Penang BN dangles monorail carrot in Malaysiakini ad


The Penang BN is dangling a RM30bn public transport (including monorail) carrot as part of its “state key results area”.

In the first place, why monorail – which is hardly the preferred option in many advanced cities around the world? Is it because some crony company is involved in building monorail systems?

It is a shame that the Penang BN FAILED to implement a decent public transport system during the four decades it ruled Penang. This is why Pakatan has to pledge it can improve public transport (and NOT by monorail) and reduce the dependency on private motor vehicles to show that it is different from the BN.

And to think that the Penang BN now has to resort to paying Malaysiakini for an ad to publicise its monorail carrot when the BN government used to give Malaysiakini a hard time in the past. How the mighty (BN) have fallen and now have to eat humble (Malaysiakini) pie. But then again, the BN is obviously trying to reach out to the ‘unconverted’ among Malaysiakini readers instead of ‘preaching to the choir’ over TV3, RTM and Utusan.

The ad in Malaysiakini links to this Penang BN website.

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Billie cudk

To get around Penang for work or leisure, one have to heavily rely on self drive by way of cars or bikes. Void of any comprehensive transport planning within the inner city, links to outer suburbs and beyond, the general public have only bus (Rapid) and strings of meter(less) taxis or unlicensed taxis. An efficient transport system is where it can identify the points of concentrated masses and move them constantly and efficiently. Before that, one has to find a system to bring the people from their suburbs to these concentrated points. Singapore started with a population base near to… Read more »


Why would anybody trust BN promises? Their decades of broken promises speaks for itself.


Already there are talks among many Penangites that they would vote Pakatan for State and BN for Federal to enjoy ‘the best of both world’.

This is a very selfish thinking as many took the trouble (Jom Balik Undi) to vote for Change to bring in a new government.

Please advise your friends not to have such strange thoughts but focus on voting for Pakatan both at state and parliment levels.

Ubah! ABU!

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

This is the strategy of Pg BN hoping to split the votes between State and Parliamentary seats! Pg BN realises the hopelessness of the situation in Pg where the people are generally so deadset against BN, and hence, in trying to salvate the situation, they campaign for this splitting of votes!

Penangites must not be hoodwinked by BN! Stay focused for CHANGE in the Federal Govt as well! When PR takes over Putrajaya, Pg State like other PR-run state govts after the 13GE, would get good governance from both State and Federal PR governments!

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

Why only on the eve of the 13GE is Pg BN promising to implement the monorail project in Pg?

Irrespective of the suitability of a monorail for Pg, didn’t Abdullah Badawie make the promise to have a monorail in Pg during the 2004 GE campaign? Obviously a case of “Janji TIDAK Ditepati” by BN and UMNO Baru, and now, has the cheek to recycle this promise!!


Once bitten twice shy

Gerakan K

In terms of tactical actions, BN have done it well and to the point. Right message to the target group. BR1M, smart phone rebate and PR1MA mostly for youth and ‘warga Emas’. 1Malaysia PM Najib as leader in Selangor elections. On the other hand, the opposition still using same methods. Little or no effort in rural and semi-rural areas. Even rare winner in Sibu MP (due to health reason) just unable to stand for election again. The opposition blunder in Sabah, Nik Aziz inappropriate statement for BR1M recipients, fight for the PM post, etc all tactical error that I believe… Read more »

Andrew I

Then why chickadee and not call elections now? Hoping all these stunts will work? If it’s all rosy as you say, call now.