LIVE: Penanti Nomination Day


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chinese&tamil schools : bad luck laa, NO bn = NO $$$$$$ lo, @#$%^&* !


but the umno/bn supporters will get confused.. which independent should they vote… I see, there will be split between the independents….


Is PKR really running against 3 independents? I predict BN will use her worst tricks in this by-elections. One that BN hopes will swing the votes to one of the “independents”. If this independent wins, he/she (could) be as “friendly” as those Perak toads.

Let’s see how it goes… Najib is so desperate to “win” this election… Watchout Penangites! The empire is on the rise! Emperor Najib is plotting…


UMNO supporters in Penanti has been abandon by their party.. they have not been given their choice to vote…well it’s recomended that you abandon them when they need you next..2013.


After the appellate court’s ruling by it’s employees (are they really qualified judges?), need the people say more except to voice out their dissatisfaction, frustrations, anger and resentment at the polls in Penanti!

From the lastest feedbacks, all UMNO-backed independents will lose including their deposits and PR’s Mansor Othman will romp home with an even bigger majority than the last won by Fairus.

Need we say more?

Leong Yook Kong

Yes, it is really boring without BN. We don’t have free drinks and roasted meat this time around like what we had in the PP good bye-election.