Pas goes on all-out ceramah blitz


Pas is stepping up the pace with a gruelling ceramah schedule tonight, working its way deep into the estates and kampungs of Hulu Selangor.

The party has lined up a total of 16 ceramahs tonight, according to a circular sent out.

Mat Sabu heads the cast of speakers in Hulu Bernam, which has seven Pas ceramahs in various kampungs and estates.

Pas ceramahs are also scheduled for eight venues in Batang Kali. Prominent speakers include Husam Musa, Dr Lo Lo, Dr Zulkifli Ahmad, and Dr Hatta.

Zulkifli is also expected to speak tonight in Ampang Pecah in Kuala Kubu Baru.

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So it boils down to this —

They are there to help that Indian guy to win the election.



Don’t Worry be happy. All the Chinese, Indian and Malay votes are going to Pakatan Rakyat. We are making Malaysia prosper and develop again. Pakatan Rakyat want to work with all Malaysians. There is plenty in Malaysia and Hulu Selangor for everyone. So vote Pakatan Rakyat and live well and prosper. Don’t Worry so much.


The cheap big guns from BN like Najib, Rosmah, Mahathir have decended on Hulu Selangor and they are in a desperate mood to win at any cost. Never has a PM taken such an interest in a by election and Najib with his company has been deserately trying to woo the folks in the last 2 days of campaign. As for PR supporters, let us do our part to wipe out 52 years of UMNO croynism, arrogance and corruption. Let us use our every means to sms, email, phone call or whatever means in this last moments to friends, comrades,… Read more »

lim theam hin

don’t worry folks , the 3rd force ie god is with pakatan as he will show YB Zaid his mercy come polling day and see that victory is sealed in his favour this sunday , don’t worry about Bn ‘s big guns now doing their rounds in Hulu Selangor as these are all smoke screen which will vanished into thin air soon , remeember god is only kind to the righteous not the evils


the 3rd force ie god is with pakatan

Amboi !

Invoke the Almighty pulak ! LOL !!


Get the PRESENT (GOODIES) but Vote for FUTURE!


Sometimes, when we list down the weaknesses of e PR election machinery, are we not in the blaming game. What do we do to overcome e weaknesses. Me? I am now in HS trying hard to convince my kind to vote Zaid in on my own costs. I tell them pls don’t let themselves be cheated into the 53rd yr. Hard, but support is forthcoming.


Well, its certainly interesting to hear from those loyal PR supporters list out their frustrations, hope, and support in anil netto web site. Keep up the good work!

nick chan

why many won’t vote for BN in hulu selangor 1) rosmah looks rich. ordinary citizens can’t relate to her 2) mahathir is perceived as nyanyuk and selfish 3) najib is not good at making speech. 4) muhyiddin is perceived as being a fierce … 5) ezam is perceived as a coward, weak opportunist 6) the indians know MIC useless 7) BN (using) rempit supporters 8) zaid is too nice why some might vote for BN 1) zaid is too nice 2) malays are split because of the media propaganda against the so-called “anti-malay DAP party” 3) PKR didn’t do anything… Read more »

DAP man

Aiyo Nick, Tunku Aziz is already a senator and he is in DAP.
He has to resign to contest. Moreover this is PKR seat.


Its a 50-50 chance for both sides but I think BN is trailing PKR (Refer to Free Malaysia)as can be seen from the desperation of Najib, Rosmah, Mahathir jumping in the wagon trying to stop the slide. The Chinese votes will be solid while the Malay is slowing tilting to Zaid. Hopefully Nik Aziz speech tomorrow will further tilt the Malay towards PKR.The only problem now is with the Indian and young voters. The young voters from outstation must come back and the Indian voters must realize that the few goodies given out will not be able to upgrade their… Read more »


Anil, This HS by-election has exposed many flaws in the PR camp. 1. There are way too many “Hosannah” singers. They only tell flowery tales, like “PR going to win” “55% Indians going to vote for PR” and so on, even when they know it’s false ! They are doing no good for the PR machinery ! It took days before PR started to realize that their campaign has hit a lot of snags. DAYS wasted for no reason ! If not because of these “hossanah singers” many top level PR leaders could have known about the troubles PR is… Read more »


Look at yourself in the mirror. You are also playing the blame game, blaming PR.

And you equating PR with BN (and govement machinery) in terms of number of people and resources is TOTALLY UN-IMAGINABLE / UN-BELIEVABLE !


If you can’t differentiate BLAME from ANALYSIS, I only feel sad for you.

’nuff said.


The Chinese have already woke up to realise that their so-called chinese leaders or umno servants had taken advantage of them for donkey years, so no more support forver.But the indians seem happy to be taken advantage of by their leaders continuosly-no wonder their welfare is going down forever.WAKE UP my indian friends, DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR FUTURE,dont expect your leaders who will kiss anybody’s dirty hands for opportunity will give a damn about so many poor amongst you!


“But the indians seem happy to be taken advantage of by their leaders continuosly-no wonder their welfare is going down forever.” The above comment is unproductive, to say the least. It might even make the Indian voters so angry they vote BN en masse. We city dwellers (they call us city slickers) do have to understand the mentality of those who living inside the estates. We do have to try our best to put ourselves in their shoes. We have to do all that before we can find a way to encourage them to vote for the Pakatan Rakyat. They… Read more »


Home Ministry clears ‘Malaysian Maverick’

So T M so it all came down to this! why you broke your vow to stay away from Hulu Selangor…not that it will make any difference to the outcome of this by-election…

BN will still loose. They say, “Blood is thicker than water” Zaid is malay!


PAS leaders, if they maintained their good work and consistency, even if they contest in mixed seats in urban areas come the next GE, they will win. Dr. Hatta Ramli is another gem! Not to worry, reformasi will continue no matter what, come the next GE! PAS is really acceptable to the non Malays. Pit Nizar, Khalid Samad, Dr. Hatta Ramli, Husam Musa, in Bayan Baru, Nibong Tebal, Bagan Serai, Bandar Baru/Kulim, all those frogs will be sent flying out of their windows. It is people like the above mentioned that we want! What happen the next 48 hours are… Read more »


Outstation PR supporters must make it a point to come back on 25th April to cast their votes for Zahid and democracy!

So is there any provision from the PR camp to encourage those living outstations to come back and vote, like helping out with transportation, for example?

It’s easy to ask people to come vote but if you don’t provide any help, why should they come back to vote?

Not everyone is rich, you know?


It’s easy to ask people to come vote but if you don’t provide any help, why should they come back to vote?

Not everyone is rich, you know?

So, you are providing your car/vehicle to take them back to HS, huh? Good for you! Not just lots of talking but also action!

Anthony Tan

During the recent to trip to the US by the PM, he brought along some excess baggages and one of them is the MP of Bayan Baru. I think the PM was trying to get some inside info from this now rejected MP of Bayan Baru to use it against the PKR in this “BUY-ELECTION”. Whatever the reasons the PM might have, I would like to know who is paying for his trip? Was it paid by the tax payers? Take look at this youtube recording: BN Kalabakan desak Zahrain mohon maaf.25&id=5dd5f8bba700623b There are few more if you follow the… Read more »


Stop blaming and start working ! What I see too many times in PR is that there are just too many blames. You see that on BN side? Nope. They just go down and start working. No, not working for the people but working to make sure they win. And you here is playing the same old “blame, blame, blame” song. So what Zahrain told Spongebob Roundface all the “secrets” ? What have you done lately to learn the “secrets” from the BN side? Have you asked yourself that? Or are you so busy blaming everybody and everything that you… Read more »


Fence sitters would decide who to vote these 3 days. Vital for all PR campaigners of any denomination to make a last ditch effort to convince fence sitters to vote Zaid in. Mahathir n Rosmah would be disadvantage BN. But are they there just to ‘tumpang glamer’ in anticipation of a big BN win.


Yeah! Here come the calvary! Here come John Wayne.


dear people of hulu selangor!

Just for once; pls do not let evil’s has been almost 50 years we’re living in dark period..let us usher a New Dawn for all Malaysian!!


Let’s reject BN/ UMMo. Enough us enough.


In the absence of Gerakan K, where is the other tukang pusing? Apa nama itu….oh…kakak fatimah yusri?


Our ground report accurate, BN in the lead, even LKS twittered that 2 mintutes ago, but, remember that lead is reversible, if YOU, outstation voters come back to vote on 25th April. Make sure you do and reverse that small lead by BN.



I tell you what … If PR wins HS, it’s the Malays and the Chinese who have shouldered it all. I am frankly very surprised at the way the Indians in HS has deserted the movement of change. It has been a night of frantic SMS to several of my friends who are in HS, and there is one (the other friend) who told me that for many of the people living inside the estates, no matter who is the government it makes no difference to their lives as they are “buffered” from the upheavals on the outside. Matbe that… Read more »


Hello! Bro, Waking up early to post my comment to readers in Anil’s blog. Tell you what, do not feel sad, nothing is lost till the last vote is counted. The Indians here are much much smarter than what you think. Right now, advantage BN as far as Indian votes are concerned, but, as mentioned to you earlier, there are a huge number out there undecided. They want to see Zaid in the flesh, and when Mike, Siva, Charles, Gobala,Gobind, Sivarasa, Keshvinder, Ganesan (not from MIC) Ramasamy, Jeyakumar, Xavier and co,turn up, these estates folks will feel very very proud… Read more »


Here’s another info from a friend of mine from PAS Selangor, he is saying that the Pakatan Rakyat can get at least 45% of the Malay votes – if they go to vote.

SO on voting day please make sure that there are enough transportation available for voters from the kampungs, because if BN know this they will try their best to dissuade the Malays from voting !


Whoever has parents live in HS, please convince your parents to vote for Zaid.

lim theam hin

Bravo PAS … Hidup PAS , This is the way to go , A morale booster which will contribute more votes and a bigger majority for YB Zaid who will be victorious
come this sunday


PAS is really the backbone of PR. Its strength, the dedication of its workers and the efforts of its leaders like Nizar, Khalid Samad, Dzulkifli Ahmad, TG Hadi Awang, Nasharuddin Mat Isa, Mat Sabu, Husam Musa, TG Nik Aziz, Mujahid Yusof Rawa, Mahfuz Omar,Kamaruddin Jaafar these are big strong men in Malaysian politics, we thank them for their effort in fighting the peoples cause. Malaysians of all races, win or lose in Hulu Selangor, we must support PAS come the next GE wherever they contest and wipe UMNO Baru out. PAS gives us that hope on the ground, by their… Read more »


And don`t be cowed by the stupid and outdated threat of MCA that PAS is an extremist religious party. PAS at least is much much better than UMNO who are not just racist but corruptible as well.


Finally, the machine is out. Mahathir is out, Rosmah is out. Things have definitely kicked up a notch. AND there is two more days of campaigning left. This campaign is about to set new records.


Indian PKR lawmakers, must make one big effort to secure the votes of the Indians in the next 60 hours. This 60 hours are vital for a Pakatan win. Outstation voters, according to our records, there are 17,000 of you out there, please come back to vote Zaid Ibrahim into Parliament. You can see your numbers are decisive, your votes are vital to ensure that win. PAS people are seen in such numbers today, it gives us hopes inview of the underhand tactics used by UMNO Baru, Pr is surely having a very tough fight in hand, but, ultimately it… Read more »


I just sms my friend who is still inside HS. Too late, he replied. While the Malays, the Orang Asli and the Chinese have combed the padang for the past few days, the Indian community outside HS has largely failed to mobilize. Looks like his prediction (25% of Indians voting for PR) may come true after all. But then what can we expect from a community which still supports the makkal sakti movement which turns out to be a fake? This is what my friend tells me one minute ago — Aim for the Malays. They are the crucial votes.… Read more »


No, we are on the grounds here working, right now, the Indian community are split on their votes. The youths are on the side of PR, but, the elderly are with BN, as they had been for ages. During the tsunami of 2008, PR only obtained 49% of their votes in this constituency. Hopefully, they do not vote like the way they did in Bagan Pinang. Right now your friend is correct, 25%+-, but, there is a huge pool out there not decided yet. If the PR MPs and state Assemblymen like Sivakumar, who is a hero here, campaign vigorously… Read more »


PR is struggling and you still want to play that Ikar Bakar game? Is that the only thing you want, buddy? My friend has been telling the truth all along. Unlike others who gave all kinds of false prediction — one says ALL votes go to PR and the other one gave us the 55% Indians gonna vote for PR — my friend told me 25% since he was in the padang for the past week and had a lot of difficulties getting into many of the estates – they (the estate people) won’t permit him and his PR team… Read more »


Wow! LGE torn down an Ikan Bakar stall in HS?

Lone Ranger

Oh yes…bn may have plan A and plan B…but if they win it will be plan C ( C for Cronies )