Pakatan wins popular vote in Perak comfortably


BN may have clinched more seats in Perak but Pakatan won the popular vote in the state – and by some distance too.

According to theSun (7 May), the BN won only 43 per cent of the popular vote in Perak at the state level compared to 54 per cent for Pakatan.

Nga Kor Ming has slightly different figures, but he comes up with the same conclusion:

But BN still captured the state assembly winning 31 seats to Pakatan’s 28.

Here it would be pertinent to point out the controversy that erupted during the counting of votes for the Tapah parliamentary constituency, within which lies two Perak state assembly seats. Read the Malaysiakini report here.

In the end, at N46 Chenderiang, the MCA’s Mah Hang Soon won with an increased majority of 4767 compared with 3392 in 2008.

In N47 Ayer Kuning, Umno’s Samsudin Abu Hassan was also returned with a larger majority of 3485 votes compared with 3252 in 2008.

The BN also won 12 of the 24 parliamentary seats in Perak.

Incidentally, Selangor with a population of 5.6m only has only 22 parliamentary seats – whereas Perak, despite having a population of less than half of Selangor’s i.e. 2.4m, has more seats (24).

The Election Commission may argue that the number of parliamentary seats alloted to each state is largely based on the area of the state: Perak covers a much larger area (21000 sq km) than Selangor (8200 sq km).

But if the area of the state is the main consideration, how does the Commission justify Johor (population 3.4m), which covers 19200 sq km i.e. smaller than Perak, having more seats (26) than Perak (24)?

Any comment, Election Commission?

Blog reader saengch adds:

This is really a good time to get people thinking about such gerrymandering etc:

Theoretically in GE12 (I only have data for the last GE), BN could win with only 17% votes. This is how it works. In GE12 and GE13, there are 222 parliamentary seats. BN needs only 112 to have >50% seats. In each of these seats, BN only needs 51% votes (Or even less % in a multi-corner fight.) Since the smallest 112 seats are really small, if you calculate one by one, from Putrajaya (smallest in GE12) to N. Sembilan’s Tampin (112th smallest), BN only need a total of 17.27% voters for BN to control the government with >50% parliamentary seats.

This phenomenon is a combined result of 4 issues, the last 3 of which are not highlighted enough, that is why PR and activists did not gather enough momentum to prepare for it. The 4 issues are:

(1) Gerrymandering – creatively shaped constituencies. Everyone is becoming aware of this now,
(2) Malapportionment – unequal sized constituencies,
(3) First-past-the-post election system, the largest majority, even if less than 50% means a win – winner takes it all,
(4) Most small seats are in Sabah and Sarawak.

Come 2013-2014, things will only get more scary because re-delineation/ re-delimitation of seats can help BN distort the seats even further. And PR only has 3 state assemblies to block any abuses.

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Could it be that the PAS party failed PR ? If Kedah was governed in a proper manner , maybe PR could have won much more. There are reasons as to why the Selangor and Penang receives overwhelming votes but not Kedah. Kelantan loses some seats too and PR tussle with PSM which ended up losing all. PR must take some of the blames. In a game of soccer, the high % of ball control does not mean the team will score a goal. Many Malaysians came home with high expectation just for this election and Anwar failed to set… Read more »


[in football analogy]
Team PR loses but the referee is allegedly working under the boss of team BN.
Audience like me just want the referee to be independent and competent. No matter who wins. Respect the rakyat.

Gerakan K

[in football analogy] We score more goals than the current session champion (e.g. Manchester United), why we can’t be the league champion ??? Answer me !!! Answer me !!! Answer me !!! Now in election, we win more votes than BN, why we still cannot win the state/federal gomen ??? Do you get it ??? No matter how many winning goals you score in 1 match, you got the maximum 3 points. Do you get it ??? No matter how many winning votes in 1 state/federal seat, you only win 1 seat. Sudahlah, accept the GE result and move on.… Read more »


… the EC. I am so sick of their blatant lies and incompetency. I don’t even want to call it incompetency, it is more like they are doing all they can to ensure BN win the election and they succeeded.

The head of the EC can’t even explain why the ink in delible? If he wants to lie at least plan ahead and come up with a credible explanation but giving 3 different answers is simply showing that he got caught (out)…

colin wong

Now we start complaining. With all the professionals/expert in PR yet nobody bring this matter to light after 2008. Also, why Bersih never take up this issue over the last two years in their Portest. A little to late as game over


If I am not mistaken you need more than 2/3 approval from parliament to approve new parliamentary and state seats – can somebody correct me?


Something must be done to reduce malapportionment and gerrymandering in constituency delineation before we rakyat can determine our own Government otherwise the status quo will remain forever…..

Lim Ann Hock

Anil, I am also not happy with the way EC/BN do the delineation to benefit BN the most! Would suggest Bersih start a movement to protest how the delineation process benefit the ruling BN parties. I would like to suggest any parliament and state seat be limited to 10,000 people for every representative. eg Ms Teresa Kok Seputeh (Total voters 65.1k) can have 5-6 representative in the election select by PR. We need to emulate what Singapore has done for so called “Group Representative” whereby a constituency of more then 10k people can have more representative from all political party.… Read more »

Liang Wooi Guan

I am moving to Air Mawang, population 1,000. Self migration to vote against BN in 5years time. KL is way over crowded.


I am changing my address to my father’s kampung address to help pulling rural votes for Pakatan in GE14. We must start planning now.


In the coming days as the GE data is analysed and dissected, we can see how the urban and young segments are deserting BN. Najib will face pressure from the Umno folks as Tun M has already signaled that Najib fared worse than Pak Lah. Also Najib cannot claim credit in Kedah as Tun M has said Mahathir & son has campaigned well to win the state. As for MCA, the two Ong camps (Ong Ka Tin/Ka Chuan & Ong Tee Kiat) will soon calling for Chua SL to step down. MCA Baru on the card? Gerakan is finished. But… Read more »


The more I look at the voting pattern, the more I am convinced the fraudulent votes were (allegedly) in the rural areas, not so much in the city. How is it possible the rural seats had so high voting turnout especially when IT RAINED in the afternoon? …

najib manaukau

Anyone and everyone can come up with all kind of figures showing how unpopular Umno is, don’t blame the coalition partners for their poor performance in the elections. To begin with the candidates were not true representatives of the people they represent,.as such how can they be accepted. They were always known as your lackeys and always did and endorse what you want and that were the real reasons why you wanted and still want them to be seen as partners. So that all the (wrongdoings) Umno commit and the money the Umno warlords (grab) are always done in the… Read more »

tan tanjung bungah

Hi everyone,

EC does not know how to count – 2.4 million voters in Perak has 24 parliamentarians while 5.6 millions voters in Selangor, much more than doubled that of Perak, has only 22 parliamentarians!

The newly installed BN Federal, some BN State Governments have no moral standing as they won less than half of the popular votes!


Gerrymandering! Soon BN will be known as Parti Kampung.

Mlaysian In Action

EC result need to be audited