Penang DAP election results: Your thoughts?

Youths in Penang join the global Youth Climate Strike

So what do you make of this? Does it matter if they still insist on the massive reclamation in southern Penang Island and all their other unsustainable mega-projects when so many ordinary people are struggling to get by? #PenangTolakTambak #StopPIL


Chow Kon Yeow 1,211

Phee Boon Poh 1,041

Lay Hock Peng 1,038

Lim Hui Ying, 980

Zairil Khir Johari 920

Teh Lai Heng 916

Steven Sim 890

Jason H’ng 888

P Ramasamy 826

Soon Lip Chee 811

Yeoh Soon Hin 773

Wong Hong Wai 735

Phee Boon Chee 734

RSN Rayer 659

Jagdeep Singh Deo 655

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The climate is changing…

It’s more than the extreme rainfalls and extended dry spells we have experienced. Climate change poses an immense threat to our water sustainability. See the far-reaching effects of climate change, and what Singapore us doing to fight against it.


More than climate change. Milk Tea’s PAS not happy. FreeMalaysiaToday report PAS state gomen will build more barrages to dam the water in upper reaches to make ensure Peng land kias and ah Lians will drink kopi kau kau. Finally Tun lang’s love for kopi comes true?
So far activists and environmentalists used to kbkb about Peng land is still singing S&G’s sound of silence.


A good video.

Not sure how many people understand carbon footprint. Most of yhem can protest for the sake of protest.


No carbon foot print. PASs want to extract all the upstream water for their use and leave kopi and milk tea water as Peng land kias talk so much of kopi kau kau and Milk Tea loves PASs, PASs fulfill their wishes


Greta Thunberg: ‘treat the climate crisis like a real crisis


US President Joe Biden’s decision to exclude Malaysia from the Climate Action Summit was an indictment of Putrajaya’s policy on accepting plastic waste from other countries?


While the water dispute between Penang and Kedah is going on, Penangites are urged to watch this video and learn not to waste the precious water:


“One hour of darkness will light up your tomorrow”

Lights out 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm on Saturday, 27 March, 2021. Earth Hour.


GEORGE TOWN, April 23 ― A new charitable specialist hospital in Penang, The Kek Lok Si Charitable Medical Centre (the first Buddhist non-profit hospital in the state) is set to open its doors to Malaysians in May 2021.


Each person living in a G7 country causes nearly four trees to be lost each year through their consumption of goods such as coffee, cocoa and meat, a new study estimates.

The findings suggest that tropical rainforests, which store a quarter of all the carbon locked up by land, are particularly threatened by the impacts of international trade.

Many of the “hotspots” for deforestation associated with international trade are also biodiversity hotspots, the research says. Such areas include the Amazon and the forests of southeast Asia, Madagascar and Liberia.


Azmin Ali roasted by Umno Youth

Fishing for PKR MPs instead of Fishing for Investors…


Umno alone cannot win. Likely collaborate with Pakatan after GE15.

PAS will stick with Abah after tasted ministerial positions cannot let go.

Pejuang will be a waste of time.


Bossku Najib (MU fan) has asked Umno deputy President Mohamad Hassan to pick a different football club after the latter used Liverpool as an analogy for Umno’s political comeback.

Tok Mat is implying that he is set to be the next PM to replace the leaders of ‘Kluster Mahkamah’?


The govt. can lower the cost of treating water greatly by delivering potable water separately. There is no need for a system-wide dual network of pipes. Delivery can be utilise (a) tankers weekly for low-rise buildings (b) parallel pipes for high-rise ones. With such an approach, the general (non-potable) supply can even have traces of salt or other pollutants.


Perhaps it is time to consider NEWater technology from Singapore?


Tanjung Bungah resident association should build goodwill relationships with DAP rep so that their suggestions can have listening ear for quick action.