Penang’s Car-Free Day a good start


The weekly car-free day in a few streets in George Town, launched on 11 December 2011, is a good start which should eventually be expanded to cover more areas.

As you can see, there is considerable support for this car-free day. Certainly, without cars, there is less stress on the streets and pedestrians and cyclists can breathe a lot easier.

I have also noticed groups of young people cycling, attired in cycling gear, on the mainland on Sundays including along the Butterworth Outer Ring Road.

Well done to the state government for launching this. Hopefully, this car-free day can be extended to other parts of the state with proper supporting infrastructure provided such as dedicated cycle lanes all over the state.

In this context, the state government should shelves its plans for RM8bn worth of highways and infrastructure for cars. That money would be better spent on public transport and other means of sustainable transport.

By promoting more sustainable means of transport, we can make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to reclaim the streets of Penang without having to worry too much about their personal safety.

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maybe with a bit of creativity Penang can also have its famous little pedestrian street popular to the world like this one in Paris ???

Ho Hia Tee

we can also learn from the danes ……


Car free day will make Proton bankrupt!


When the no plastic was imposed at supermarket I felt very annoyed but now I see it as very good. So those of you who opposed, please wait and you will know that PR has done it good and well for the people and state.


Ai yo Yang, how could you be so annoyed when plastic bag was banned. It is good for environment !!!

Now, satu plastic bag costs RM0.20, so people will think twice to simply throw away their plastic bags.

Now i go shopping with my big recycle bag. Sometimes i bring extra and give to those who are in front of me if they have none.


personally this is a good move becuse it can help to lessen the car-dependent mentality.
Also more walking or cycling help to overcome the incresing obesity problems especially the young ones craving for oily unhealthy fast food that promise prosperity but actually welcome early demise without proper care.


While I support the State government’s efforts, I feel it infringes the rights of the elderly who cannot cycle or have difficulty walking long distances. These less active elderly people who wish to go Georgetown on a Sunday to have a meal or to shop or simply relax at Esplanade will be inconvenienced because they depend on the use of their cars.



The “less active elderly people” can park their cars at designated area. Then hop onto trishaws that can navigate with ease aound the heritage zone.
This way, it’s win-win as the trishaw business can be sustained to help their livings.
Elderly people if can have paradyme shift in thinking with the help of the more informed folks, can learn to appreciate such settings. Walking (with aids for those less capable) is a form of exercise good for physical as well as mental health.


Dear Jac, a “beca” should do. Penang will be introducing battery operated cycle soon, right?
Malaysia is already producing battery operated bicycle.


Jacqueline, do you know the exact location of the car free area ? Most of the shops in this area are closed on sunday. I dont think there even any popular/famous coffee shop there especially in sundays. Esplande is not in this car-free area. A stretch of road in esplanade is closed to cars on sundays but the roads leading to the esplanade is still open to cars Penangnites must start to change mind set and walk more. Should not just park their cars as and where they like for own convenience. Good example is Pulau Tikus which is congested… Read more »


You see, this is Penang people. They just love to kau peh kao bor.

Now, we are so happy of car free at certain areas of Penang and we have someone pointing out that what happens to those elderly when they want to come out on Sunday.

Why cant the elderly come out on the week days then? Afterall, weekends are always full of crowd whenever you go.

Ya, as suggested, take the trishaw and let the Ah Peks earn some money.

Syiok Syiok

from wiki : Car free towns, cities and regions There are many towns and cities in Europe which have never allowed motor vehicles. The archetypal example is Venice, which occupies myriad islands in a lagoon, divided by and accessed from canals. Motor traffic stops at the car park at the head of the viaduct from the mainland, and water transport or walking takes over from there. However, motor vehicles are allowed on the Lido. Other examples are Cinque Terre in Italy, Ghent in Belgium, which is one of the largest car-free areas in Europe and the Old Town of Rhodes,… Read more »

Syiok Syiok

another good one at Holland
MPPP are you watching ??? Tak payahlah Lawatan Sambil Belajar (duit rakyat jangan buang begitu saja) tapi belajarlah menerusi video yang terpapar di laman Anil Netto secara percuma.

Syiok Syiok

need more examples to substantiate the fact that pedestrian walk not affecting the businesses ?

just go to Perth. If not, then see this video to convince you :

Syiok Syiok

Occupy Inner Penang with Pedestrians, bicyclists and no carbon-emitting vehicles !!!!!!! Have more environmental friendly plants to provide shades from the scotching sun besides being appealing to the eyes !

I Sokong ! Because the business/commercial activities will reap more benefits in the long run !!!!!!!

Some good examples :

Gerakan K

Saya BANTAH cadangan ini !!!

p/s: Anil mesti tarak kereta, jadi dia setuju. Sigh ~

Andrew I

Soon Gherkin will have to trade in his BMW for a trishaw. Power to the pedal.

Now, if we could only turn down the tropical heat or maybe someone could invent an air con suit. Malaysia Boleh.


ya, Andrew, i always want that, aircon suit, how nice !!! Maybe you can invent one. The weather is really too hot … tak boleh tahan la…

Andrew I

I’ll include it in my letter to Santa. :-p

Andrew I

Or maybe you can wait till I finish the course on how to make one at TAR college.

Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

Google search “chill vest” or “ice vest” and see what you can find.

Regards, Moaz