on abusing to levers of power to gain… Read more »


Some people said that the resignation letter is against the constitution like the anti hopping law.. but they forgot the differences which makes the letter is not against the constitution…

Anti hopping law forbids Wakil rakyat to jump to another party… but, The resignation letter only makes them to lost their wakil rakyat status… but they still can jump to another party… Thus the ‘freedom to join organization” is still there for the “letter of resignation” case… You can hop to another party.. but left your jawatan to its owner, ie the rakyat….


I have said many times these two would have commited political suicide when they decided to even have a “chat” with ahem…….

You see it’s a big no no. Especially it involves the Perak Sultan and His Regent. Statutory Documents. Perak Sultan & Nazrin Shah are very well versed in law.

I agree there should be a SNAP election…….Let see how Umno to sink further


Dissolve Perak State Assembly if needed be, and let the Perakian decides.


Better to let PAS or DAP run in this election. PKR is still filled with ex-UMNO men, and it’s better to let party veterans from both PAS and DAP to run in this election. If PKR is running again, the people might swing back to BN…

Andrew I

Oooh, King of Frogs. An unflattering description from a politician who described himself in a televised debate as a gentleman.

In response, we could call him King of lots of things, but then, we refrain from doing so because (all together now) we are gentlemen.

Andrew I

There should be accompanying letters stating that all resignation letters are not signed under duress.

It’s amazing how much a man’s word is worth today, isn’t it? It also confirms what most people think of politicians as well.

Ong Eu Soon

Cross over to BN at your own peril. You will lost everything; no more ADUN, no more EXCO, no more respect from the people who once support you. Even if you have to go to jail for supporting PR, you should not think about joining BN. Once PR come to power, the people will make sure your sacrifice will be rewarded and remembered. Join BN, but make sure that BN won’t collapse come next election or else you will have nothing!

These 2 are tainted politicians. They will do anything to save their own skin including hopping to BN.


Pre-signed resignation letters are a legal minefield. They may or may not stand up to legal challenge, depending on the situation, the sequence of events and how the letters were worded. Suffice to say, once a person signs such a letter, he has potentially given away a lot of his rights in such a situation. There’s little point protesting only months after the fact that it was done under duress. But all is not lost. Jamaluddin did the right thing for himself personally by coming out quickly to deny the “resignation”. If the other ADUN doesn’t do the same quickly,… Read more »


Cis! How can the reporter contact these persons. Fren and famly pun cannot. After this denial can go back hiding.



Why did he go missing…?
Where was he hiding…?
Why did PM “dare” to make the remark…?
Why is he having problems with PKR…?

Well…. its good he’s not having problem with the Perak rakyat! Whatever problems with PKR… please go talk to Datuk Anwar. Sort it out & continue taking care of the rakayat….!

Don’t be sooo…. “weak” !
Like what our PM said when one crossover…!

Does that make you “weak” if you crossover to BN……???
Must be…………………!!!


Oh….good that he retracts his resignation and appeal to the party. Otherwise, he is as good as being a former and a disgraced ADUN.

bangsa Cina Malaysia

Rakyat Perak ….gunakan peluang anda bagi menyokong calon PAKATAN RAKYAT!!!


End the confusion in Perak – Return to the people!


In Perak State, the circus has come to town. This time the clowns were two PKR assemblymen. The circus master, UMNO DPM.
If things got worst, the only sensible thing to do was for PKR to disband the circus. This is undoubtedly, the objective and motive of UMNO-BN regime.


Who are these Jamaluddin Mat Radzi and Osman Jailu, we never vote him, we vote for the Opposition (PKR,DAP,PAS). If they would join BN, they should resign immediately. There isn’t any service need from them, we need the Opposition.


Dirty b…….!


A deal is a deal brader…. you signed the resignation letter as a pre-condition of standing as an ADUN candidate…. And you now say you were forced to sign… joker! Now everything also don’t have, no more ADUN, no more EXCO…! Habuk pun tadak!


Well, smart move by PR .. The letter will be valid as it signed by the PKR reps …. Now the 2 kataks in dilema now .. thought can switch to BN end up losing both .. If by election is going on , i think Pak Lah is the happiest guy .. If PR disslv the states now , election will be coming anytime within 60 days , where it crash with UMNO election in March .. as now Najib is the head of UMNO Perak , if PR win with more seats , the P Lah has the… Read more »