PARLIAMENT DISSOLVED: A general election during monsoon season?


Under intense pressure for months from his Umno bosses, the PM today announced the dissolution of Parliament paving the way for a general election that could be during the upcoming monsoon season.

This will be a crucial election, given the high stakes involved, and it could well determine the direction of the country for the next decade. We are at a crossroads: Which way forward for Malaysia – towards a nation dominated by racial and religious exclusivity or a more inclusive, multicultural and progressive nation? That is the key question, the obstacle blocking us from debating the real issues of the day: income and wealth inequality, corruption, discrimination, climate change.

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Alpha ( A Voter )

A2 == And now we have that directionless MUDA of a youth political party which so far has shown little in substance, deciding to join the PH Opposition coalition. What has MUDA contributed so far? Just silly protests and irrelevant media statements. Other than their ‘greenhorn’ youthful leader who speaks of irrelevant things most of the time, no one knows who the rest of the MUDA’s other leaders are or what kind of fresh ideas they have, that they can contribute to move our glorious Nation forward. Nothing! By joining the Opposition coalition, MUDA has just now become another of Pakatan… Read more »

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )

MUDA should have worked on forming their own coalition group, like by bringing in Gerak and other independent political groups, NGOs and Activist. But MUDA’s leader is trying to follow in the footsteps of the other more senior clueless political leaders.

Now they are being pushed around like a netball. A big disappointment, yah! Maybe, the party should reshuffle its members’ positions and change their immature leader?

Alpha ( A Voter )

A1 == PH MUST MOVE AWAY FROM NEGATIVE STYLE CAMPAIGNING, SAYS CHIN TONG by Reshna Reem Ganesan -October 13, 2022 10:01 AM ======== Don’t waste your time and breath telling these clueless Opposition leaders. They are not thinkers. But they do have huge egos with lots of I, me and myself in them. So, no matter how much it is you tell or explain to them, they will never be able to understand anything.  Just look at the media statements from them. Out of ten, they may get one and even then just half right. These Opposition leaders are… Read more »


Corrupted figures to be recycled again to contribute more scandals?

Vote for MCA is a yes for more financial debts incurred by UMno.

Vote wisely n not be swayed by moral depleted cybertrooper now being assigned to anilverse.


Bersih said it was irresponsible to risk life and property loss to call for an election during the monsoon season.

It said that the decision by the government to dissolve parliament to call for an election was a dubious claim of achieving political stability.

Alpha 888 ( A Voter )

STILL TOO EARLY TO PREDICT WEATHER FOR GE15, SAYS WEATHERMAN dd October 26, 2022 9:47 PM ======== What! Our Nation’s weather experts are saying that, quote ” it is still too early to predict the weather during the 15th general election (GE15), says meteorological department ……. weather patterns cannot be determined for now because the country is still in the monsoon transition phase” But the Opposition weather experts ( Yes, the oppositions have these experts too, their leaders all rolled in one ) say different. They have already predicted — thunderstorms, heavy rain, fire and brim stones and floods. They are so so… Read more »


From now till voting day, every politician is likely to go all out misusing government resources including publicity. They will also order senior civil servants to follow suit. Contary to the hot air, there will be no long-term plan to resolve or ameliorate flooding. Opposition candidates may find themselves blocked from campaigning “for their own safety”. You may get these if you swear to vote as asked: (a) Unofficial handouts: provisions with party logo or photo of leader (see photos from last election) or cash. (b) Transport to voting centre on the way to – or from – flood victim… Read more »


If you vote BN, you may not get Sabri’s goodies since Zahid will be PM. Be very careful!

Anyway, BN budget goodies may be valid for 1 year, then you will suffer fir next 4 year!


Sabri can promise goodies because:
1) budget will be retabled after GE15
2) he will not be the next PM

Umno to use the budget goodies as GE manifesto to lure voters who have lost jobs/money during Pandemic.

Xiao Wen

Sabri or Zahid the poster boy for Umno?

Either way we should reject them!

Uttaradit Liang Prabang

It would be a test case . Who knows when elections are held at these times the percentage coming to vote maybe higher.


1010 dissolved
1111 GE15, Shopee and Lazada grand sale
1212 Shriek and Wyatt reconcile